Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 3

Fair Game

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 09, 1999 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The Secretary of Defense is representing the President in an award ceremony, and Carter is promoted to Major. O'Neil is called to give a speech about it but immediately after he says the first word he disappears. He is transported by Thor to his spaceship. Thor tells him that the Earth has become a major target for the Goa'uld and they are planning an attack to the earth, even bigger then the one Apophis tried to launch. The Asgard have a treaty with the Goa'uld and with Jack's permission they can negotiate with the Goa'uld to include the Earth in the protected planets covered by the treaty. Jack says he rather have a fleet of Asgard's ship to defend them, but Thor says that the Asgard fleet is not available and Jack agrees to the negotiation.

Jack is returned to Earth and shares the news with every one, General Hammond and the rest are not sure they can trust the Asgard and they are all discussing the situation when Thor appears in the conference room. He came to let them know the Goa'uld have agreed to negotiate and they will be arriving in four days. O'Neil is concerned about three powerful Goa'uld coming to Earth, but Thor assures everyone that it is safe and it is the rule, the negotiations the place in the planet in question. Thor revels O'Neil is the one chosen to represent the Earth in the negotiations and that he will send further instructions later.

Daniel and Teal'c brief the SGC personnel about the Goa'uld that are coming, Cronos, Yu the Great and Nirrti. General Hammond asks Teal'c to act as liaison between them and the Goa'uld, but he refuses and Daniel steps in, Teal'c is assigned to take care of the security of the base, since the treaty laws forbid any weapons in the negotiations. All the weapons in the base are removed, but Teal'c is reluctant to give his staff, General Hammond orders him to turn the weapon over and he does so.

At the appointed time, the three Goa'uld arrive, and Daniel shows them to their respective accommodations. They freak out about the surveillance cameras and Daniel negotiates with them that the ones inside their bedrooms will be taken of, but the ones in the corridors will stay on and convinces them it's for their safety too. Daniel notices a big animosity between Cronos and Teal'c, he reveals his father was first prime of Cronos, and that Cronos killed his father and exiled his mother and him.

The first meeting starts but it goes south very quickly and the Goa'uld storm out of the room leaving Jack with no clue about what happened, Thor explains he insulted them by speaking out of turn. He says it will take some time before the Goa'uld are ready to meet again, so he will wait in his ship. Daniel and O'Neil apologize profusely to the Goa'uld and they agree to try again.

The negotiations start again, and Thor offers the Goa'uld passage through a solar system controlled by the Asgard. They accept, and say that according to the treaty laws no human planet protected by it is allowed to evolve technologically to a point that they become a treat to the Goa'uld, and that point is decides by the Goa'uld, Thor agrees, and O'Neil is furious. The System Lords accept the Asgard proposal, but have one additional conception, that the Tau'ri, or humans, surrender both stargates in their possession to the Goa'uld.

O'Neil takes the proposal to be considered by the rest of the SG and they are seriously considering accepting the terms of the agreement. Jack asks for Thor's advice in the matter, but gets nothing useful. The resident accepts the terms of the Agreement and Daniel is on his way to tell the System Lords, when a security alarm goes off. Teal'c and Cronos are found both injured in Cronos's room, and all points to Teal'c being the one who started the fight.

The Other System Lords are enraged. Dr. Frasier tells them Teal'c will be fine, but Cronos's host is dieing and his symbiont is not able to repair such extensive damage. Carter shows the security tape clearly indicating that Teal'c is the one to blame. But Daniel doesn't believe he would jeopardize Earth's chance of survival for a personal vendetta.

They talk to Yu and Nirrti and ask them if they can heal Cronos, they say there is nothing to do for him on Earth and want to take him with them to a sarcophagus, but General Hammond says no one goes anywhere until they find out exactly what happened between Cronos and Teal'c. Carter give them the healing device, but Nirrti says his injuries are too severe for it. Thor says he have to leave Earth's orbit and that they are on their own. The System Lords demand to leave Earth, but the SGC refuse to let them go and arrest them until they can investigate all the facts.

Teal'c is conscious and tells that Cronos requested his presence alone in his room, but when he got there Cronos denied making such request, before he could do anything else, they both were attacked by an invisible force. They think it could be a Re'tu, but Teal'c says he didn't sense the presence of a Re'tu in the room. Daniel remembers that Hathor had the ability to be invisible, but she is dead. Carter decides to try to heal Cronos by herself with the device, and they realize Nirrti was lying about not being able to heal him. They tell Cronos that they can prove which one of the other System Lords did this to him and in return they accept the treaty without the clause that the Tau'ri have to surrender the Stargate.

Jack and Daniel go to talk with Nirrti and Yu, they tell them they know Nirrti lied about not being able to heal Cronos and that they know she has the technology to become invisible. Yu and Nirrti argue and Nirrti becomes invisible. Sam and some guards run after her with the same weapons they used on the Re'tu and corner Nirrti, she surrenders and is given to the other System Lords so they can deal with her. The System Lords agree to the treaty without the Stargate clause, and leave Earth with Nirrti as their prisoner.
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