Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 3

Fair Game

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 09, 1999 on Syfy

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  • This one was prety good. I liked the fact that they had to have the Gouald on the base to beable to have this meeting to be a protected planet. The same exat ones that they were trying to get protection from.

    When they were informed that they could not have any weapons on the base in oder to have the meeting. It was so funny when they were trying to get Teal'c to surrender his staff weapon. Even tho' he did you could see the look in his that he felt this would be a bad idea.
    This one really did have alot of humor in it. That is what I really like about Stargate anyway. It may a serious story they are telling but it still has it's laughs.
    Ok they finally get to this meeting And they sit down do the intros and the gouald get an attitude with eachother and Jack asks about everybody speaking the same language and it was over just that quick. Thor, informs Jack that this was to be expected of their behavior and it would not be easy.
    Cronas is attacked and injured badly, of they have to let the Lord Yu and Nirtii know what was going on, now there is trouble and they have n idea how to handle this one. But they are almost positive tht one of the other 2 gouald had to be the culprit.
    They finally come up with the fact that Nirtii had some kind of cloaking devise and that it had to be her. So they call the other 2 in and tell them their suspisions. And basically tell Nirtii they think she di it. And they she has a cloaking devise for a individual. Lord Yu freaks out and of course She takes off running. Sam pulls out the weapon for the Retu and catches her. Now the whole point of the meeting has changed there will be no sacrfice on the Tauri.
    So it was a really good show. I enjoyed every minute of it.