Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2006 on Syfy

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  • To much morale

    This episode was in a way the worst episode that i have ever watched.

    The whole time from the moment that the prometheus was destroyed, i expected that the team had some anger about the way they were treated or thier fallen friend, but no!!

    Even when they had the chance to destroy the satalite and get some revenge for thier fallen team member they were stopped by Daniel being a dumbas in trusting these people .

    The whole episode i was raging because of stupid things they did just because it was 'the right thing to do'. The evil captain in this episode was so obviously obsessed with the Ori and thier power and his action(powering the satalite on the end) was predicted.

    The Tauri just screwed up this time by being to soft and weak facing enemies in battle.

    They lost alot in this episode because they had to much compassion with the enemy and thier judgement was clouded by guilt.

    I wish O'neil had been there. He would have said to destroy the satalite in the first place.

    They always talk about the greater good and Daniel in the beginning already said to proceed with destroying the target no matter what.

  • If it weren't for the guns and the uniforms -sometimes you'd forget these characters are supposed to be military bad asses. . .

    So no recon or up to date specs on the satellite yet they decide to have an impromptu book club-esque meeting on the bridge of a warship about to enter combat. . .

    The Prometheus was destroyed pretty much solely because SG 1 was on the bridge, I'd imagine that if Pendergast was ordered to destroy the satellite and not subject to the whims of SG 1 -satellite would have been destroyed (leaving RAND defenseless against them) and then they could have literally demanded the release of Jackson
  • Read the main one.

    This was a cool but unsettling episode. There was a pretty cool space battle. The Ori gave these people a space weapon capable of firing down on their enemies. The Ori weapon fires a focused beam that is very powerful. It cuts through the Promethesis\' shield like a knife through butter; but it doesn\'t stop there, it cuts through the armor just as easily. After about 2 or 3 shots, the commander evacuates the ship by the Asgard beaming technology. Soon after they fire one more blast, which cuts Earth\'s 1st line of defense in half. Good bye to the Promethesis. If you want to know what happens next in this exciting episode, watch it.
  • When it looked like things were going to go up, they shot down very fast.

    In this episode the Ori help these people construct a weapon, and sadly this weapon is used to destroy Prometheus. To me Prometheus was somewhat part of the cast. And ya know they spend all these years trying to make the ship perfect and all that work gone. But it was a matter of time before the SGC lost one of their own ships. Also Prometheus helped seperate SG-1 from Atlantis-Daedalus.
    It was sad to see Col. Pendergast's expression before going down with his ship, but he did it to save his crew and that makes him a hero.
    It was a hard, sad, serious episode to watch and it just shows you how things don't always go the way you want them too.
  • Boom today.


    I wanted to put the heading as 'The episode where they blow up the Promethius" as that's about the only memorable part of the episode, but it's too much of a spoiler to leave sitting in full view...

    While the world's politics and the Ori element aren't very deep, it sets the scene for a pretty cool showdown, as the Prometheus attacks the satellite the Ori have designed for the Rand. Again we see that much of the Earth and Asgard-derived technology is no match for Ori technology and how much the odds are stacked in the Ori's favour. I have to be honest that it was kind of fun to see the Earth forces go to basically boss the little guy around and get their butts handed to them.

    Amazingly for Stargate, this time, nothing saves the day for the Prometheus and it gets quite memorably blown to pieces - although the crummy science has to be noted:
    1. The 302s missile's leave a smoke trail. In space.
    2. The Prometheus is seen burning. In space. I realize this might be explained by previously smoke-filled compartments being opened to space, but they don't get the benefit of that much doubt after the missiles.

    The whole "did Sam make it off the ship" part was transparent melodrama and not on a par with the rest of the episode, plus we'd already seen the writer's do a surprisingly gutsy move by destroying the Prometius, they wouldn't kill her too. Then Daniel revealing that all they did was for nothing at the end, that the two nations just blew each other up would have been trite in the middle of the Cold War - never mind now.
  • A risky storyline creates an interesting episode.

    First, I am surprised they brought back the storyline of the Caledonians and the Rand Protectorate, for I was not very impressed by the earlier episode. However, the writers were successful in bringing it back.

    The best thing about this episode was the risk that the writers took. Stargate Atlantis episodes (at least through the 2nd season) have created problems which the team struggles to overcome; problems that would result in someone's death, the destruction of a ship, Atlantis, or perhaps a planet. However, in Stargate Atlantis, at the very last second someone solves the problem.

    This is where Stargate SG-1 differs, and this is very apparent in this episode. Not all the problems are solved in this episode. Yes, most of them are resolved, but they are not resolved in a way most people would suspect. SG-1 usually wins, and it was a refreshing break to bring some reality into the show: you don't and you can't always win.

    True, I admit, their were some things that could have been left off from the final edit. For example at one point Samantha Carter (One of the main characters) is presumed dead. However, not to my surprise, she is later found to be alive and well, with no explanation for how she survived.

    Overall, I applaud the writers for their adventuresome ideas, and it is an unconventional episode worth watching.
  • A stand-alone episode with a massive "big picture" twist...

    Considering the fact that I barely remember the previous episode highlighting this particular world, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to a return visit. And perhaps that’s what the writing staff was hoping for, because I certainly wasn’t expecting this episode to have vast consequences for the defense of Earth. Yet that’s exactly what happened: the SGC got embroiled in a foreign conflict, all based on concerns for planetary security, and ultimately lost ground in the process.

    Somewhere in this story, I’m sure, is a commentary on the US national security policies of the recent past. As much as the planet in question was being invaded by the Ori, so are many other planets, and they aren’t engaged in a conflict of mutually assured destruction. Almost from the beginning of the episode, the situation looked hopeless, and as the consequences for interference began to escalate out of control, I couldn’t help but wonder what was gained.

    So now, with no change whatsoever in terms of the Ori incursion on the planet, Earth has lost one of its most important assets, along with dozens of highly trained and experienced personnel. Never mind the resources and weapons still on the Prometheus at the time of its destruction. In essence, without firing a shot at Earth on their own, the Ori have managed to cripple Earth’s ability to intercede. If the Tau’ri weren’t in desperate need of the Jaffa and other allies before, they certainly are now! (Unless, of course, another Daedalus is almost completed...)

    The progressive destruction of the Prometheus was quite dramatic, though I could have done without the whole “did Sam survive” melodrama. Of course she was going to survive; why even pretend that it might end otherwise? I also liked the fact that Mitchell’s flight experience came back into play, since that’s a fairly substantial aspect of his character.

    Considering that this episode was largely a stand-alone installment, it’s good to see this situation exactly a consequence in the larger scheme of things. I don’t mind that kind of basic arc-building. Even “Babylon 5” had episodes that were largely stand-alone with elements that played into the arc structure later down the line. I foresee that this situation will make the SG teams far more important, and that it will push the SGC towards a hunt to find a new weapon against the Ori, since current options are quickly disappearing.

    However, all that said, I would rather have episodes that set the team directly against the Ori. Episodes like this are nice when they have surprising impact on the overall story, but if it hadn’t been for the destruction of the Prometheus, this episode would have been a bore. Considering how the quality of the second half of the season has been less impressive than the first half, more substantial episodes would be welcome.
  • Just like the old days.

    Back to another planet, everybody in danger, with a couple of castmates about to die. Great episode.

    What a shame the Promethius had to be destroyed, and with the Raith on the way to Earth - whatever will Stargate Command do? Lucky there is now a third ship (or is it a fourth ship? - Big surprise coming ...)

    I hate to say it, but the episode almost had a Star Trek flavor to it. Ship in space. Destroyed. Everybody (except one Canadian) gets beamed down to (relative) safety.

    Lastly, I disagree with the episode notes that someone added concerning the satellite. It was NOT like the defensive satellite used by the Atlantians - AT ALL. You are jumping to conclusions in order to seen cool? To compare the two is silly.

    Have a nice day.

  • Crucial Mistake (Warning this review contains some spoilers).

    Initially this was quite a good episode, the prospect of a planet on the edge of a full scale war keeps every action in this episode significant and the meddlings of earth simply worsen the relations on the planet between the two sides, making it even more intresting however when writing this episode the writers made a crucial mistake...
    I watched in horror as the Prometheus was taken down by the Caledonian satellite and I thought to myself the writers have basically written off a regular character. Its not untill you lose something that you relise the importance of it and i'm sure many thought back to the adventures the Prometheus had in prievous episodes. Destroying the Prometheus cost this episdoe 0.5 points on my review, how's that for a biased review?
  • Not bad, but not the best in the season.

    This episode is closely related to the events that played out in 'Icon', in which the appearance of SG-1 on a planet sparked an all-out war between the two dominant nations.

    In this episode we go back there, because the Priors have given one of the nations (the Rand protectorate) the design for a satellite that can wipe out entire cities from orbit.

    Daniel goes in to try and dissuade them from using it, while the rest of SG-1 take the Prometheus to try and blow it up.

    It was a relatively exciting episode, but ultimately quite forgettable, except for the sad fact that the Prometheus was destroyed.
  • The two nations from "Icon" have a new development in their war after the arrival of the Ori. Hoping to prevent further bloodshed, Kane comes to Earth to ask SG-1 for its help.

    An episode that has a lot going for it. It's a shocking and dark episode, a reminder of the power of the Ori and the threat that SG-1 and their allies are up against. Nothing demonstrates that more than the destruction of the Prometheus. It could have easily been prevented, something later acknowledged by the characters, but it still makes for a powerful moment. Adding to that tragedy is the sacrifice of Pendergast, the competent background commander of the Prometheus who nobley goes down with the ship in order to get most of his crew to safety. It's a good if sad moment for a rather likeable secondary character.

    Adding to the tense and dark mood of the episode is the ending where we learn that the truce struck while SG-1 was on the planet has ended and that the two nations went back to war, leading to devastation. It's surprising when our team fails to save the day, when the people that they try to help don't come through themselves and it's a good way to continue the impression of the damage the Ori are doing to the galaxy and the damage that they are causing us to do ourselves. The episode's weakness comes in the storyline on the planet. There are times when it's just not that interesting, though it does give Daniel the chance to give a great line about giving up. For the most part, however, it's a very good entry in the show.
  • Not Prometheus...

    This episode picked up on a season 8 episode that featured this man named Jared Caine. He comes to the SGC for help because a prior has visited his planet and asked them to build a satellite. SG-1 tries to help him but his planet is split into 2 countries and they are at war with each other. Daniel goes to the planet with Caine to negotiate but they are taken prisoner. The prometheus goes to the planet but it get destroyed by the Ori satellite. I really hated to see it go down and it was really sad because Colonel Pendergast went down with it. The 2 countries made a deal with each other and one was going to give the other the stargate but thet attacked them and then well we presume that everyone is dead, so the Prometheus got destroyed for nothing and all those people died for nothing. later...
  • May there be many more of this calliber and better.

    With a name like Prometheus, you knew it had to come to a bad end, but did it have to take the captain with it?

    This was a great episode, that showed us that not only are the Ori mentally more powerful than the team from earth, but they are technologically as advanced.

    One of my favorite episodes ever is reprised in a way that leaves us with an understanding that this world has finally destroyed itself.

    Is this a message to the rest of us to beware? Or is this just a look at what we as a people are averting even now?

    These two peoples from one planet should have learned sooner that it was not a good idea to mess with the fabric of their planet, but they could not leave it alone, and the Ori got a lot of dead followers to fuel the flames of their conquest.
  • Very unique episode...

    Wow.. I have no words... This was mind blowing episode - first the camera work. I do not know - for second episode it looked somehow different and very unique. It added much emotion and that kind of special motion. The storyline - very massive, powerful and emotional. The first ship Earth built being blown up - the unusual place where those people found themselves - in hostile environment, now way back to stargate. And the way they dealt with it - those decisions, thoughts, feelings. All those considered - it was really massive and huge episode. Very impressive.

    That kind of episodes I love.
  • Ethon

    Have to admit my intrest in sg1 was starting to slip.But the last two episodes have put me back on track.I really enjoyed this one.Non stop action from start to finish.That had me on the edge of my seat.Mitchell really has found his feet in the show.And has become an essential memder of the team.I was devastated whith the destruction off the x303.It was like loosing one off the team.The leval off emotion in the episode is what made it stand out.As one off the best stargate sg1 episodes that thay have ever made in my humble opinion.And long may it continue
  • THis was so much better than the last episode.

    I really liked this episode and it was much better than the last one. Kane arrives to ask for the SG1 crews help in destroying a weapon that the ORI have given the Rand. But upon arrival, the Promethius is fired upon and heavenly damaged and eventually destroyed. A cease fire is agreed upon but doesnt last.

    I thought the whole chair scene with Mitchell was great.
  • Great episode. I would have given it a perfect 10, if it wasn't for one thing...

    This was a very good episode. This episode continues the story with the Ori, and brings back the story of the alien planet from the episode "Icon" from season 8.

    This episode had some great action.

    I loved the ending when they find out that the Rand fired on the Caledonians, which buried the stargate.

    There is only one reason I didn't give it a perfect 10. That's because of the Prometheus being destroyed. It was the first ship that Earth was able to successfully make. And now it's gone, which is very sad. I will miss it.
  • Oh My God, what an episode! You can never write off this great show!

    In the past I've said SG-1 is past it's best, though this episode just proves otherwise. I as normal thought the Prometheus would be damaged, but back to fight another day, but NO! Oh My God, what a great twist!
    It's also great to get back to a plot we've seen before; it proves you don’t need to keep finding a new world each episode. A few more like this episode and this may be the best season ever! Lets hope SG-1 can build a few of those weapons for earth!
    I did like the twist at the end, that the deal was broken, just goes to prove not every plot has to have a happy solution.
    Great Writing.
  • Fall of the Promethus and The Ori's New tactics.

    This was the best way to show that not all worlds the SG visits turns out all better. They only helped to make a horrable situation even worse and could have marked the end of a entire world into a new nucker war!

    The Ori offer high techology as aposed to The path to enlightenment is a new and good twist to the series. I can't wait to see how much futher this new aproch the Ori are going will take us.

    The Promethus was a good ship and it was up aganst something beyond its ability to withstand and put up a vailent stuggle. It will be remebered!
  • Another great episode of this great show.

    The storylines from this episode was like most of the rest of this show. It wasn't all just filler, it pushed forward the on going story as well as bringing back storylines from long ago. The story arc and characters are what always brings me back to this show and makes me look forward to each comming week for the new episodes.
  • The Prometheus was destoyed. The Commander was lost on the ship when it exploded. The Prometheus was mostly likey taken out of stargate-sg1 because of the new eath battle ship. Steal they did not have to destoy the ship.

    The Prometheus was destoyed. The Commander was lost on the ship when it exploded. The Prometheus was mostly likey taken out of stargate-sg1 because of the new eath battle ship. Steal they did not have to destoy the ship. I do not see how the weapon got through the asgard design shields. If i were the commander of SGC i would ask for help from the Jaffa High Council.
  • SG1 has new life with the ORI. The show is more entriguing than ever. I would argue that the show is better now than it ever was.

    Great Episode. Always great to introduce a formitable enemy for whom you have little chance. I would compare the ORI to the BORG when they were first introduced to STNG. Before Rick Berman destroyed the series and the franchise. It will be interesting to see where they go with the story line now that the Prometeus was destroyed. Perhaps the old alliances of great races can be renewed. After all, we still have yet to meet the Furlings.
  • Wow.....what a dark and angsty ep that was. It\'s been a while since we\'ve seen such a serious ep. I truly had my eyes glued to the screen. I didn\'t want to take my eyes away for a second.

    Wow.....what a dark and angsty ep that was. It\'s been a while since we\'ve seen such a serious ep. I truly had my eyes glued to the screen. I didn\'t want to take my eyes away for a second. I love Jared Kane. I think he was a wonderful character.

    I was shocked and saddened when President Nadal fired the weapon upon the already neutralized Prometheus with Col. Pendergast on board. I even cried, and yelled, \"No!\" I didn\'t see that coming at all. Even though they didn\'t show it, I knew that Sam had to have beamed off already and made it safely on the planet. (Well.....because she\'s in the next ep. ) How sad to lose Pendergast, though. I really liked his character. Though, I did like that last scene with Cameron and Daniel, and how Cameron wrote a letter to Pendergast\'s family and that he died a hero.

    Daniel has such a caring, thoughtful, and loving soul. Think this is what Sam meant when she said, \"One of the most caring,\'re the type of person who would give his own life for someone he doesn\'t even know. If you had one fault, it was that you wanted to save people so badly, you wanted to help people so much, that it tore you apart when you couldn\'t make a difference.\" (Fallen, S7)

    This is why I love Daniel. Daniel wanted so hard to make this right. He felt partly responsible for what has happened between the Rand and Caledonia. He wanted fix it. No matter what it took. Even after Prometheus was blown up with Pendergast still inside, even when it seemed we couldn\'t trust Nadal, even when Cameron had that window of opportunity to blow up the satellite weapon when they had the chance, Daniel still wanted to negotiate a peace and tried to make a deal with Nadal, giving him the benefit of the doubt. Then, Nadal broke the deal. (For some reason, though, I saw that coming) But, it looks like we won\'t be going back to that planet if the Gate is buried. Plus, from what Daniel said, it sounds like Rand and Caledonia both were destroyed. How sad.

    Best quote:

    Jared: \"Don\'t you ever quit?\"

    Daniel: \"No.....not till I\'m dead....and sometimes not even then.\"

    LOL! That made me giggle.

  • It was sad when that great ship went down.

    This episode revisits a planet from an earlier episode wherein two factions were engaged in a cold war of sorts and unfortunately due to the actions of SG-1 these factions start a full scale nuclear war. Now the two factions are trying to rebuild, but there is still some bad blood between the two of them. As if that’s not a bad enough situation those unpleasant Ori come to the planet looking for followers, one of the factions submit to the Ori and are given a super-weapon to finish of their enemies.

    SG-1 learns of this and decides to go there in the Prometheus and destroy it. Simple plan, right? Well at least it was until Daniel steps in and goes to the planet on his own to negotiate, or something like that. Daniel being Daniel gets captured as a spy and accomplishes nothing for the first half of the episode (D’oh!) . The Prometheus and the rest of SG-1 continue with their plans to blow the crap out of the super weapon. Unfortunately the Ori have installed impenetrable shields on the weapon and the Prometheus and her compliment of 302s can’t penetrate those shields. The weapon fires on the Prometheus and quickly blows the ship to a million pieces.

    Now that was unexpected, seriously I was stunned for the entire length of the following commercial break and then some. The only thing I can think to compare this to is when the Defiant was destroyed on ST:DS9 but that wasn’t quite the same it was destroyed quickly and with little drama( but the focus of the show was on the station not the ship so it’s excusable).

    Sam comes up with a new plan to destroy the weapon and it seems like it’s about to work. Daniel however wants to negotiate, even after all that’s happened he still wants to save this planet and its people, that’s Daniel for you. This has to be the most exciting moment of the episode by far, even more than the destruction of the Prometheus. Watching and wondering whether this planet will continue its war of mutual destruction, whether SG-1 will be triumphant or will yet again be bested the Ori.

    Daniel works out a cease fire that allows him and the rest of the stranded SGC personnel off the planet but the peace talks break down the war resumes and both sides destroy each other. In the end they lost the Prometheus a large number of brave men and women and the people they tried to save all died. Rough day indeed.

    In short this episode had a slow beginning but once it gets going its fast paced edge of your seat action with an ending that will bring you down but leave you begging for more.