Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 18

Family Ties

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 08, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Vala’s father appears to disappoint her one last time (SPOILERS).

    As Sam and Vala come back to the base after a well deserved day out, a message from Vala’s stranded father asking asylum is received by Walter but more than mad she seems scared by this: her father has disappointed her way too many times to trust him and she doesn’t want him to ruin all what she has accomplished during her time here with one of his schemes. As an absent father himself, General Landry identifies with Jaceck and not only does he grant him asylum but, he also tries to fix things with his own family as he invites the base Doctor to have a long overdue daughter/father dinner with him.

    I’ve got to say, the idea that the Oricy’s grandfather is nothing but a conman/petty thief is quite disturbing, though it does explain most of Vala’s trust issues as her father Jaceck has always been too busy to even remember which of his wives was Vala’s mother, as used to take the fall for him Vala spends most of her time waiting for the latest scam to unfold. Daniel does his best to help her fix things with her father as he argue that Vala is the only one who could fully understand Jaceck need to stop running, so to prove him wrong, she takes him along with her to Jaceck’s apartment only to confirm that Jaceck has, indeed, escaped but the surprise is on Vala as the SGC had already prevented the possibility and Daniel calls them to activate the tracking device they put on him. Then, why make her go through all this if he already knew Jaceck was not to be trusted? Because he’s your father he responds and she does need to make peace with him (just as much as Adria needs to make peace with her despite their differences).

    In the end, Teal’c helps Vala to con the conman for the information the team needs and Carter & Cameron save the day while Jaceck leaves her daughter once again only this time she is not disappointed if only because that’s exactly what she expected from him. Just as soon as the operative is done, Landry scatters as he’s already late to have dinner with his family but he’s lucky enough both his ex wife and daughter waited for him this time and before Vala puts the latest keepsake her father gave her on her box of treasures, Sam shows up for a much needed girl talk.
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