Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 13

Fire and Water

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 1997 on Syfy

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  • Awww Poor Daniel

    A portion of the SG-1 team returns home and reveals that Daniel Jackson was killed on their gate mission. An investigation ensues to find out what happened and if ,at all, everything is what it seems.

    All in all this starts out as a decent mystery, what happened episode but like so many other shows it plays the "character" death card too early. We always now they aren't dead because the show airs for 10 years and this character is around for 8 of it. So in hindsight its kinda silly and wasted melodrama.

    Ohh and we can't forget the latex suited monster, epic 90's giant latex head madness.

    The rest of SG-1 returns from a mission revealing Jackson died in a column of flames. Get ready for temperatures to rise as SG-1 goes into a personal dilemma when they think Daniel Jackson has died. More of a character development story than an action one but still worth watching. The fight for SG-1 has never been more personal. The first casualties of war are the people left behind in the aftermath. Will SG-1 discover the truth and find Daniel Jackson in time, or will the alien who has kidnapped Daniel Jackson win in his deception against SG-1. I Tracey K. Nameth say "Fire and Water" is worth a fair grade.
  • After an expedition Jack, Teal'c and Sam return to reveal that Daniel died on the mission.

    I could not believe how bad this episode was, this is Stargate SG-1! My favorite show, yet this one was one of a handful of garbage episode the writers spat out without thinking twice. After 30 minutes of this I could not wait for it to be over, desparatly waiting for something interesting that never came. The entire alien thing was boring. Just outright awful, I hope I never give another episode of SG-1 a rating this bad again. The only positive(I mean the only positive) was the laugh I had when O'neill broke the window Hammond's car and when he fould out who's car it was he says to Hammond "You should get that fixed", but even a classic O'neill moment can't save this one. Overall, horrible.
  • Daniel is DEAD!

    What's this? The team comes back from a planet without Daniel, saying that he's dead.
    Oh wait ... he's not dead. He has just been kidnapped by some fish guy, that wants help in translating some Goa'uld writing. Apparently, he wants to know what happened to his (should I say its) 'mate' (that's right, even fish people fall in love - no matter how ugly they are).
    Meanwhile, the rest of SG-1 was implanted with a memory of Daniel dying, and they had left the planet. But, our heroes can't be fooled that easily and they soon (well ... not that soon - it almost takes the whole episode - funeral and wake included) embark on a mission to go back to the planet in order to save Daniel.
    That needn't be done, as Daniel finds out that escaping the under-water home of this fish guy, is as easy as walking out (and swimming for a while).
    This one definitely classifies as a filler episode, as the story line is not enhanced in any way and we learn nothing new about the characters.
    We just learn of another race that has been defeated by the Goa'ulds. Even living under water can't save you from them apparently.
    It's still as entertaining as per usual SG standards and it also includes Jack destroying General Hammond's car (priceless!).
  • Daniel "dies" for the first of many times in the series.

    This is really a so so episode. It was nice to see Teal'c finally get off the base though. It's not a new concept though(character dies, only he's not really dead/gone) but it was pretty well executed. As, for the fish-guy, he was a very odd species, and we never see his species again, which I thought slightly odd since the way Daniel was speaking to him at the end I thought they were going to try to keep in touch. He did have some pretty fancy technology after all. But I digress. Merely an average episode and one that I often skip when watching the series in order. It really doesn't do anything for any overarching storyline...
  • Dead or not so dead?

    It was exciting and different as they did believed some time that Daniel is dead but that never buy me as a viewer and it did not even made me think for a moment that Daniel may be gone - so it was only the question what happened. So, for that - the storyline was not the strongest but it was enjoyable. The way they were going trough all the old Daniel things and the way they little opened us our thoughts. The beginning was much better but from the moment they started to show Daniel - and it all made sense what was going on - it was quite boring and did not had much sense.
  • kind of pointless episode...

    SG-1 returns from a planet only to say that Daniel is dead. In the end, it turns out that an alien took Daniel to help him find what the fate of his mate was and Daniel goes home. Anyways, it was a pretty pointless episode. I didn't like the story and it was boreing. I did like the whole reaction to Daniel being dead part, but, other than that, it was pretty dull. The alien creature was very odd and different, which I guess is interesting, but he was pretty annoying. He just kept saying the same thing over and over. Overall, boreing story and bad episode.
  • Not bad, but not the best

    Nothing really happened in this episode. Daniel was assumed dead and the team returned without him. In reality, Daniel was captured by an alien who wanted information about the ancient Babylonian society. The one line that sticks with me when I hear this title is "What fate Amaroca?!" The alien lost his mate. He wanted to find out what happened. Daniel told him she died. By then the team figure out that Daniel wasn't really dead and went back to that planet for a rescue mission and find Daniel surfacing out of the ocean. They all go home happy. It was a pretty pointless episode and didn't really serve to move the show on at all. But is wasn't a bad episode - interesting Daniel storyline. Decent episode.
  • One of the worst...

    This was indeed a filler episode and a very bad one at that. This is one of the worst out of the first season. This episode will start a chain reaction because in future episodes the team will think Daniel is dead when he really isn't. I liked it when Jack was at his house playing hockey and he breaks the window of a car and General Hammond comes along and calms him down and says "You know that was my car?" and O'neill replys by saying "You should get that window fixed". That is classic Jack right there. The guy that was like a fish was kinda creepy. Later...
  • Boring

    This is another rather weak season 1 episode. I liked the way the team responded to the apparent death of Daniel especially Jack. The memorial was very well done by the Air Force personnel. I liked the revelation that yet another alien race visited ancient earth and influenced human history. I also liked the Babylonian history which was quite interesting. The down points of this episode are that it is rather slow and boring.
  • When the team visits a planet, they return without someone.

    This was a very emotional episode. On the planet, Daniel is supposedly killed, engulfed in volcanic flames. Even though the rest of the team remembers seeing Daniel die, they are convinced that he is still alive. There was a very touching memorial service and a wake. Daniel figured out how to make the stargate work, after all. Meanwhile, Daniel is trying to figure out what his captor wants from him. Knowledge of his mate's fate is what he wants and believes that Daniel can tell him. The team returns to look for Daniel and finds him swimming out of the water with his new friend. This episode shows how close and bonded the team really is.
  • This is about the first time Daniel 'dies'. But unbeknownst to the rest of SG-1, he didn't really die.(confusing? I know)

    SG-1 returns home without Daniel, claiming that they watched him die. But they don’t remember anything else about the planet except that it was hot. General Hammond brings in a shrink, Dr. Mackenzie, but Jack says he ‘doesn’t want his head shrunk’. Sam volunteers to undergo hypnosis to see if she’s just suppressing the memory of what really happened. While this is going on we see that Daniel isn’t dead, he’s being held captive by a fish like alien. Daniel finds out that the alien just want to know what happened to his wife that traveled to earth thousands of years ago, in Babylonian times. Daniel says he hasn’t been alive that long but he did do research on the Babylonian empire in his university years. He agrees to undergo a ‘mental surgery’, where Nem would sift through Daniel’s memories to find his answer. And he unfortunately finds out that she was killed by a Goa’uld but she had a large part in the pursuit of freedom for humans. While Daniel has been gone, the SGC held a memorial service, a wake, and SG-1 already started clearing out his apartment. Sam, Jack, and Teal’c return to the planet after Sam, while under hypnosis, figures out that Daniel’s alive and that they have to return to the planet and bring him home.

    When they arrive they find Nem waiting for them by a large lake or ocean, Daniel escapes, and they return home safely. And they didn’t even have to click their heels three times.:) It was an okay episode, but not my favorite.
  • We learn more about Daniels character.

    When SG-1 return from a mission, Daniel isn't with them and he's believed to be dead. This is the third time we've or heard about Daniel dieing.

    The first time was in the first episode when Hammond was questioning O'Neill about whether Daniel was alive or dead on Abydos.

    The second time was when Apophis killed SG-1 including Daniel and the Nox brought them back.

    And now this time, SG-1 says and believes he's dead and they have a memorial service, a wake, and SG-1 cleans out his apartment.

    Of course they realize he's still alive and they go back to rescue him.

    This episode mainly dealt with Daniel trying to help the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" to find out what happened to his mate back on Earth. And we all know that Daniel with the help of a mind device helps the guy out, he gets set free and Daniel lives to die another day.
  • This episode was really about developing Jack's character.

    This was a great episode in regards in what it accomplished for Jack O'Neil. In the movie Jack started out being extremely isolated from other people, a rigid character. Richard Dean Anderson made him more relational but there was still some stiffness to the character.

    In this episode, Jack, Sam, and Teal'c return home believing that Daniel is dead. They then begin to suffer symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Though even Jack himself is suffering these symptoms, we see him truly break down for the first time to comfort his two remaining team members. It is an important episode for his character to show more humanity and that he cares deeply for each member of his team.
  • Despite having some humorous moments and an interesting story, the alien creature and the situation is pretty silly.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the first case in the history of SG-1 where an intriguing, weird and interesting alien creature shows up for one episode, basically says "Goodbye for now", and is never seen again. The alien creature, despite how silly and over-the-top it looked for a one-off token alien, had so much potential that was lost. However, perhaps it's for the better that the creature was forgotten, allowing SG-1 to move away from the one-off alien stories to focus more on its complex mythology.

    Still, there are some funny moments in this episode, especially the final moment with the team after getting Daniel back. Also, the first scenes with the alien creature are interesting. But the scene where Daniel is forced to remember what happened to the creature's mate is pretty silly.

    Although the episode has its moments, I wouldn't recommend showing it to soon-to-be SG-1 fans right away. Perhaps after they've grown to love the series.
  • An aquatic alien kidnaps Daniel to help find the alien's mate.

    This is truly one of the best episodes of this season, but I find myself more and more saying that. Nem was a really great alien, he started off as an enemy but as the story progressed, you learn that he is nothing more than a lonely man looking for his wife. Very well written, although the kidnapping part has been done before in other sci-fi series. The main SG character in this story is Daniel and he sees that he isn't the only one who has had the mate taken away. This an above average episode that does make for a sad story in the end.
  • Daniel Death... one of many

    This episode showed how close the team really is. It is really well written and the being of Daniels chain of dieing and then ending up coming back to life in the series. I hope that they use babyoln again in the series.. maybe like atlantis.. find sumthin extrodinary and hell maybe even change the course of history.