Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 18

Family Ties

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 08, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Teal'c gets a ticket to the Vagina Monologues

    Teal'c gets a ticket to the Vagina Monologues.
  • Funny but very weird.

    Overall this was a good episode. I think it tried a little too hard to be funny but some of it was good. So finally we meet Vala's father and its such a shame that he only comes into the show 3 episodes from the final. But nonetheless he gives a memorable proformance. Basically he comes to earth looking for safety and in return he offers to tell the SGC about the Tallion army thing from the previous episode. However not supprising Vala's father is like her and he tries to double cross the team, but he does not get away with it. I really did enjoy this one. Its just a shame a pointless episode like this was not done earlier this season to make way for a better final. Well i liked the comments about the cancelation that were sneaked into the script.
  • Totally useless but, poor Teal'c

    Another useless episode meant to slow down the usual pace we're used to, some chill time for SG1, involving matters of domestical nature and...vaginas. While all these informations regarding Vala's past or Landry's are interesting they are totally not necessary so close towards this show's end. It's probably the calm before the storm. A rather boring episode with some funny bits, but the final scene is something else. The ever exhausted Teal'c, wanting and taking joy into any show Earth has to offer for him, ends up into a not such a common place for a fellow man, quite the opposite.
  • This was a good episode...I like the ones where they go into details on the characters...if it was just generic bad guy vs good guy crap every week I'd be bored senseless. I'm glad the Stargate series doesnt go down that road. Warning: includes Spoilers!

    the guy playing Jasek is always a funny guy so I was glad to see him in the gate. With Jasek constantly trying to pull stuff was funny, like the stardust commercial and even though I saw the cargo ship switch coming the way he pulled his ass out the fire with the guy he was gonna buy it to was freakin funny "fertility snacks"...but the best part had to be the end with Teal'c...that vagina thing was so damn hilarious...kept me laughing for at least 5 If the rest are going to be that funny then I cant wait.
  • Vala’s father appears to disappoint her one last time (SPOILERS).

    As Sam and Vala come back to the base after a well deserved day out, a message from Vala’s stranded father asking asylum is received by Walter but more than mad she seems scared by this: her father has disappointed her way too many times to trust him and she doesn’t want him to ruin all what she has accomplished during her time here with one of his schemes. As an absent father himself, General Landry identifies with Jaceck and not only does he grant him asylum but, he also tries to fix things with his own family as he invites the base Doctor to have a long overdue daughter/father dinner with him.

    I’ve got to say, the idea that the Oricy’s grandfather is nothing but a conman/petty thief is quite disturbing, though it does explain most of Vala’s trust issues as her father Jaceck has always been too busy to even remember which of his wives was Vala’s mother, as used to take the fall for him Vala spends most of her time waiting for the latest scam to unfold. Daniel does his best to help her fix things with her father as he argue that Vala is the only one who could fully understand Jaceck need to stop running, so to prove him wrong, she takes him along with her to Jaceck’s apartment only to confirm that Jaceck has, indeed, escaped but the surprise is on Vala as the SGC had already prevented the possibility and Daniel calls them to activate the tracking device they put on him. Then, why make her go through all this if he already knew Jaceck was not to be trusted? Because he’s your father he responds and she does need to make peace with him (just as much as Adria needs to make peace with her despite their differences).

    In the end, Teal’c helps Vala to con the conman for the information the team needs and Carter & Cameron save the day while Jaceck leaves her daughter once again only this time she is not disappointed if only because that’s exactly what she expected from him. Just as soon as the operative is done, Landry scatters as he’s already late to have dinner with his family but he’s lucky enough both his ex wife and daughter waited for him this time and before Vala puts the latest keepsake her father gave her on her box of treasures, Sam shows up for a much needed girl talk.
  • Not the best filler episode!!!

    This episode wasn't in the SG-1 explores the event of Vala's father, Jacek coming to Earth to make them a proposition...the interesting fact was this guy thinking only of cheating, a kind of charming thief, which i didn't found quite interesting...The writers tried to bring that element of extraterrestrial into this episode, but in my opinion failed miserably...It's better once in a while to bring original episodes into action, but unfortunately i didn't found this attractive...It was OK from the point of view of a few action, but it was rather predictable...another good part was that it had a few elements of humor...7/10.
  • I guess the writers of this series collaborated with the Sopranos to do mediocre episodes in the countdown to the finale.

    This one could have introduced her father anytime. But with 3 episodes to go, to waste one on this storyline is beyond me. It was not a bad episode, but I had expected better in a wind down to the finale. From what I am reading, the finale is not really a finale but a lead in to the two made for DVD movies. I am sorry, but guys, you could have done a better job.
  • And now, a brief word from our characters

    I'm all for character development--it needs to be a big part of any show for me to become a fan. But the best character development is undertaken in the context of an actual plot, and that's what was sorely lacking in this episode. It seems rather late in the season (and in the series) to take time out for an episode that contributes absolutely nothing toward the story arc. Sure, there were cute bits. I enjoyed seeing what Claudia Black was able to do in playing this dysfunctional family relationship. And I don't object to learning more about General Landry's background. But character development in the absence of plot is little more than an artificial exercise.
  • "worst episode ever." - comic book guy

    this is by far the worst episode of the entire franchise. theres absolutely no point for this episode. some people say that this is good character development for vala. 1. "good"? maybe its because i always hated the guy that played her father.. imo, he's just a bad actor, people think his funny, i dont think he is. thats that. it was hard for me to watch him act serious. and most of the times when he was "acting" he wasnt being serious and his character wasnt serious. there were way too many cliches and corny jokes thrown in, i had to fast forward a few scenes just cus it was unbearable to watch anymore.

    2. character dev? its the 3rd to the last episode.... FOREVER. by this time, the characters should be developed enough and since this is the 3rd to last ep. shouldnt they be focusing on wrapping up the series rather than this random tangent? ohh fine they introduced this jaffa ori army, but theres so many more plausible ways of getting that intel. first that comes to mind is maybe the jaffa nation? just maybe? bounty didnt really have a point, and supposedly a character development for mitchell, it was kind of cheesy with the cliche highschool sweetheart, but it was watchable. this episode was just terrible. normally i would recommend watching every episode of a series, but even as a die hard fan of stargate, i still have to recommend not watching it. it just lowers your expectation and opinion of the show.

    so sad.
  • Dealing with families..

    This episode is somehow quite out of pace as the episode before and after are just so much better. This has no connection with any major storyline, rather has that kind of funny or even silly tune. I understand why this episode was made - it did gave a deeper look into Vala and how she has become who she is and how much trouble it was but I thought we knew it already. So.. :S

    The other storyline with other family of Landry.. It was not much better. It was little weird and somehow had no development.. very seen trough..
  • silly, almost stupid...

    Vala's father gives the location of cargo ships filled with naquada in exchange for sanctuary. In the end, however, Vala's dad scams them, but Vala scammed him better. It was a pretty pointless episode. This episode did develop Vala's character better and I loved the part near the end where she got out her treasure box with all of the jewels her dad had given her over the years. It was sweet. Anyways, I also thought the general's dinner out was sweet. Overall, stupid story, kind of funny at times, but still not a very good episode even though we learned more about a few characters.
  • We finally find out more about the newest addition to SG-1...

    This was season ten's comedy episode. Its semms like they have one every seon. In season four it was "Window of Oppurtunity", season 6 was "The Other Guys", in season seven it was "Avenger 2.0", and in seaon eight it was "Citizen Joe." In this episode we learn more about the newest addition to Sg1, Vala Mal Doran, and we learn where she gets her slyness from and always wanting to scam people. I don't think it was a great episode however, it was entertaining none the less, and also funny, which ,i think was the intention.We also see General Landry's wife for the first time, and get to know about their relationship better. I think overall it was a good episode.later
  • The best ending ever...

    This episode has great comedy. I truly believe people think every single episode must be near perfection. I laughed and that earned a gold star from me. The ending has a great twist that you don't see coming. The very end of the episode is comedy gold. I laughed so hard. Keep up the great work. It's up to the viewer what they thought about this episode and not a wanna be critic. I loved it and I hope you do as well
  • An attempt at comedy goes horribly, horribly awry

    At this point, it’s expected that the writers will avoid the Ori arc completely until the last couple episodes. Just judging by the description of this episode, it was apparent that this would be another stand-alone effort. It’s not a question of disappointment or dashed expectations anymore; it comes down to finding some measure of contentment with what the producers chose to drop into the second half of this incredibly uneven season.

    The theme is relatively simple: the divergent fortunes of two fathers and daughters with a lot of bad feeling between them. The “A” plot is the conflict between Vala and her father, who has come to Earth with the news that Arkad’s fleet (from the previous episode) is still on its way. In reality, he’s even more of a con artist than his daughter, and he’s there to make a few rotten deals and move on.

    The writers attempt to make Jacek amusing, and given how ridiculous the various schemes and plot turns become, there’s little doubt that the intentions are right there on the screen. That makes the lack of hilarity a major stumbling block. Some moments were amusing, like Teal’c’s final moments in the Vagina Monologues” (wouldn’t Teal’c check the name of the show on the tickets, at least?), but most of the interplay and the scheming was too smarmy to accept.

    The issue here was Fred Willard, who never communicated enough seriousness to be convincing as anything but a poor con artist. Every time the camera hits his face, his expression reveals the snake-oil salesman at the heart of the character. That makes it impossible to accept that anyone would be fooled by him, which undercuts the effectiveness of the concept. Vala, despite being over the top on most occasions, can switch on the charm and sincerity when the situation demands it.

    With the “A” plot failing on so many levels, the “B” plot hasn’t got a chance. In this case, General Landry is trying a bit of rapprochement with his ex-wife, and he recruits his daughter, Dr. Lam, to facilitate the process. When things get crazy with Jacek, Landry comes close to pulling out of the planned dinner, thus threatening to ruin whatever ground he’s gained with his daughter. In the end, he makes the right call, in counterpoint to Jacek’s choices.

    This might have been more effective, however, if the writers had included Dr. Lam more often in the tenth season, beyond the occasional medical crisis. The details of her relationship with her father, never explored in any depth, are so far out of mind that one is left wondering why it needed to be addressed at all.
  • Revelation into Val's childhood.

    I thought this was a wonderful and needed episode, no matter what many of the other viewers might think. Only true Stargate SG-1 fans would even understand why this episode goes along with the show. Since the beginning of this series the producers, directors, and writers have always included episodes pertaining to the past of every member of the team to help us understand the developing of the members personality from when they first became a SG-1 team member too what they are now. This was a valued episode to help us understand Val's personality and lifestyle from when she first started on the show. Let's think back, she was quite the con-woman; jeez I wonder who she got that from? Also as in previous SG-1 members past episodes, due to being on the team and going to other worlds and being able to make a difference in lives on other worlds, Val within her heart seem to have somewhat of a healing, as well as in her life with her relationship to her father. Being part of SG-1 has proven to been life changing for everyone involved including the fans who have enjoyed every single episode of Stargate SG-1 and will miss this show as it concludes in a couple of weeks.
  • You can tell they are bored with writing interesting and gripping episodes anymore. I love this show, there are 3 episodes left, and they put out this kind of crappy storyline? Sad.

    You can tell they are bored with writing interesting and gripping episodes anymore. I love this show, there are 3 episodes left, and they put out this kind of crappy storyline? Sad...and I guess it is time they retired this series.

    There is really no excuse for putting the fans through boring, soap opera, unimaginative family drama crap like this. If we wanted this kind of garbage we would tune into a daytime soap opera.

    Let me say this again, there are 3 episodes left, and to have one of the worst, most boring episodes of the entire 10 years at the end like this is truly disgusting. I wish I could give it a score of zero.
  • All in all, a warm and wholesome close to the non-major plot arc stories of the series. I'm so happy with what Vala, and indeed Claudia, has achieved for the show.

    What are you all complaining about? You expect million dollar vis effects and a script from the gates of God EVERY week? Let's focus on the purpose of the episode not how bad it is compared to X episode from season Y. True SG-1 fans will adore this chapter of character development. It makes me feel more at ease about the closure of the series knowing that the producers managed to squeeze a Vala-centric episode in. Her father was everything I would've imagined him to be, and her reaction in the beginning and at the end fits perfectly with who Vala has become.

    The team's execution of the counter-deception in the forest towards the end reminds us just how good SG-1 is at their job. Another cheer for the revealing, but never in excess, Landry/Lam backstory. Such a small part of the story worked wonders for the character foundations. And last but not least, vaginas in SG-1... I thought I'd never see the day!

    All in all, a warm and wholesome close to the non-major plot arc stories of the series. I'm so happy with what Vala, and indeed Claudia, has achieved for the show. 8/10

    And for all those who think Jacek was worse than Lucius from Atlantis... what 'erbs are y'all smokin'?
  • Story of Vala and her evil father.

    Worst episode ever. So boring I had to watch it in pieces. Didn't have anything to do with the story and its three episodes away from the last ever.

    Normally I love the one-shot episodes that don't really further the main story, but this was rediculous. I'm starting to really hate vala too. She messes up the whole image and adds a corney comedy act to a serious team.
  • This shows Valas father coming to Earth. But this all leads to a series of idiotic chian pulling. When Vala’s father scams SG1 time and time again just to pull a fast one on them.

    Not one episode that I would dare sit through again and see. I did not like the way this episode was written, it seem that they did now know what else to write. However they did somewhat touch and how Vala turn out the way she did and how she did not stand her father for not being there during most of her childhood, but at the end he was still her father even though he just used her.
  • Definitely one of the worst episodes I have seen from SG-1 in a while. It's basic premise was to give dimension to some basically, flat characters.

    Although the acting was passable unlike some previous episodes, it was not really a great plot. The outcome was fairly predictable, it could have gone 2 ways, but you could kind of assume, the character you had only seen once (Jacek) was going to be bad, and the character you had seen many times (Vala and Landry) were going to do something good.

    I guess it was warming in the end that Gen. Landry did make the effort, and I'm sure many people have been caught in a similar situation, but Lexa Doig's performance of the caught in the middle child did seem unconvincing (shame really).

    Fred Willard's part was just on the funny side of awkward, his acting was superb, managing to make a disreputable character seem reputable, but I think he worked a bit too hard. For example, when he was playing Bingo with the elderly, it did leave me wondering "is he playing fairly? are Daniel and Cam let him get away with it?" strangely, it didn't seem he was, but they did. There were lots of curious things going on in his character that just did not fit, too many to put here, put bluntly, it was a bad character, played too well.

    Now, since when did it become so easily to take aliens, e.g. Vala - who by the way, had Goa'uld ties - off base? It took many other civilizations, people, and even Teal'c, years (or mind wipes) before they were allowed to see the 'real world'. I know Vala has been off base before, but it still seems a little unfair to Teal'c who really had to earn that right for a long time.

    Although the ending was pretty funny, although it almost seemed funnier to see Christopher Judge squirming around the limited emotion range that Teal'c has, trying to find something that made him appear awkward.

    In the end, this episode did feel like it was just an attempt to tie those ends down, give the characters something to bite in to before the end of season, end of the show entirely. I imagine some pretty amazing stuff will be in the next one.
  • Vala's father shows up - let the wackiness begin.

    In every series, there are always one or two shows where, due to scheduling difficulties (or cast illness), they have to come up with a storyline that focuses on one character. The other major characters aren't present. The shows always seem phony and don't quite work. (If you're a Dr Who fan, think "Love and Monsters" from season 2. Yargg!)

    This episode had that feel but with one difference - every actor was present. Worst of all, we're presented with an old hack in the form of Fred Willard! To her credit, Claudia Black tried to make this thing work. But how could she? There was nothing there. Period. With only two episodes left, I'd hoped for something a little better. Could it be they're trying to say something about the nature of Vala? It's more likely the last two episodes were pulled together after they found they were cancelled and people just didn't care.
  • Many didnt seem to like this ep but I felt it was good and important in its own right.

    When I saw what this episode was about I was excited to see it comeing up, especailly with Fred Willard. Sure there past eps havent really talked about the Ori but really its refreshing to just have a bunch of eps with funny antics and more insight in the new characters pasts. I do agree if the series didnt get cancelled some of the episodes would have been made for other seasons but with so much to cover in one season you gotta have a balance and since the movie will wrap up the Ori storyline we dont need allot of Ori related episodes. I have really liked the past sevral episodes, they seem to be hitting allot of funny notes again. Like this episode had probably the funnist ending ive ever seen, I literally laughed for 10mins. Maybe they always through Teal'c into funny situations where is reactions are expected but that what I love about it as well I never get tired of it. With only two episodes left I feel saddened as It seemed the series was starting to pick itself up with the laughter. Though I assume they had more episodes written and had to choose a certain amount that would be good and work. Of course I feel there is much more SG1 stuff to find out with the characters as well as some of the worlds they have visited. I can understand why some people didnt like this episode which I feel sad for them cause it was exactly what I wanted, Fred Willard was great, he did exactly what I thought he would for his guest spot, while I had a feeling that maybe just maybe his character would be all good in the end but then after I realized it was exactly what I should have expected...which for this episode was a great thing to make me think since Vala thought that too. I was actually surprised about Gen. Landry getting to the dinner, I thought for sure he'd cancel and not make it, even when he arrived I thought he was too late and that his daughter was going to chew him out for it. Was a nice surprise
  • Vala's father offers some important information but at what cost?

    I thought this episode was very disapointing. I keep on waiting for Stargate to build up to the ending but every episode is a filler and lots of character development. But there are not going to be characters for much longer, bring on some action!! Nothing is happening. When are Vala and Daniel going to get together already?!I love this show and will be sad to see it go but I just wish the last few episodes could live up in some small way to the great episodes we are used to seeing on Stargate. It feels like the show is just filling time. So sad. Please let the two final episodes be good.
  • Vala reunites with her father and a parallel story with Landry and his ex-wife. Nerve-wracking suspense at every turn.

    Carter has a line in the episode that is a direct shot at the SG-1 fans out there, "there isn't as much support for the Stargate Program as there used to be." Perhaps a low blow on the writer's part - but you proved us right with this horrible episode.

    I had hoped that SG-1 would go out with a memorable bang since there is only like 3 episodes left. As suspected, its going out with a fizzle. Thanks for the memories SG-1.
  • A filler episode, but better than some others recently.

    It seems like the latter half of the final season has been nothing but character development and filler episodes. That is not so much a criticism, more a comment. OK so it is a little bit of a criticism too! I do like the odd character development and stand-alone episode. I find they round out the story, it cannot be Ori, Ori, Ori every week. However we also need some time on ongoing plot please?

    Having said that I did like this episode, better than some other recent ones. The overall father/daughter theme was new for Stargate, and the parallels between the two different father/daughter relationships were explored well. I also liked the hints of girly bonding moments between Vala and Sam. I’m a huge fan of girly bonding moments in real life (more the glasses of wine at the end than the pedicure at the beginning, admittedly) and it is nice to see this in the show. However I do feel they would have worked better if they had topped and tailed a more action-based episode. Don’t ask me why I feel that, I’m not sure, but I do.

    I was a little disappointed by Teal’c’s last scene, it was funny but I’d seen it coming. I would have liked to see his reaction being slightly less predictable.
  • Another nail in Stagate SG1's coffin.

    There were two good moments in this episode. First was at the beginning with Samantha Carter in another superb dress (not quite as good as the one in 'The Road Not Taken' but close; the second, at the end, with an embarrassed Teal'c at the theatre (probably the Eve Ensler play).

    But between these two inspired events was an episode that had little or no redeeming features. The regular cast just went 'through the motions' I suspect they knew just how bad it was. Only Claudia Black showed any signs of a good performance but even she was weighed down with a clunky script which promised little and delivered less.

    The actor playing Vala's father showed all the skills of a third rate pantomime actor and the personality of a small duck. I don't think we shall see him again.

    The Beau Bridges/Lexa Doig sub-plot did nothing to improve the story with both actors producing rather wooden performances.

    I'm afraid that Stargate SG1 has now come to the end of it's useful life. Best now to end the series and for the actors to seek pastures new whilst we all have memories of how good it used to be.
  • This episode was about girls and their fathers, family ties and making amends.

    General Landry attempts to repair the damage to his relationship with his wife. Hopefully this will strengthen the one that he’s developed with his daughter since she joined Stargate Command. It seems that Vala’s father Jacek has a similar idea. He makes a deal to be allowed to live on earth. This is subject to him providing the SGC with information on the whereabouts of Arkad’s naqueda laden ships.

    Vala refuses to meet with her father as she is unable to forgive him for not being there for her and her mother. The other members of SG-1 have other ideas and finally convince her to meet with him. Sadly, Vala is right as her father lets her down at every turn. He seems to have learnt his way around Earth’s culture really quickly. He manages to fleece the old ladies in his building out of their money, with weekly bingo nights. He attempts to sell stardust over the internet and has a diet book planned before the SGC put a stop to it.

    This was a warm and fuzzy episode as two absent fathers attempt to make up for lost time with their families. Luckily for General Landry he manages to keep the dinner date with his wife and daughter. This goes a long way to showing that he really does want to make amends even though he arrives late. Jacek on the other hand lets Vala down very badly but luckily Vala didn’t expect much from him anyway.

    I don’t think this was a filler episode. The show is coming to an end. It might go to movies, it might not. I think had it gone to another season we would have seen this episode sometime in the future. This storyline is tying up loose ends. General Landry gets to make amends for to his family and we get an insight into Vala’s background. At any other time it might have been interesting to see. I think people will be disappointed because there aren’t that many episodes left of this final season. But for those who like character development this is a nice episode.

    Vala seems closer to Daniel and Mitchell and Te’ealc in most episodes so, it was nice to see Sam and Vala bonding over shopping and a girl’s night in. As I said before a warm and fuzzy episode.
  • Many will disagree, let me explain...

    I've been one of those people frustrated that so many episodes recently have not involved the Ori. But I've realised, Stargate has been a part of my life for 10 years, 212 episodes so far, each one watched several times. And I've come to realise, that I wouldn't want to end this show having battle after battle with the Ori. For me, that's not what Stargate is about. Yes Stargate is about fighting bad guys and saving the planet, but for me, it's about the journey as much as the end result. God that sounds like Harry Kim in Voyager, but it's true.

    I was quietly relieved that Vala's father didn't stick around, as much as it would have made for some comic moments, we're close to end so we'll never hear from him again, he'd be just another thread that needed tying up.

    Seeing the two ladies of the show being and end the episode together, and in true lady style of peticure and manicures and glasses of wine, was quite frankly brilliant, we've never seen that, in 10 years I've never seen that.

    Seeing Lexa Doig do more than comment on whether someone was going to live or die was also fantastic. We really haven't seen her do a whole lot in the last two years, unsurprising really as she had a child, but still, she can act, she is hot, and I like her character, or what little of it we've seen.

    Teal'c was brilliant, I had expected some fallout from Talion but to be honest, what would they have said, 'sorry I broke your hand Mitchell' 'That's ok T I would have done it too'. The fact that they moved on I think was a blessing in disguise. Daniel and Cam took a back seat, as you'd expect.

    Jacek was brilliant, and whether he was responsible for Teal'c awkward moment at the end or not, that moment was brilliant. You knew that Jacek was lying about the final cargo ship, or at least his intentions regarding it, but some part of you hoped he'd be a good father for once, or die trying.

    Siler was also brilliant, with his banged up nose that was very reminiscent of Teal'c in Window of Opportunity. I have no interest in Landry's private life, as it was far from different from what you'd expect, but it was still nice seeing that played out. Though if this were a real family, you'd have to ask where Carolyn Lam's looks came from because her mum is/was not hot, and Landry isn't my thing.

    I thought this episode was good, the special effects were good, I was not impressed with the Odyssey Commander, needed a run and a diet. I enjoyed this, and the end made me laugh so much.