Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2006 on Syfy

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  • It was sad when that great ship went down.

    This episode revisits a planet from an earlier episode wherein two factions were engaged in a cold war of sorts and unfortunately due to the actions of SG-1 these factions start a full scale nuclear war. Now the two factions are trying to rebuild, but there is still some bad blood between the two of them. As if that’s not a bad enough situation those unpleasant Ori come to the planet looking for followers, one of the factions submit to the Ori and are given a super-weapon to finish of their enemies.

    SG-1 learns of this and decides to go there in the Prometheus and destroy it. Simple plan, right? Well at least it was until Daniel steps in and goes to the planet on his own to negotiate, or something like that. Daniel being Daniel gets captured as a spy and accomplishes nothing for the first half of the episode (D’oh!) . The Prometheus and the rest of SG-1 continue with their plans to blow the crap out of the super weapon. Unfortunately the Ori have installed impenetrable shields on the weapon and the Prometheus and her compliment of 302s can’t penetrate those shields. The weapon fires on the Prometheus and quickly blows the ship to a million pieces.

    Now that was unexpected, seriously I was stunned for the entire length of the following commercial break and then some. The only thing I can think to compare this to is when the Defiant was destroyed on ST:DS9 but that wasn’t quite the same it was destroyed quickly and with little drama( but the focus of the show was on the station not the ship so it’s excusable).

    Sam comes up with a new plan to destroy the weapon and it seems like it’s about to work. Daniel however wants to negotiate, even after all that’s happened he still wants to save this planet and its people, that’s Daniel for you. This has to be the most exciting moment of the episode by far, even more than the destruction of the Prometheus. Watching and wondering whether this planet will continue its war of mutual destruction, whether SG-1 will be triumphant or will yet again be bested the Ori.

    Daniel works out a cease fire that allows him and the rest of the stranded SGC personnel off the planet but the peace talks break down the war resumes and both sides destroy each other. In the end they lost the Prometheus a large number of brave men and women and the people they tried to save all died. Rough day indeed.

    In short this episode had a slow beginning but once it gets going its fast paced edge of your seat action with an ending that will bring you down but leave you begging for more.