Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 1

Flesh and Blood

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 14, 2006 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The Ori ships move on in this galaxy as Vala gives birth to her baby daughter. The midwives take the child away when a one-eyed Prior arrives and refuses to let Vala hold her. He reveals that the daughter will lead them to victory over all unbelievers. Sam remains suspended in her suit near the hypergate, unable to make contact with anyone. An injured Mitchell in his fighter wakes up and responds to her signal, remembering how he left just in time before the Korolev exploded with Daniel on board. Colonel Emerson makes contact with them from the badly damaged Odyssey. They receive a hail from Teal'c aboard the Lucian ship, but then the Alliance members open fire on him and he cuts off. Netan, leader of the Alliance ship, takes a stunned Teal'c captive. Mitchell asserts that the Ori let the Odyssey survive as a warning. As the Asgard Kvasir works on the beaming technology, Netan signals the Odyssey and demands they surrender. Netan wants revenge and claims the whole thing a ploy to wipe out the Alliance ships. The Ori ships continue through hyperspace and Tomin visits Vala, who demands the return of her daughter. They bring in the daughter, who is now four years old and asserts that Vala is not a true believer, but will help her find the path of the Ori. At SGC, Bra'tac arrives to meet with Landry and bring him up to date. Bra'tac agrees to take a ship out to find out what's going on. With Sam's air running out, the teleporters are still off-line. Mitchell takes the controls and prepares to rendezvous directly with Sam to pick her up. Netan confronts Teal'c who still asserts they must combine their powers, but an angry Netan proceeds to torture him anyway. Mitchell manages to bring Sam on board by piloting the ship's docking bay around her and gradually increasing the gravity. Afterward they reveal that the Korolev's teleport rings were activated. The audience finds out that Daniel and Chekov tried to beam a warhead over. But the ship was hit and warhead destroyed—Daniel had no choice but to use the rings to beam over alone to the Ori ship. Landry briefs Agent Woolsey, who reveals the IOA may use the Atlantis ZPM to repower the Antarctica defense station, but they can't get it to Earth in time or even assume it will be effective. Vala meets with her daughter, who is now 12 years old. Vala names her Adria, supposedly after her mother. Adria reveals the Ori wove their knowledge into her genetic structure but is unimpressed when Vala tries to assert her maternal authority without success. Adria asserts the Ancients are the villains the Ori plan to fight them for the good of all. As Vala comes out, Daniel reveals himself to her and Vala brings him up to date, then distracts Tomin when he comes in. Bra'tac arrives with three Jaffa battle cruisers and tells Netan to stand down. He ignores Bra'tac's order and open fire, and Bra'tac destroys one of their ships. Sam gets the teleporter working and beams out Teal'c. The Lucian ships flee into hyperspace and Bra'tac greets Teal's as Mitchell reveals they've located the Ori ships…at Chulak. The Ori devastate the Jaffa fleet guarding Chulak and Mitchell and Sam choose to accompany Teal'c and Bra'tac, figuring Daniel is alive on one of the ships. Vala's ship lands on the main Chulak city and they prepare to sneak off after capturing Adria. Sam figures they should carry out the plan that Chekov had in mind to beam a bomb aboard the Ori ship past their shields. They arrive at Chulak and prepare to attack. Vala and Daniel go to get Adria, who is having trouble processing the implanted Ori knowledge. Sam contacts Daniel, who requests radio silence as he waits for Vala to call him in. After he signs out, Bra'tac picks up the proper shield fluctuation as they lose one of the Jaffa motherships. They beam the bomb over but nothing happens. Adria begins to sense something is up and Vala is interrupted when Tomin brings Daniel in at gunpoint. The Jaffa lose another mothership and Bra'tac prepares to ram the Ori. Fortunately the Odyssey arrives and beams them off just in time. Adria orders Tomin to kill Daniel, but Vala leaps in the way and Daniels stuns them. They're interrupted when the Prior arrives and Daniel's weapon is useless. The Prior prepares to destroy them but the Odyssey beams them out and escapes into hyperspace. Aboard the Odyssey, Mitchell points out they're losing and they need some kind of plan, but no one has any ideas.
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