Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 1998 on Syfy

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    In truth the SG-1 team tries to do the right thing by saving nearly unconscious Tollans on a planet that is experiencing a volcanic disaster. But the United States government wants to keep the Tollans and their technology for their own agenda. In this episode SG-1 has a choice to make. They either help the Tollans or the United States government. They can't do both. This episode "Enigma" helps us figure out various ethical and moral quandaries we might want to think through to see which of our human values are legitimate and timeless. And which are not. Something to think about as you watch, "Enigma."
  • So far on SG-1 we've met the good (The Nox), the bad (The Goa'uld) ... now prepare to meet the dic*s of the whole universe.

    I'm gonna give this episode a 9, because any episode that messes with your emotions like this one, deserves a good score.
    I spent the whole episode despising these new guys (the Tollans) ... after all, their lives were saved by SG-1, and what do they do to thank them for their efforts? They act like absolute dic*s!
    Their leader was such an uptight, arrogant, *$%^# ... that I thought about skipping the scenes where he was in.
    Of course I was wrong to dislike these guys, because they were doing it for a very good reason (that reason being the American government).
    And, as per usual, I changed my mind towards the end of the episode ... and started cheering (well ... not out loud - that would be embarrassing :P) for the Tollans.
    In the end, you get the feeling that the government is the side which shouldn't be trusted ... and all these advanced races that do not want to share their technology with Earth, are actually right in doing so (As the Nox say - we are still too young!). After all you don't see SG-1 sharing technology with these pre-historic planets, do you? Hypocrites!
  • Meet the Tollans, the most unhelpful race in the galaxy!

    Very interesting episode, if a bit slow-paced. The NID story arc is advanced with the introduction of Colonel Maybourne. Old Maybourne shows the NID's willingness to cross any line in order to procure new technology and the Tollans offer an abundance of awesome technology, that they don't use to help anyone. The thing that irritates me the most about the Tollans(aside from being haughty and rude) is the fact that they do nothing to counter the Goa'uld threat. They only seem concerned with making sure their own world is safe while the galaxy is enslaved around them. It is an interesting idea that a culture of humans removed from Earth would supersede us technologically. All in all an interesting episode, but rather slow.
  • SG-1 meet the Tollan.

    SG-1 rescue a group of advanced humans from a dying planet, only to find but they are unwilling to share technology. Introduces one of my favorite characters in Stargate, Colonel Harry Maybourne played by Tom McBeath. Aside from the conflict between Maybourne and O'neill it was pretty boring. Carter falling for Narim wasn't really believable but ok. I personally don't like the Tollan or any Tollan episodes, they think they are so advanced yet they find themselves in one mess after another. Maybourne's character kept me interested and then the Nox appeared......I just hate the Nox, ok? Overall average, nothing too special.
  • Different kind of thinking and living...

    This was somehow different episode, a lot of character development and noxies again. It was great to see one of them again.

    The ones the rescue and all the advanced and not so advanced thing - it might make people nervous. But their technology and the walking trough the walls and the one who was friendly - this episode really had something different and it was enjoyable. Alien episode but on earth and the end - it was little... naive way of ending this and Daniel, I think, will have to pay for it a little but genial idea anyway how to get them out.

    Maybe next time they will think before the get themselves into that kind of trouble.
  • boring...

    A group of Tollans are refuges at the SGC and there's a whole struggle over their technology and their unwillingness to give any to earth. There was some guy named Narim that had a huge crush on Sam; it was pretty annoying. Why does Sam and Daniel always have girls/boys falling for them. It's like they always have someone crushing on them. Oh well, the story just wasn't interesting. The Tollans were really boring and their culture was interesting in the point that it was different, but it was boring at the same time. Basically, this was a boring episode with a stupid episode and it was a stupid reason to bring the Nox back.
  • The Tollan

    Ah, the introduction of the Tollans. The team goes to a planet where they find an army (of sorts) almost completely dead from battle. Among them is Narim, the newest addition to Sam's "fan club" (has anyone else noticed that a lot of alien men are attracted to Sam?). The Tollans are thankful for rescue (all but the leader, that is), but they refuse to share their technology after what happened with another planet (they gave them defense technology and the planet destroyed itself). Narim is the only one that is willing to help. Sam gives him her cat Schroedinger (or however you spell it) before he goes back through the gate (so he'll remember her). A very good episode (I love the introduction of new cultures).
  • Great episode...

    Sg1 finds some people on a planet that are injured and they bring them back to the SGC. They are called the Tollan and they are very advanced. They do not want to share their technology with earth because the last planet they shared technology with destroyed it self. The tollan shouldn't just assume that earth would destroy itself because not everyone is the same. We are also introduced to a couple of characters that are in future sg1 episodes. Narim one of the tollan and Colonel Maybourne. Omac though got a little nicer by the end of the episode. I liked seeing one of the nox again. Later...
  • So many great character indroductions

    This is one of my favorite episodes from the first season. This episode also marks the introduction of the first technologically advanced human race in the galaxy the Tollan and one of my favorite recurring alien characters Narim. The guest stars in this episode did a wonderful job especially Tobin Bell who played Omoc beautifully. I like the Tollan but was a little mad that all the races in the first season don't share technology and view Earth as primitive. The Tollan technology is some of the coolest in the series mostly the ability to walk through walls. The best part of this episode was the first appearance of Colonel Maybourne one of the best villains in the series. The chemistry between him and Jack is fantastic.
  • Nothing really important happened. Favorite part was when we got to meet Sam's cat Shroe.(for short, because I refuse to try and spell it)

    All this really was, was a filler episode. SG-1 got to meet a knew alien race called the Tollan, well save is probably a better term, but they are ungrateful. And when the SGC offers to find a sutiable planet for them to live on they continually insult the people(the dude from the land of light, from the episode broca divide, can't remember his name). We find out that Sam has a cat named after the famous scientist, Dr. Neil Shroedinger(i think that's right), and he's a cute orange and cream color. That was the highlight of the episode for me. Of course when our lovely government found out about the Tollans highly advanced technology, they wanted it for themselves, and told the SGC to just hold the refugees. And of course an episode wouldn't be complete without someone falling in love with Sam, the victim this time, Narim. SG-1 helped them get home to a new planet in the end, anyways though. That's all I got to say about this episode.
  • SG1 saves a race of technologically advanced beings. The military wants to "enslave" these beings for personal gain. Where can these people go if their home world is destroyed? This is one of my favourite episodes in the series.

    SG1 saves a group of people (Tollans) from a planet about to be destroyed by a volcano. After taking them back to SGC, they learn that these people are a technologically advanced species, with devices and knowledge that surpasses anything ever known. Of course the military cannot pass up this opportunity and are prepared to get information out of these people, using any means. The Tollans, lead by Omoc (Bell), are hesitant to reveal any information about their history or technology to SGC. It is through Narim (Sanford) that we learn of the Tollans' history. It seems that in their past, they provided advanced technology to a neighbouring planet, but the gift lead to war on the planet, and ultimately its destruction. The Tollans have the technology to escape from SGC, but without a ship, they are unable to reunite with their fellow species. With the help of Jackson, the Tollans are able to find a suitable home with the Nox, another advanced society that also recognized that humanity's limitations. This episode is extremely well-written and features a great guest role appearance from Tom McBeath as the leader of the Tollans. This episode reveals the dangerous nature of humans, and the limits we will take, to get what we want. Fortunately, there seems to be some hope for humanity, thanks to Jackson and others in SGC. A hope that is recognized by both the Tollans and the Nox, and is expressed by Omoc when he states: "Perhaps in time we'll meet again."
  • Here you see the government getting in the way again!!

    After SG-1 rescues some people from a planet being destroyed by volcanoes, they realize that their leader didn't want to be rescued. I don't understand how someone could be so rude and not even say Thank You!

    We find out a little later that they had given some of their technology to a planet similar to Earth and it was destroyed because of it. Knowing that makes it a little easier to see why they act the way they do, but the guy doesn't have to be rude about not wanting to share information with the Earth People.

    And isn't it just like the government to treat the people like criminals and want to keep them locked up just so they could learn their technologies. If we had a Stargate program, I could see the government doing something like that. Luckily, everything turns out ok in the end.

    I thought this episode was a good one and no one got court-marshaled, so that was good!!
  • Great little episode, most memorable firstly for its introduction of the Tollan and one of my personal favourite recurring characters on the show (no, not Schrodinger): Maybourne.

    Our heroes meet yet another race of advanced beings, this time 100% human. Even though they don't want to kill or enslave us, these aliens yet again don't feel too keen on sharing their technology.

    Arguably one of the strongest points about this episode is the story about why this particular alien species refuses to share. Although only (but probably most effectively) mentioned vocally, its strength lies in its believability and reliance on the viewer's empathy: we know all too well that it's exactly what could've happened to us.

    Another of the episode's strong points is its introduction of 2 very key characters: Narim and (as mentioned above one of my all time favourites) Maybourne. Although both may seem a little one-dimensional at the moment, any true fan knows that they'll both become very important, interesting and lovable characters in the coming seasons (albeit in very different ways).

    Throw in some little bits of humour and a great finale in the gate room, and you have a pretty good episode. The only bad points are a few silly things, like the Tollan's device that records emotion, which seems too much like a Star Trek kind of thing.

    In summary, I'd highly recommend showing this to a soon-to-be SG-1 fan. Not only does it introduce us to some key elements in the Stargate story arc, but it's also a very enjoyable and well-made episode.
  • Not a watchable episode.

    This episode contains a very stupid line as to the question of whether humanity could be ahead of ourselves: „Progress was outlawed for 800 years, science being heretical“. The thing is: Is taking focus on the human machine, like morality, family, happiness, simple things really any worse than what the century associated with progress, also the one with mass death camps, Nazism and Communism (20 Mio dead alone!), brought us?
    Maybe we needed a base to attempt higher power, if you suppose God’s design.
    Christianity brought faith in the life of an individual, and faith in peace instead of power. I’m not sure these were there before.
    It’s like it said in the episode: „What your mind don’t know, the heart fills in“. (Shreds of truth here), while Daniel’s exhibiting the same kinda of arrogance as Omoc in the beginning (don’t know if that will change, hopefully it will …).

  • Technologically superior humans are rescued from a dying world by the SG crew, only to be wanted for military research by the US government when they return to Earth.

    Another really good episode about the quest for better weapons. After the government discovers advanced humans are now on Earth, their first mission is to take them to a base and learn how to develope better weapons. Tom McBeath does extremely well in his role as cruel military leader Colonel Maybourne, who is willing to kill the advanced humans if they won't come with him. This also has the guest appearance of Tobin Bell, who is the now famous "Jigsaw Killer" from the Saw movies. One of the other neat aspects of this episode is that we see the return of some of the aliens from previous episodes, the Nox being one of them. I really enjoyed this episode, McBeath does such an excellent job as an actor in this episode, you will hate him by the end. Great!
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