Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 12

Evolution (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Seeing Jacob in a super soldier suit trying to act like a super soldier was fun. As was seeing him in action again.

    Daniel was still very awesome, it didn’t matter he was being tortured; he kept his cool. It didn’t do him any good though, since Lee cracked. But it just shows how much he’s changed over the years. Rafael became really scary under the affects of the device, but device did create a nice firefight and gave Daniel a chance to escape, as well as Jack the opportunity to find and rescue them.

    The scene between Carter and O’Neill before he left for Honduras was very, very good. Even though nothing tangible was said, the scene was still very emotion loaded. Also the last scene between them was funny: ‘Lunch?’ O’Neill in Honduras, with someone he hates, seemed very in his element; Especially in the jungle while hunting the extremists. Burke was very annoying and I was kind of surprised that Jack didn’t just shoot him. The end to this story with jack and Daniel I thought to be very cool too.

    Seeing Jacob in a super soldier suit trying to act like a super soldier was fun. As was seeing him in action again. And Sam thrashing his stubbornness. All very good Jacob stuff. The revelation where I think the whole episode was leading to was really incredible; a super soldier army.
  • Great continue to first part.

    Last episode was left in quite interesting place and this episode takes things much further.

    First Sam, Teal'c and Jacob and Bra'tac will go to Anubis planet where they want to learn more about the super soldiers and Jacob has crazy idea and puts himself in danger but everything works out. Their eyes when they get there and see the meeting of all those super soldiers. Wow.. that was impressive.

    But there is also that Earthy element on the episode - O'Neill goes to save Daniel and it was really enjoyable - danger in situation where Goa'ulds are not involved. And it worked really well.
  • good episode...

    In Part one of Evolution we already found out there was a new super soldier and Daniel and Lee were captured. The conclusion has Sam and the team, including Selmac and Bra'tec, going to the super soldier homeworld only to find thousands under Anubis's control. Back on earth, Jack saves Daniel and retreives the ancient device. This was a very good episode introducing the real immedtiate threat of the new super soldier. It had very good action and some very creepy south americans that were coming back from the dead. Anyways, it introduced something new, which is nice after seven seasons. Overall, good episode, good action, good story, good everything.
  • Daniel in the field, doing what he does best, then falls into the wrong hands along with potential weapon against the goa'ould.

    "Is that that thing that made that guy do that thing?"

    IT's got to be my favorite line of the whole ep, except for Daniel and Dr. Lee's ending responses -

    Loved Daniels' surprise at Jack's appearance. What he didn't think anyone would come for him? Come on Dr. Jackson, we could never leave you like that. I'd go down there myself to resuce you! Except I have no access to weapons nor any knowledge of South America but the spirit would be willing!

    Anyway, this ep had some seriously classic comedic moments despite the walking dead guy, and the resolution between Jack and his buddy -

    Then there was the discovery of Anubis' army of super soldiers - Oh My Goodness Gracious!

    I think Sam's mission went very well despite the injuries and I loved seeing the rings used to take the soldier out like that, I always wondered what would happen if they were used in flight. Now I know.

    All in all one of my favorite eps, 'course most of them are so there's not much of a change there. At least I'm consistent.
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