Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 18

Family Ties

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 08, 2007 on Syfy

Episode Recap

At SGC. Sam and Vala return from a shopping trip in new civilian outfits, part of Vala's plan to integrate with Earth culture. They're interrupted when they get an incoming message from a rather chatty humanoid alien. Vala recognizes him as Jacek… her father.

Jacek offers them info on a plot by Arkad to attack Earth and SG-1 goes through to meet with Jacek. He talks about how the now deceased Arkad knows the location of the cargo ships he was going to use to attack Earth. Back on Earth, Vala is skeptical of Jacek's claims but the rest of the team believes they should check out his claims. After the meeting, Landry approaches Dr. Lam about getting in contact with his ex-wife and Lam agrees to call her and put in a good word.

The Odyssey, now under the command of Colonel Davidson, heads for the planet where the cargo ships are supposed to be, with Vala warnings her father was lying. They only pick up 12 life signs and a high reading of naquadah. The ships detect the Odyssey, which opens fire on the planet's surface and causes a massive explosion.

Landry is satisfied Jacek held up his end of the agreement and has Vala's father brought to Earth. Three weeks later, Landry brings Vala a message from her father and she ignores it like the previous ones. He explains how he let much of his daughter's life go by while he was busy with his career. Vala says she outgrew her father's attempts to appeal to her by giving her gifts that she kept in a treasure chest which she eventually threw away. Landry notes that Jacek has spent the last three weeks trying to get hold of her, which should count for something.

Daniel and Mitchell visit Jacek, who is running a bingo tournament for elderly women… and one that he's winning. SGC has heard about how Jacek has been "supplementing" his income, and he admits he's trying. He wants them to get Vala to come along, and is willing to bribe them to do so.

Lam tells Landry that his ex-wife wants to meet with him for dinner, as long as Lam is with them. Daniel and Mitchell return only for Vala to tell them she's already planning on visiting Jacek. She goes to his apartment and demands answers about how he left her alone. He tries to buy her affections with another gift, a necklace, but Vala leaves.

Vala returns to SGC where Sam reveals Jacek is selling "authentic" stardust on the Internet. They bring him to SGC where Mitchell tells him to lay off the scamming. Jacek finally agrees and they have Teal'c escort him out. Teal'c suggests he be less annoying. Daniel suggests that Vala might understand Jacek a little better since she went through the same thing. She takes Daniel along to see Jacek again and breaks into his apartment when they don't get an answer. Daniel reveals they secretly injected Jacek with a subcutaneous transponder. His locator signal places him near Colorado Springs and Vala and Daniel go to the park where he's at, and find him negotiating with a man. When Daniel approaches them, the newcomer draws a zat gun and Daniel is forced to shoot him. The man is a Jaffa and they find out that Jacek has a short-range communicator.

It turns out one of the ships left early and is on Earth waiting for the order to strike. Jacek knew it all along and was in contact with some of the Jaffa, who were having second thoughts. Jacek made an arrangement to sell the Jaffa's naquadah and split the profits. The cargo ship is cloaked and Jacek says he can calibrate their sensors to find the naquadah, in return for a 50/50 split on the sales. Mitchell forced him to accept a share of 0 and not going to jail and Jacek accepted.

Jacek helps them recalibrate the sensors and hits on Sam, who is angry with him at betraying Vala's burgeoning trust. Landry tells Lam that he has to reschedule the dinner date, but changes his mind when he realizes what it means to her. Sam and Jacek finds the Jaffa cargo ship 30 miles away from the Stargate, and Jacek suggests he might help out with some stealth and cunning, and he mentions that the cargo ship is rigged to blow if anyone tries to move it, and he happens to have the override code. Jacek asks for one last chance at redemption and Landry decides to trust him.

Jacek and Vala make their way through the woods to the Jaffa ship and Jacek tries to endear himself to her without success. The Jaffa intercept them and Jacek tries to explain that Vala is his partner. The Jaffa announce they've made a new plan, and Jacek isn't part of it. The rest of SG-1 overhear what's going on over the radio and go to break things up. The Jaffa are suspicious but SG-1 opens fire and Vala even rescues her father. She and Jacek go to find the cloaked ship and Jacek says he won't risk her life to put in the override codes. He leaves her with the necklace and then lifts off in the ship. Vala calls him and he admits there wasn't an override code, then leaves. It turns out Teal'c was the cargo ship guard they knocked out and they have the real cargo ship, leaving Jacek with a fake one. Landry heads off to meet with his ex-wife and arrives at the restaurant to meet with mother and daughter.

Jacek meets with his buyer, who reveals the "naquadah" is has been replaced with lead bars and packing peanuts. Jacek convinces him the packing peanuts as virility drugs and starts up a new scam…

At SGC, Vala puts the necklace in the treasure chest she never threw away. Sam comes in with alcohol and they have a ladies night in. While Teal'c finds himself with tickets from Jacek to a play about female reproductive organs…
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