Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2001 on Syfy

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  • Normally a great show, one of the lesser episodes

    I don't really fancy episodes where silly things like this happen. While there is some clever elements to this - and it is enjoyable for the most part except for 1 part. Where Sam goes into the computer, and then back again. Puh-lease. I guess the only realistically way this could happen is "magic". Sam knew how do this from an energy state "all of a sudden?" or "the entity taught her how to do this"... who knows. It's absurd.

    However, the show is usually very decently written. I just dislike episodes like this, and the "de-evolution", and "transporter accidents that cause youth" episodes in Star Trek, and other assorted ridiculous scenarios.

    All in all, this show is amazing. Episodes like this - meh. But then again, I know a little how the brain works, I'm a computer programmer so I know computers... so, I guess it's no different than a doctor watching a show and saying "That's not how you treat that kind of wound!" or something along those lines. LOL.

  • An unusual alien encounter leaves Carter at the brink of death...

    This was another one of those few episodes in Season 4 that kind of fell flat for me. The entire episode takes place inside the SGC, for one thing. Granted, some really good episodes are centered around the base, but this was not one of them. I gave it a 7.5 because despite its somewhat average storyline, it had some very interesting moments. Perhaps the part I liked the most was the fact that Jack was proven right about the entity and Daniel was proven wrong. Often times it's the other way around, so it was nice to see the writers finally mix it up a little. Frankly, it was getting too predictable for a while with regards to Daniel always being proven right about how to deal with a moral dilemma. Still even with that it was kind of a "blah" episode. Not an episode I really look forward to, but also not one that usually skip.
  • Interesting storyline

    Even thought some people have mixed feelings about it, and it was really sci-fi.. not in the usual SG manner, but.. totally other way, it was really enjoyable episode.

    First the storyline, what in my opinion, was catching and extremely fascinating. All the thing to understand that life form, the way it managed to survive and was able to learn, think strategic. It was really.. fantastic. And we did not missed those little hints and the excitement as it seemed that Carter's life was in danger and when O'Neill took that second shot at her - it was like... does he remember what it does? But he did know.. and in the end, they got her back.

    Great episode.
  • Col.Jonathan (Jack) O'niell is our alusterious leader in our episode and always. Sam is taken over by some form of energy based life form. And now it looks as if there may be no way to get it out of her without killing it along with her.

    The inity takes over Sam's body one becasue there is so much more room to store memerory, and it is so sure that Sam is one that no one will risk losing by killing it.
    Daniel and Sam at first thought that they should try to communicate with it, that is how it ended up getting into Sam.
    They find it hiding in one of the storage rooms where there is computers and malps, etc..
    It has made a nest with a key board for communicating. Of course Sam is going to try it with protest by Jack, of course.
    While she is attempting to communicate with it it starts to look like it is goin hay wire and the next thing you know it is in Sam, of course they dont know that it is her they just know She is out cold and no one can wake her up.
    There is no way to communicarte with it at first. then they figured out a wya for it to talk to them.
    They bring in a speech synthatsizer so that they can talk to it.
    It refuses to leave Sam's body, it is trying to survive, now they have to figure out a way to get it to leave her body volenteerly.
    It is a good storyline, it waas a good idea. The ending was a very good ending, it was intrigueing. It was a very emotional, and I like that about it.
    Jack was very emotional in this one. I like the Jack and Sam thing I always have. Very personal level. Excellent
  • While they try to find out what kind of mysteries the addresses given by O’Neill’s ancient knowledge are going to bring the Stargate Project, the SG-1, together with the whole mountain, encounters a new form of life. But nothing is what it seems...

    The best episode ever in Stargate SG-1’s history. This one is a different kind of ep, when you will watch it, you are going to find out yourself. It is not the classical episode where the SG-1 team goes wandering throughout the whole space, but some kind of entity is sent to the Earth, and they must deal with it and the problems it causes. It is highly recommendable to people who like the Jack/Sam love and partnership story. When Sam gets hurt, Jack’s eyes are full of anguish and it’s one of rare time where he doesn’t joke to much about difficult situations. The actor, Richard Dean Anderson, gave his best in this performance, above all in the scene where he has to choose between saving the life of the one he secretly loves, or the integrity of the base, and so the whole Earth. There are other episodes way better than this, for the plot and everything else, but this one is fantastic because it is different, new, easy and we see maybe for the first time the deepness of the characters’ feelings. I leave the judgements to the viewers!
  • A very un-Stargate episode.

    This has to be one of the worst Stargate episodes I've seen to-date in terms of the overall "feel" of the show.

    Throughout the series, General Hammond has always been understanding, and willing to explore. For the most part, so has Colonel O'Neill, though that has noticeably gone downhill in Season 4. Nevertheless, in this episode, we see both of them become positively mercenary in spite of the fact that they unwittingly attacked the Entity's home planet.

    Then there's Daniel, who apparently has objections to their course of action when it comes to trying to destroy the Entity, but happily shuts up when told to do so, and doesn't complain about their actions in the slightest during or after the fact.

    And should I even mention the various things like computer programs expanding into people, people emitting lightning bolts, and personalities surviving inside a computer only to be wishfully transferred back to the original human by a couple of electrodes?!?

    UGH! I thought Stargate was better than this!
  • John O'Neil??

    correct me if i'm wrong but isnt it colonel jack o'neil? oin this episode around 10minutes an 33seconds o'neils details come up on screen, from the entity... and it stated his name is john not jack... any one care to take a look..?
    get back to m
    Jay Man
    P.s good episode though
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