Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 11

Evolution (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 22, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Part one of two and they are both as exciting aas the other. After Teal'c and bra'tac come across dead jaffa and seemingly effertlessly defeated. When they are approached by a soldier in a black armour type suit. They take him out with the Zats.

    Later they learn that they did not take it out with the zat. The armour that he was wearing abosorbs energy weapons which means that Zats and Staff weapons are useless against them. So Daniel and Dr. Lee go off the south america to look for Telchack's temple to find a devise that selmak believes will help them develope a weapon to beat these soldiers.
    Mean while Sam is trying to find a way to penettrate the armour. So she and selmak devise a plan to attempt to capture one of the soldiers.
    Bra'tac plans to capture one with a tranquilizer dart. But the dart does not phase him a bit. And he breaks through the shield. but he pays no attention to them he heads straight to find Ramius and to kill him. they end up getting captured by Ramius's Jaffa.
    While Jack tries to explain that they are there to keep the soldier from killing Ramius and all of them also. At first the guard resists then he realizes that Jack was not lieing. And He turns them lose. Well Jack invites him to come with them since he did let them go and his whole group is getting slaughtered.
    Sam comes up with the idea the ring the soldier on the ship into a cargo bay. the end up having to depleat the oxygen to knock him out. It was the only way he would not destroy the ship trying to get to them.
    Once they get back they are unable to get him to talk so The use a Tokra' mind scanner. it reveals that Anubis created him on a planet called Tartarus. So now they need to take care of this.
    Daniel and Doctor Lee manage to get a guide to show them where they need to go. Once they find what they are looking for There are some guerrilas and they believe that Jackson and Lee are up to something and they want to know what. So they kidnap them.