Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2001 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • When Carter is supposed to be dead, you can see her swallowing.

    • When the entity brings up Jack's personnel file, it reads his name as "O'Neill, John".

    • When Sam and Daniel access the computer in the infirmary, "SG1 Infirmary Station" can be seen in the top right of the screen. It should read SGC.

    • Trivia: According to the personnel files the "Entity" pulls up, Jack's D.O.B. is 10/10/51, Samantha's is 10/17/65 and Daniel's is 01/04/65.

    • After the Entity takes over the base, General Hammond says he has notified all the off-world teams of the situation. Yet earlier, Carter said they had lost all control of the gate and the iris -- so how did they contact the teams?

    • During the scene in the control room when Daniel and Sam are talking with General Hammond, Daniel's earth patch is off-center by 20 degrees and in some scenes, it's back in place!

  • Quotes

    • Jack: I think it likes me!

    • (Dr. Fraiser starts giving orders)
      Jack: Who put her in charge?
      Hammond: The US Air Force.
      Teal'c: In medical matters Dr. Fraiser may overrule any of those of higher rank.
      Jack: I'm not getting all my memos!

    • (examining an intelligent computer virus)
      Daniel: It's obviously fighting to survive.
      Jack: So do bacteria!
      Sam: It's trying to communicate.
      Jack: So do bac... oh...

    • (watching the MALP)
      Hammond: What's it doing?
      Sam: It's... flying, sir.
      Jack: MALPs can't fly!
      Daniel: Apparently they can...
      Jack: Shouldn't there have been a memo about this stuff?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Entity: (re: radio waves) They were poison
      Note: major spoilers from the book. In Timothy Zahn's book trilogy (The Conquerors), humanity encounters aliens who are strongly affected by radio waves. This ignites a war between the two species.

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