Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 7

Enemy Mine

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 25, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Colonialism vs. Aboriginal Rights

    This episode is another political allegory, one that addresses the issue of colonialism and aboriginal rights.

    Think Kevin Costner's "Dances with Wolves," James Cameron's "Avatar," and of course, Wolfgang Petersen's "Enemy Mine."

    Good to see Daniel, the unfailing conscience of SGC, back in form.

    In fact, it is hardly necessary to go that far back in history. This episode could just as easily apply to current US military actions in the Middle East in pursuit of oil.

    Good to see Colonel Edwards converted to peaceful coexistence by Daniel's relentless efforts. If only the US hegemon actually behaved as benevolently as Daniel persuaded Colonel Edwards to behave.
  • This was a really good episode it was alot of Daniel jackson which I see no problem with that. The Unas are very complicated characters there is very little chance any other character would realistically beable to learn the language.It's a daniel thing.

    the Unas are very scarey looking characters. They are big and you have no idea what they are trying to say, but when you mad them mad you have made a really bad enemy. They just really want to be left alone.
    The airforce is mining the the Naquadria on the planet, but now the Unas are really mad because the place they have started mining is a sacred ground and they want it left alone.
    The Airforce just have no idea what these people are capable of. they think of them as animals in which they are not. they are just different type of people and of course daniel is very serious about coming to a peaceful conclusion to the problem. Makepeace is really sure that they could take them on and win. daniel asssures him that he has no idea what he is dealing with.
    So now it is up to Daniel to get a peaceful solution and do it quick.
    Well after Shaka unites with them and he sits and meets with the other unas they find out that there many many more unas here and that they can hold their own.
    While Shaka and Daniel are meeting with the other unas talking peace there is an incident.
    One of the unas went back to get a necklace that he had left behind while they were retreating from the soldiers. But there was an airman there and he thought he was coming after him so he shot and killed him, before he had any idea what was going on.
    So now it down to the wire what happens next is going to be tricky cause the unas are very mad.
    After they convince them that it was a mistake they are able to come to a peaceful solutiona dn thethe sgc gets the Naquadria. the unas are going to mine the Naquadria they have no need for it and no one will be desturbing holy grounds and they get what they want.
  • Daniel back the way we used to see him...

    Mainly, I think, it was Daniel's episode and somehow he took back many years for that kind of geek period. With years he had changed much and there was quite much I think was missed, so.. on this episode, it looked like old good Daniel. And I love the unas.. they have really special place on this episode - to show that they are not only animals and beast but they have their own social system, language, culture.

    And this episode really shows what can of miracles things can be done when despite weapons the ways of diplomacy is used.

    And Lorne.. He was here...
  • Once again we revisit the Unas! A true episode that represents Daniel Jackson and all he stands for!

    Enemy Mine was definitely not the greatest episode of Stargate I’ve ever seen, but that isn’t saying that it wasn’t excellent in its art. The character that amused me beyond all others was Colonel Edwards, who reminded me oddly enough of Phil Collins. It was another scientist versus military episode with Daniel going head to head with Edwards. Oddly enough, it didn’t seem quite as typical as most others of this type. They did a great job of making Daniel the headline character after Lifeboat in which the actual character of Daniel Jackson only makes a brief appearance at that the beginning of the episode, the middle, and then one more at the end. They managed to get Sam working on a ‘science project’ as O’Neill calls it, and injure O’Neill to get him out of the episode as well. At this point, it’s only Teal’c and Daniel left.

    They find the Unas tribe and with the help of Chaka, their old Unas friend, they manage to begin trying to work on peace for both. They need the naquahda from the mine on the planet, but the Unas think of it as sacred land. The military gives Daniel only a short amount of time to work out an agreement with the Unas. This really shows that the Daniel Jackson character cares for all living things and really wants to work out something. He wants to protect these Unas in any way that he can and even goes into the wild alone with Chaka and the Unas to try to work something out.

    The real credit goes to the makeup department for this episode. Obviously, they put a huge amount of work into the Unas wardrobe as they always do. I’m going to give this episode a 7.6 because even though the plot kept you going, there was no specific acting that showed itself in this episode, nor did most of the team show up at all.
  • Now he's back!

    Clearly an episode mostly dedicated to Daniel Jackson and after all what has happened to the poor guy i was getting confused whether his beliefs remained the same as before he ascended. Well this episode proves that he's the same good hearted, trustful and ever so reliable Dr. Jackson. So glad we get to see him in action again. The episode itself is brilliant. Not only we get to see the Unas by the name of Chaka again, this he's clearly evolved and comes in the help of Daniel to provide help in making "relations" with other Unas'. Needles to say they succeed after some rather distrustful scenes, not only that the humans gain new allies in these hundreds of Unas' plus a huge amount of naquadah. Great episode
  • Christopher Columbus all over again!

    This episodes reminds me of Columbus meeting the indians. They were quick to take from the native people that they thought were animal or uncivilized. They were quick to take the land for their own because of the gold. Why is it whenever people look or act different, we think we can take anything we feel. In the show the army justified taking over the land because they wanted the minerals on the planet. Even after Daniel tried to tell them that they were intruding or the Una's sacrete land. The end justified the means. I'm pretty sure down the road, the army would have tried to enslave the Unas so they could mine more faster. Then they would try and colonize the planet. Its what we do!
  • good episode...

    A SG mining operation is threatened by local unas and Daniel wants to negotiate. In the end, the unas agree to mine the mine themselves and give the SGC their spoils. Basically, this episode was pretty good. It had an interesting story, though not very origonal. The whole moral/ethics complication was a main story. The unas were intersting. I really like their social structure and their culture. Their language is pretty cool to listen to also. I liked seeing Chaka again, but Chaka seemed different. He didn't act like he did in the previous episode he was in. Oh well, I still like him. Anyways, it was a good episode with a good story.
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