Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 1

Fallen (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 13, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Seeing is believing

    Daniel has amnesia.


    But why didn't anyone show Daniel a video of the SG-1 Team with him in it?
  • A great episode with an exiting cliffhanger, and seeing Michael Shanks naked is always worth it.

    Some very nice acting from Michael Shanks, he’s really convincing as someone who doesn’t remember who he is. The conversations with his former friends were very funny: First Jack O’Neill with his confusing explanations, and then Sam with he emotional revelations. Daniel Jackson trying to figure out whom he is, or rather, was, was also very interesting to see. And of course it was fun he kept calling Jack Jim.

    Any episode with the X-302 in it is a good one, especially if the purpose is to piss off Anubis. The scenes with and in the X-302 were very cool. And seeing Daniel back in action and rediscovering his wit was crucial in the episode.

    A great episode with an exiting cliffhanger, and seeing Michael Shanks naked is always worth it.
  • Fallen was a truly great Season opener and a great way to bring a loved character back into the mix. It was just meant to be along with Homecoming to finish it off!

    When I first heard word of Season 7 of Stargate SG-1 beginning with Michael Shanks returning a main character, I was shocked. I'd seen the writers of Stargate do some odd plot twists before, but I didn’t think I would possibly be satisfied with whatever way they chose to bring back Daniel Jackson, my favorite character in the series. There is no doubt that I was relieved to hear that we were getting Daniel back, but I was very skeptical of their methods of returning him. Of course, like they always do, the writers of SG-1 managed to make an incredibly thrilling two parter to begin the Season.

    The episode managed to keep me interested the entire way, which can sometimes be a difficult thing with the Stargate series in general. Sometimes, the writers and directors will go through long explanations that seem to be almost pointless for people like me who know the plot and characters so well. Though they made a few slipups and some parts of the dialogue that I didn’t understand the significance of, I still found it to be a great episode and a great way to prepare us for Homecoming, which is the real beginning of the Season in my opinion.

    I thought the acting was at a usual high for Stargate, though there was nothing too different from what you usually get from a great cast. I thought the guest stars did a very good job (Kevan Ohtsji for one who played the First Prime of Yuu) and were well picked for the parts. Overall, I give the episode an 8.2, because even if this episode was thrilling and well done, it isn’t exactly something we wouldn’t expect coming from Stargate as a whole. The acting is very good, but we always see that in Stargate and though it’s well written and directed, still, I had seen better from the series. Also, I felt that the entire episode with Daniel’s return was very rushed. To do it justice, I felt it needed more time, like possibly a three parter to get all of the plot for the two episodes.
  • I loved it. Micheal shanks is such a talented actor and I believed that he did not know who he was and who they were. And I loved the enteraction between Jim (Jack) and Daniel was oh so funny.

    They have to stop Anubis and they have to do it fast. Jack and Sam are in the x-302 and heading to hit his new power source.
    Anubis captures Jonas while he and Daniel are on the ship. They are invisible to Anubis's sensors because of the Isatope that the Tokra' gave them.
    This episode was so well done and a great season opener. I really liked the way they did that.
    Now Anubis knows about Jonas's home world. and the Naquadria which is not a good thing. This episode was really well done. it has lots of excitement, humor and Daniel is back thank goodness, he gets his humor back and he and Jack are back to their normal selves. And once again they are the heros. This episode opened lots of doors, for new stories and old ones too. Oh yea and Daniel is Back. I love that about this one. They really needed Daniel so Jack would have someone to argue with once in a while.
  • This is another great episode with Jackson at his best doing what he does best.

    Another great episode. This shows Jackson that he still has his memoris of being an ascended being still intact if not just buried somewhere in his subconscious. Even though he doesn't remember a thing about his past he still is an asset to the team. Kind of sad though as this kind of Jonas handing the torch back to Michael Shanks. Still good to Daniel back. Its not quite the same show without him. We get to see Anubis and what makes him such a threat. He is an amazing analyst of people and situations. The ambassadors from Kolowna and Tyrania are unsurprisingly cliched. That is to say they are narrowminded to blind in not seeing the threat that Anubis poses and to seriously believe that Anubis would actually keep his word. Great episode though.
  • In their search for the Ancient's Lost City, SG-1 stumbles on an amnesia-affected Daniel Jackson in a newly corporeal form. A plan is quickly hatched to destroy Anubis' powerful weapon when Daniel discovers that he knows what the tablet from Abydos says.

    Though I wasn't really thrilled with Michael Shanks' portrayal of Daniel with amnesia when SG-1 first discovers him on Visuban, after he returns to Earth and begins realizing memories of his past, it felt more genuine. I love Daniel and Jonas working together, their interactions couldn't be any better.

    Of great importance to the future of the SGC's mission is Daniel's newfound ability to be able to instantly read and understand the Ancient's written language. When he reads the tablet, he instantly knows what it says, where in the past it would have taken time to translate it before any info could be utilized.

    On another note, even though the shameless rip off of a certain Star Wars action plot, I have to say that the computer graphics for the F-302's fight with the Goa'uld Gliders and it's subsequent attack on Anubis' ship were completely OUTSTANDING!. Especially for a television program.
  • Higher stakes..

    Trying to get read of Anubis... that what it looks in the first and it is Jonas who thinks he got what they get from Ra temple on Apydos and now they can get the weapon to defeat Anubis. But they found no weapons on the place - but something else - Daniel. And he does not remember much but he is ready to come back and tries to make his life back like it was. Descended - is that now becoming popular choice?

    Anyway.. they have a plan to use the city and bring Anubis to trap but he is not much buying it and it goes little bad. Jonas is caught and we see brain-downloading device.. so.. we can all figure where it will continue, in next episode.
  • A nice way to bring Daniel back to the SGC.

    I was just getting used to, and enjoying Corin Nemec's character "Jonas" when I realized that he was about to be squeezed out of the show. He made a good addition to SG1 and more than proved himself worthy of the role and position.

    Here's a big gaping hole in the story that struck me right away: After Daniel returns to the SGC, and Jack takes him to his room on the base, he notices a photograph of Sha're by the bed. Think about it--just when and where did he ever have a chance to take her picture? No indication that he ever took a camera to Abydos, and she was captured in the first episode. So where did the photo come from?

    Jack's remarkably negative attitude and comments during Carter's briefing of the mission seemed out of place and out of character. I was waiting for her to tell him to shut up for five minutes so she could go over the plan. As far as continuing the storyline, this was a really good episode, and the the next episode, the conclusion was well done.
  • I have mixed feelings about this episode...

    Ok, I like the episode but I don't at the same time. It's complicated. Ok, Daniel is found off world at an ancient city with no memory. He decides to go back to earth and try to stop Anubis. It was an unorigonal story line. There have been several episodes where some sg members go stealth in a goa'uld ship and try to take down a weapong or shut down the sheilds or something like that. So, I didn't like the story. The main part that I'm torn about is Daniel. I have to admit, Daniel was my second favorite character and I loved him. However, when a character dies, or ascends, I don't like them coming back. It's just annoying. It was ok when Daniel came back in Abyss to help Jack, but coming back full time as a human again...ughhh...I just don't like the idea. I understand the main reason Daniel was brought back was because fans complained, but come on. THe show was finally doing something different. After five seasons it had to do something. I just wish they kept Daniel dead, or ascended, and brought him back once or twice a season just as an ancient. They also could have put him in Atlantis. Anyways, I love Daniel, I just didn't want him to come back.
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