Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Jonas is back...

    It is great to see Jonas Quinn again. (What about his hair? It looked weird). But he has not good reasons being back - his home planet is on danger and they have to save it.

    We have a lot of great excitement and little tension as they have to work with Goa'uld in order to save the planet. I liked the digging into the surface thing. Remind me a movie I once saw and it was really exciting.

    I think they quite succeeded with the episode even though it missed that major surprise or great important and story was quite lame, one layered - everyone knew it will end happy.
  • Not one of the best.

    Jonas is back (looking like a reject from a Beatles album-cover), and needs SG 1's help to save his planet.
    All in all I found it a rather uninspiring episode, getting the feeling that the cast wasn't really getting into it much.
    There were a couple of interesting parts though:
    - Daniel's attempts to get the three countries' representatives to come to some agreement.
    - O'Neill's final ultimatum to them.
    - The fact that Keana's symbiote was willing to sacrifice itself, showing that perhaps not all Goa'uld are inherently evil. Selfish, arrogant and greedy, yes. But maybe not always evil...

    A bit slow-going at times, but it had some saving graces.
  • Jonas is back: woohoo! But he does have a weird haircut.

    The story itself I didn’t really like. The story that they were to dig to the planet to blow something up was somewhat to close to the movie ‘The Core’. This is like a smaller rip-off of that movie. But the fact that Jonas is the captain of the ship, and his girlfriend too, does make up for that a little.

    The negotiations with the representatives off the three separate countries on Langara I didn’t like so much either. At least at first Jack was there to keep it from being boring, but when he left, the story lost my interest.

    That there was a goa’uld spy among them came as a bit of a shock to me. I really hadn’t expected that. I did like that she offered her life for the sake of the mission, but again found it unexpected that she survived. I really thought she was just going to die, they blow the bomb and save the world. This solution was better and it confirms that suicide missions on this show tend to fail.

    So to conclude; not a great episode, but it had it’s pro’s.
  • Jonas Quin visits the Sgc to ask assistance from sg1. They have discovered a large vein of Naquadria and it seems to be growing and getting closer and closer to the palnets core and with Naquadria being highly explosive they are in great danger.

    Jonas discovered that Naquadria is not a natural mineral it was put there. That was a great shock to Jonas and his leaders.
    They have a great drilling machine that Jonas's girlfreind help build. They have to go down the and block the vien before the heat gets to the Naquadria. It turns out that Jonas's new girlfreind is gouald, and was supposed to be getting the Naquadria for Baal, and he will come to the planet if he does not hear from her.
    In th eman time the leaders of Jonas's planet are at the Sgc awaiting to hear what they need to do next. They are steadily arguing and blaming each other for their problem.
    Jack gets fed up and tells them that they have decided not to help them and as soon as they hear something from Teal'c and Carter they are to go home. They had plenty of offers from some of the alies of Earth to let them come live on their planets but they were just rude and they each wanted their own planet. So this why Jack went off the deep end. They were then left to discuss and brood on their own.
    With many difficulties and dangerous tasks Sam, Teal'c and Jonas and the assistance of the gouald girlfrerind the managed to close the vein off and save the planet.
    When the inpending doom is over with the leaders of the planet decide that they can work their problems out and work together to make their home safer.
    Jonas is pleased that they are getting over their petty differences and that they can work together now. Even tho' he does miss being at the sgc.
    The Tok'ra come and take the gouald out of his girlfreind and now they can try and start over. The gouald gave it's life for her so that she have a life with Jonas. She apparently developed respect for their life and wanted to give back to them.
    Very exciting and entertaining episode. loved it.
  • Bad hair day

    This episode is about a disaster.

    Kelowna may be blown to kingdom come by a runaway chain reaction of naquadriah at the planet's core.

    But as more than one fan has noted, the real disaster is Jonas Quinn's haircut. Talk about your bad hair day.

    For the record, the reason becomes clear later. Jonas' haircut was the his half of matching his and her haircuts.