Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2006 on Syfy

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  • The two nations from "Icon" have a new development in their war after the arrival of the Ori. Hoping to prevent further bloodshed, Kane comes to Earth to ask SG-1 for its help.

    An episode that has a lot going for it. It's a shocking and dark episode, a reminder of the power of the Ori and the threat that SG-1 and their allies are up against. Nothing demonstrates that more than the destruction of the Prometheus. It could have easily been prevented, something later acknowledged by the characters, but it still makes for a powerful moment. Adding to that tragedy is the sacrifice of Pendergast, the competent background commander of the Prometheus who nobley goes down with the ship in order to get most of his crew to safety. It's a good if sad moment for a rather likeable secondary character.

    Adding to the tense and dark mood of the episode is the ending where we learn that the truce struck while SG-1 was on the planet has ended and that the two nations went back to war, leading to devastation. It's surprising when our team fails to save the day, when the people that they try to help don't come through themselves and it's a good way to continue the impression of the damage the Ori are doing to the galaxy and the damage that they are causing us to do ourselves. The episode's weakness comes in the storyline on the planet. There are times when it's just not that interesting, though it does give Daniel the chance to give a great line about giving up. For the most part, however, it's a very good entry in the show.