Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 2004 on Syfy

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  • It was ok,but O so BORING!!!!

    I found myself skipping through half of the episode!...It was ok but it goes by so slowly!It seems ike this episode could have happened within 20 minutes instead of 42 minutes! The beginning of the episode is so funny though...I would watch the episode again just to see that part! But the rest of the episode is dragged on and on and on and on and on!! Anyway... this episode could have been better and more interesting(But to be truthful im getting tired of the Jaffa!)
  • Where did it go?

    Late one night, the Stargate suddenly vanishes. SG-1 establishes that the Trust must be behind it, and that they're likely using Osiris' abandoned ship.
    Carter accidentally gets beamed aboard, where she discovers the group are sending rockets armed with symbiote poison through the gate to Goa'uld occupied worlds. many innocent Jafar are dying.
    Daniel manages to get aboard and shut down the cloaking device, so the Prometheus can come to the rescue. The ship gets away, but not before SG-1 and the gate have been transported to the Prometheus.

    An all-round excellent episode; action, humour, difficult situations... it's all there.
    One of my favourites of the season.
  • Stealing Stargate

    I think one of the episodes that really starts with shock - it was going on it's slow pace and then - one moment and then next - stargate is gone. So, we have a really great episode.

    I specially loved the whole action - Sam and Daniel on Goa'uld ship, Prometheos taking part..

    But it was not only about the stargate on Earth. The way how we from little start to realize why Trust needed it and the devastating effect it has - killing the entire planets were Jaffas live. And Teal'c seeing that all.. it most have been horrible. They really made a great point with it.
  • good episode...

    The Trust starts spreading a symbiote killing virus that was created by the Tok'ra earlier in the season and SG-1 eventually stops them, but not before one of them escape with an alchesh (sorry if I spelled it wrong). Anyways, it was a pretty good episode. I liked the idea of it, but I'm kind of tired of the NID/trust story line. Oh well, thousands of jaffa are killed and Teal'c is pissed. Overall, again, I liked the idea of the episode and the writing was good. I love the beginning when Walter and another airman are drinking coffee and then the gate just disappears. It's halarious. THey're just like "oops." I love how Walter actually has some lines other than "chevron 1 encoded" or some technical mumbo jumbo. Anyways, good episode with a good idea.
  • The stargate gets stolen, and millions of Jaffa pay the price.

    A nerdy guy with ambitions, and a short guy with glasses. Looking at the stargate from their dull deskjobs at 3am thinking of ways to spice up their dull evening.

    Lets get some coffee.

    Where did the gate go?

    That's about it.

    So anyway, there's a group, no clue what they are called, and they teleported the stargate, using technology that's not theirs, and then fled to a ship that is also, not much of a surprise, not theirs. A black guy, some other guy, and a cute asian girl. And guess who survived? The asian girl. She could flee to me any day! ;)

    Oh, yes, all the dead Jaffa didn't make me emotional at all. They should have spent more time on that.. could have been very gripping.