Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 1

Flesh and Blood

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 14, 2006 on Syfy

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  • It is nice to finally see some form of physical person to represent the ori other then the stone cold killers known as the pryers, and in this episode they diliver big time

    Tho all things are not 100% clear, this episode returns things back to a WTF state... which is nice, tho i still would love some clearity of when/if "arthur" is going to come save all of them, and wheather or not they will find the "holy grail".... personally i would have loved alittle more talk about alot of the stuff from the past episode, but honestly i think it would have taken from the joys that this episode did add to the begining of this the 10th season. the basic premise to this episode is that 2 ships survived the massicure that happened in the last episode, and heres a big shocker, no one on SG-1 died... wow... sorry to spoil that for you who haven't seen the episode, but other then that, this was a good episode.
  • The episode was really awesome, and everything had some revealing things in play to that.

    This episode was very interesting and it really kept in line. The most important thing I realized was how good it was for a begining series episode. That was just really good for being so many seasons and the first episode, if you know what I mean of course.
    I really like the theme and how mysterious it is. This was very satisfing, and always kept you up and ready. I would reccomend this show to any person who loved Sci-Fi shows as in Star Trek. This was absolutely amazing and always kept you caught up with it. Nice Work!
  • This is the way to start a season.

    After the ending we all received in season 9 we all felt like, holy crap what the hell happened. Thus having waited months now the new season starts and with a big bang I may add. This is one of thoes episodes that gives way for the rest to be built. As a season starter it was more like a torch to wood than a lighter to a cigarette. This was perfecto, excellent and pivital to the rest of the season. It shows you the true power of the Ori and how determined they are to concur us all. It also shows how they are amost as the goauld with superior technology and power, as well as how they wish to dominate this galaxy. I belive this is one of the best episodes in a while (since Jack left) and it's only gonna get better.
  • A great start to a record-breaking season!

    I was slightly worried that the record-setting tenth season would start on a low note, especially since I found the next step in the plot arc somewhat easy to predict. Those who remember my review for the ninth season finale will recall that I had the purpose of Vala’s child worked out before the episode was over. The promise, I thought, was in the execution of the next season arc and how the seeming overpowering nature of the Ori fleet would be handled.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the premiere dealt with everything I wanted it to address, and managed to do so without too many plot conveniences along the way. Most of those issues came up as each team member was revealed to be alive and ready for rescue. The road to rescue was sometimes fraught with peril, but it was also a foregone conclusion.

    The far more interesting part of the story was the reaction to the Ori threat. I was a little worried about how Mitchell would come across, since he was the new guy last season and could have been played up again this time around to overcome the lingering resistance to his inclusion. The character felt very natural in the story, as though the writers took some time over the hiatus to pin down the character once and for all. Time will tell, of course, but it never occurred to me that O’Neill wasn’t there.

    Much of the time is spent on the Ori incursion and the fall of Chulak, which throws the status quo of the Stargate universe into a very nasty direction. I would have liked to have seen the evolution of the Jaffa Nation, but in a way, this is a logical step for Adria to take. The Jaffa are a massive power in the universe at large, and eliminating or subverting that power goes a long way towards crushing resistance. And it forces the Jaffa into a position of underground resistance again, which is something they know far better than self-determination.

    So the situation is getting worse in the Milky Way, with the Ori establishing a nice beachhead and the Jaffa under the gun. Earth has also lost a lot of ships, and it seems like some new solution needs to be found. (Cue Merlin’s weapon from the ninth season.) This gives those annoying nits from the Lucien Alliance a lot of room to maneuver, though I imagine that they will ultimately realize that the Ori will demand their obedience just as stridently.

    One thing I find very interesting is the possibility that the Ori are not the totality of the problem. Orlin told the SGC that the Ori steal the life energy from their followers and wish to destroy the Ancients for driving them out. Adria has a very different point of view. Adria claims that the Ori are the ones being targeted because they wanted to stop the Ancients from stealing the life energies of the human beings in the Milky Way. In fact, Adria claims that human life was created to serve the Ancients in this fashion.

    Clearly the Ori are wrong in what they do, but it may be that they have a valid point. What if the Ancients are just as bad as the Ori? What if defending the Ancients is the wrong move? I see shades of the Vorlons and Shadows from “Babylon 5”. When Daniel mentioned that they need to learn more about how this whole “ascension” thing works, I wondered if the solution to the Ori might ultimately be a solution to the Ancients as well. And wouldn’t that factor into “Stargate: Atlantis” in interesting ways?

    Much like the ninth season in general, I found that the Ori arc has revitalized my interest in the series, which was struggling for a few seasons before changes were forced to occur. I think that the new elements give the writers a lot of ground to cover and explore, and it doesn’t have to be a retread of everything that happened during the Goa’uld arc. I like how Vala has evolved over time (Claudia was gorgeous in that outfit!), and Adria should give the Ori threat a sense of focus in terms of storytelling. All in all, I’m very pleased with how this season has started out!

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Future episodes will highlight “Stargate SG-1”, so it might be something of interest . Go to if you want to listen!)
  • Well Stargate fans here we learn about the aftermath of the battle at the supergate and what happend to our favorite heroes.

    (This is my first review, I apologize for any errors I make)
    Here we go into the ending of the battle.. the ori going "nahanahnaha we kick butt!!!" Carter running out of air.. one of earth X-304s destroyed and the Lucian Alliance ships servily damaged. Now we have found out Carter is running out of air, Cameron Mitchell knocked out, Daniel thought to be destroyed on the Russian x-304, teal'c now prisoner of the Lucian Alliance. As they attempt to restore power on the Daedalus, the Lucian Alliance start thinking that it was a trap to deceive them. Since main power is barely on, the beam technology is out of order thus Carter is slowly running out of air, Mitchell devises a plan to basicly "scoop" her up with the Daedalus launch bay, plan works, Now though with the Lucian Alliance asking for the surrender of the Daedalus they are now in a new predictimant, but alas they are as powerless as a rock in water. Now we turn to Vala and Daniel, Vala gives birth to her baby which turns out to be a girl, they then take her away for "special reasons" and Vala is depressed because she cannot hold her baby. Within a few hours we find out she has been genetically engineer to grow alot faster, she is now about 7 years old. She is also given a name, named after vala's mother (I cannot spell it sorry). After Vala and her daughter have a talk Vala comes back to her quarters , in which we find Daniel. Apparently Daniel has stowed away on the ori ship using the ring technology, it also has been found out that the Russian ship was going to send a nuke through with the ring technology to one of the ori ships. While Daniel and Vala talk we find out more about the reason of vala's daughter, it was to cross the threshold so the ori could enter our universe without having the ancients interfere with their conquering plans. Now they have dropped out of hyperspace and have landed on a planet.. immediately Daniel knows where they are, they are on chulak. Now on the Daedalus, Bratac has come in and saved the day with 5 ha'tak class ships, destroying the Lucian Alliance ship. They have found out the ori have landed on chulak, for a moment they had no idea why they would go there of all places, but Sam suggest because it is where the first uprising of the Jaffa happened against the Goa'uld, thus the ori are trying to destroy the seed that threatens them. Now three ha’tak ships have droped out of hyperspace above chulak going with a plan that will hopefully destroy the ori ships, they plan to drop an explosive sphere into the ori ships using the ring technology. While they are planning that Daniel and Vala try to kidnap her kid, unfortunaly her Ori following husband stops them and in the process of arguing he shoots vala. After beaming aboard the explosive device, it doesn’t work. Bratac decides to ram the ori ship, while SG-1 tries to talk sense into him, the Daedalus drops out of hyperspace and beams them aboard. Back on the planet while the child is healing Vala, Daniel is able to stun the child and the ori following husband. In the process they are beamed aboard the Daedalus. Now they high tail it out of there before the ori can destroy them.. In hyperspace they are now talking about the Goa’uld, to when they first went through the Stargate and found themselves vastly outnumbered, outgunned, and way behind in technology. Cameron says they must come up with a new plan if they want to defeat the Ori… “A damn good plan”
  • The cliffhanger from last season is cleared up and an new Ori leader is born.

    WOW! What a great episode! I was so happy how they cleared this all up. The opening credits are awesome because Claudia Black's in it! Anyway, I like how it was so open ended when it ended. Adria seems like a good enemy. The chemistry between Daniel and Vala is really good. I can't wait until next week. Anyway, a great wait to start off the season. SEASON TEN! WOOOO! However, it never said whether that russian general survived the Vorelev being blown up. I was curious about that. Awesome episode! I don't get the Chulak thing though and they never finished the battle there? Anyway, great episode.
  • what a start to season 10!

    I thought that one of the SG1 team might die, or Jack O\'neil may help out at some point. But so say that he dose some time in this season! But what a great start to season 10, I can\'t wait to the next ep. What will be happening in the next few eps. Dose any one think that the GS1 Team will find the weapon the will kill the ori? The one person that will help find it would be Daniel Jackson, Daniel Jackson should play a big part in finding the weapon that will kill the ori in one way or other\' Just cant wait till the next ep! Who Knows what will be waiting in the next few eps for us all?
  • Stunning! And, above all, Claudia Black is in the credits! YAY!

    I've waited a long, long time for this episode, and it finally arrived; and it did NOT dissapoint!

    From the opening scenes it drew me right in, and reminded me why, for me, Stargate SG1 is the greatest TV show ever to be aired.

    I shouted for joy when I saw Claudia Black on the opening credits, something I've been waiting for for awhile, and was stoked at her performance.

    While Teal'c is still his formidable self, I loved the conversations between Carter and Mitchell when Sam was running out of air.

    The storyline was classic, the FX were classic, the acting and simply everything was classic! I can't describe how happy I am to have this show back on the air!

    Easily a 10/10, if it weren't for the fact that I can do .9's here on, so... 9.9/10!
  • Great Start

    This episode had a lot to accomplish and did not disappoint. First we have to find how our heroes survived (good thing all the contracts got worked out) and then it had it launch the arc for the season and it did both very well.

    Adria is a very interesting character and all the actresses did a great job. Those eyes creped me out every time I saw her. Her scenes with Vala were intriguing and her trying to convert her was weird.

    What I didn’t like was Bra’tac wanting to sacrifice himself for no reason. Besides that and some pacing problems in some areas it was a great episode.
  • The Orisi has arrived!

    All I can say is WOW! It took me a while to even get the thought process going for this review. I first want to start by saying that the galaxy is screwed big time. With that said, let's get to the review.

    All of the questions from last season's finale were answered very nicely, which made this a very rewarding episode. There were a few things that I sort of imagined would happen. First there is Adria. I pretty much figured out that she was technically a descended Ori. Then there was the weakness in the Ori shields. I sort of figured that the power used to power the laser would have to be drawn from somewhere, and now that we know that there is a fluctuation in the shields when the weapon is fired, that sort of explains that notion.

    The invasion of Chulak is a very key feature here as well. The Jaffa are weakened by the void that the goa'uld have left and most Jaffa are still unable to live life without someone’s orders, so most of them are going to be buying what the Orisi is selling. That was the importance of Chulak. I also like how Adria turned the tables on the Ancients, Vala was right when she said it was some pretty effective propaganda.

    The ships were just as powerful as I could have imagined. The nosedive that one took while shooting down the mother ship was very impressive. Then when the mother ship crashed into the shields, I was floored. Their shields are powerful enough to withstand that kind of force.

    Finally, Daniel's little turn to the dark side. I liked how they are finally making him a little less patient and a little more edgy these days. When he pointed the gun at Adria, I knew that he would kill her if he was given the chance. Unfortunately the Pryor stopped him before he could. I think he sees all this as his fault (in most ways it is), and he is trying to make up for it as much as he can.

    Well, there are things to come that will blow us all away, so stay tuned. Til Friday
  • The Jaffa, Taur\'i and Lucian alliance have to regroup after a devastating loss at the battle of the Second Ori Beachead. They then try to stop the Ori from invading Chu\'lac but ultimately fail. A sad, exciting episode.

    This was a great episode and shows why I love the series so much, the good guys don\'t win all of the time. The only reason why I didn\'t give this a 10 was because it didn\'t show the battle on Chu\'lac very well.

    The beginning where the team is scattered; Mitchel is floating dead in a 302, Carter is floating by the supergate, Teal\'c has been captured by the Lucien Alliance and Daniel is a stow away on an Ori Battle Cruiser. This part was great and showed the depth of the Ori\'s power and how hopeless the situation was. You also get to see the remnats of the Coalition fleet floating and banging into each other which shows how powerless we were. The second part of the episode showed the invasion of Chu\'lac (the most heavily populated Jaffa world). This was sad because it was an immediate blow to the Jaffa\'s newly found freedom and the Ori just came in and conquered in a day. The last part has forshadowing to the rest of the season. The team are ready for a noble death but not a pointless noble death so they beam Bra\'tac off of the mothership before it crashed helplessly over the Ori\'s shield. It was just a sad episode where the good guys didn\'t win and that is why I watch this series. 9.9 out of 10
  • The Final season looks like the most dramatic as well....

    well, this episode was as good as i thought it would be. i don't know why the ratings were down like 29% or something like that, the season nine finale was the beswt cliffhanger the series ever had and they had a lot of finales. i like how they made it possible that all the charachters survived without making it stupid. i feel that SG1 may have finnaly met there match with Adira growing so fast and being part Ori. it is very possible that the Ori could actually defeat Earth and SG1 but i don't think the writers would do that to fans.later.
  • Season 10...

    i just saw this epidoe a few minutes a go and that was on eof the best i've ever seen. All the sg1 members survive but where's daniel? I don't think that it fair that they keep on making people think that daniel is dead he must be accident prone or something. vala gave birth to a baby girl and she is part ori which is creepy. I think that this could possibly be the show's best season yet, but it would be better with you know who. They are off to a good start and I hope they make more episodes like this one. Later...
  • good episode...

    This episode starts out with Sam floating in space and we slowly find out that all of the team survived the attack, duh, they never die, and, if they do, they come back...Anyways, Vala gives birth to an ori-human thing that is leading the ori attack on the galaxy. Daniel is on the ori ship and tries to take the child but fails and Vala and Daniel get back to the earth ship. Meanwhile, the ships are attacking Chulak and Bra'tak is leading a few motherships to try and stop the attack but they fail, miserably. Basically, the ori just kick everyone's butt. I'm a bit mixed over this episode. I liked the whole idea of Vala's child and that whole story line. I didn't really like the idea that everyone was ok. No important peopel died or got seriously hurt. It was predictable. I mean, there was a huge battle and the whole team, all on different ships, got out ok. How plausible is that? Oh well, the story was pretty good and it's nice to have an unstoppable enemey.
  • Vala's daughter

    Daniel are safe from ship explosion and ringed out to closests ORI ship. Daniel found Vala and found out that Adria is altering her ages and her body to grown body in a day!! Adria is part Ori and half human. Vala explained to Adria that she shouldnt serve ORI, Adria refused to listened to her. Adria can know if Vala lie or tell the truth! Adria is powerful woman to control the universe for ORI!! It is really bad for them and SG-1. I love the part that Daniel sense there is beaming for him to ship and Daniel quickly hold on Vala to bring her along too! Great Episode!!! I love it!
  • A typical 'recovery' episode

    I couldn't find anything in he classifications that comes close to what I feel about this episode.
    At the season final of the ninth season I already wondered how they would get out of this incredible mess, the entire joined fleet shot down by a few Ori ships and the hope of all layed to waste; how they would find a credible way to recover the story and the main characters..
    Well they didnt, way too many last minute teleports by Asgard beams and Goa'Uld rings and ofcourse the occasional narrow escape in a fighter or spacesuit (with the ever ticking clock of running out of oxygen). Yet all our heroes made it and the episode had a lot of action and humor in it. Highlight fo me is Claudia Black getting a lead role in the series, I like her character Vala a lot after already admiring her in Farscape as Aryn Sun. Claudia really adds to the series. Mainly due to her I rate this episode a 7.5 still.
  • A lot of trouble because of one child...

    Oh, I would have never expected story turn like this. We all knew that Vala's child will be important but what they have made her and the way she is a cheating as so many said - this is amazing turn for the storyline.

    I most say I was not enjoying Ori storyline too much until the couple of episode at the end of last season and this added even more to me - this showed that this storyline has much potential and even if there are quite many similarities with Goa'ulds in the early days of their encounter, the magic, mystic and legends, religion those Oris have around.. it is huge...
  • Of course the first episode of the season is always on of the best of the sesason. It was an exciting and suspenseful episode. Poor Samantha lingering in space watching the fleet getting the crap whipped out of them. Can you imagine being in her shoes?

    As the battle raged on Samantha is watching from the beachhead. They finally stop fighting and the ship is in deep and dire shape. Sam finally gets someone to answer her. They are trying to figure out how to get her back on the ship since the ships functions are down and critical. Mitchell decides that he can get her through the cargo bay. A risky attempt but he manages to make it. Now where is daniel? Well of course the Ori ship has him and vala. Along with Adriana, she has grown into a grown woman with a purpose. And she is determined to carry out her mission, nothing that daniel and vala say will change her mind. But they are not alone, there are also Jaffa aboard and they are not interested in sharing anything, they are going to take this ship one way or another.
    Chulak is in deep trouble for the ones in charge are planning to use the weapon on the Ori unaware and unwilling to listen to the fact that if they fire this weapon it could mean the end of Chulak.
    Landry and Bratak are trying with all they have to plead with them to not use the weapon. Of course they do and of course they are no more.
    This really was a good episode. It was very intertaining, and I enjoyed it very much. I liked the story and i was glad to see how it how tied together with Camelot from last season. It was done very talentedly. It seems like these last 2 seasons are getting more and more dramatic which is fine with me. It is good entertainment.
  • Vala gives birth an Oricy

    We start with an isolated Sam Carter, reaching out for any survivors of the latest battle she gets hailed by Mitchell who managed to reach a escape pod before his ship would explode, the Dedalus captain is the only able to retrieve them since Teal’c is fighting with members of the Lucian alliance to get control within their ship. Meanwhile Vala has finally give birth only to discover her child is nothing but the will of the Ori who used her to sneak one of their representatives through the border.

    However, this is still Vala’s daughter and she’s as confident that she could sway her away as she is to give her a name though neither her child nor her husband Tomlin thinks much of her due to her unbeliever ways. Just as it appears Vala is all alone, she finds Daniel Jackson – who used the rings to beam to her ship at the last minute – in her chambers and after an hilarious reencounter she enlists his help to bring her stray daughter with her.

    Unfortunately they’re both spotted by Tomlin who captures Daniel before they could have any chance to implement their plan and so, just as Vala must choose between Daniel and her family, Daniel must choose between Vala and her daughter which is why the SG-1 team ends up with an injured Vala brought back by Daniel and the Ori with an alive and well Oricy under their command.
  • Alert Stargate Command, we have engaged the Ori

    I missed this episode the 1st time, so I downloaded it from iTunes (to avoid commercials!). This episode was a mixed bag. On one hand, some of the episode was great. This comes in the form of Daniel and Vala's interaction with Adria/Orici. On the other hand, the Carter rescue sequence, while cool special effects, could've been shortened. Also, the whole point of the Odyssey vs. Lucian Alliance could've been minimized. This episode is about the Ori entrance into the Milky Way.

    Anyhoo, it was a good episode. It had some good character interaction. I'm glad that Vala has been toned down and the way they used to tone her down is believable. Now that she's tolerable, I'm glad she's on the show.

    Adria is one of the first SG1 villains in a long time that have actually scared me. The last were First and the other humanoid replicators. I'm glad that they made there villain a little multidimensional by adding the "I just want to please my mother" idea. That doesn't allow Adria to be a mindless kill them all type of villain.

    But, perhaps, one of the best facets of the episode is that at the end, SG1 lost. I know this sounds weird, and don't get me wrong, I'd want the Ori defeated. Its just I'm glad that the Ori are here (as much as they are). I know its like this to keep the plot arcs going for S10. On a more realistic level, it allows for more believability in the story. Not everybody on our side wins... yet.
  • This is one weard episode. Althoug it is wery interesting it kinda takes you to the point where you think: like that could have happene :-S

    Execpt from the fact that most of the reasons why everyone important survived, it is wery anoying that the fact that everythin is going "well" for america. if the creators of the episode had been thinking a bit they would have destroyed the Odysse instead of the Korelev. that would have made it all plausible.

    On the bright side: the overall story is interesting. here we also see a side of bra'tac who is willing to sacrifice his own life to attempt to save his homeworld.

    i give this episode a 7 because of the nice story.
  • A few unanswered questions but still a good episode.

    When that Prior entered the room at the beginning and towards the end of the episode he really gave this dark,spooky kinf of feel. I like how they did the flashbacks to show what happened and what everyone was doing and where they were going. I wonder if Chekov died, I mean it looks like he did and they probably would've said if he survived but they didn't say he was dead either. I don't think he should('ve)die(d) because in the past three seasons they kill some recurring character off, but I guess it shows not everyone can survive.
  • I waited for so long for this episode...and now I\'ll have to wait a litte longer to see what happens!!

    When I stardet whaching Stargate what I most hated was the episodes that I have to wait another week to just to see what happens!Well it\'s what I hate, but in a good sence of course,I like the plot so much that I dont\'t want to go to sleep without knowing what\'s coming next!This was one of those!!I had a grat time, and of course there was some predictability,mostly on the whereabouts of Daniel...What I wasn\'t expecting was the sudden suicidal Bra\'Tac, and it was a new side to him,Which I personally didn\'t like so much!Vala is bit less adventurous,and not so flirty...I guess a ride on the other side of the galaxy tought her something... let\'s see what happens next!! Can\'t wait!
  • The 10th season of Stargate starts off and its seems that this episode was a real let down with the fact that there were so much hype surrounding this season.

    The 10th season of Stargate starts off and its seems that this episode was a real let down with the fact that there were so much hype surrounding this season, with the fact that it knocked off the X-Files as the longest running American SF series, and the 9th season had a really great season finale.

    I was totally expecting another action packed episode with the fact that it was a season premiere, like so many of the pervious cliffhangers episodes that I’ve watched in this series before that would make the hour-long episode fly by. But, at last this episode wasn’t the case, it was more about philology debates about what was going on in the universe and while there isn’t bad about a type of episode. But, I think it is the type of episode, that doesn’t belong as a season premiere, its belong in a later episode.

    A season premiere’s main job is to resolve any if all unanswered questions that might of pop up in the course of the pervious season’s finale, and do that in an action full episode, that would either defeat the enemy of even drive them back on their heals. Again this didn’t happen in this episode and this made the episode a little boring.

    But, on the good side of things, is that Vala is back again and this time she not a recurring guest star, but a permanent star of the show. Because, of that , the humor factor, which I think was the key to why this show lasted as long as it did, is one back again to the show, something that was surely missing in the last season. While she is no Jack O’Neil and his humor, she is still funny and has a sarcastic sense of humor. I do see that the writers of the show do have a lot of one-liners already penned for her that could be on pare with the many one-liners that were penned for Jack.

    Another thing that I like was the Adria/Vala story ark, that I hope will be explore further in the up coming season, because there is a lot of good stuff that can be used here and I can see a potential downfall of the Ori in this new battle plan of those. That while, yes, Adria, is genetically altered being that has all of the knowledge and abilities of the Ori that a human being can have, but she is also a child, whom wants to impress her Mother, despite what she is. That is something that could be used against her, that she will make a mistake, that might give then an edge over the Ori that could be used to defeat them in the same way that they did with the Goa’uld did in Season Eight.
  • Good but not great. A little dissapointing considering is is a season premiere.

    I was expecting much of this season premiere. The season 9 finale was great and had a massive clifhanger. There were many questions about the what really happened with the ships and that all added to the excitement. But i was dissapointed with the way they wrapped up the battle with the Ori. I expected more of it. I am am also starting to hate The Lucian Alliance. They are irritating and don't really have a motive. The just are a bunch of smugglers and criminals who joined forces so they can be a pain in the ass without a reason. The seem to have enough power and resources to make ends meat so why bother SG-1 all the time?
    I do like the Adria storyline. It adds much more to The Ori and I am looking forward to how it all will play out. Also the remark on the Ascension rulebook was clever. The ascension ori versus ancients plot is very clever. It will be great to see how that all wil unravel.
    It was a good episode but not good enough for a season premiere. Espcecially if you consider that season 9 premiered with introducing a new enemy. You'd expect a more spectacular and dramatic episode.
  • A poor unbalanced start to science fictions top show. The first episode of season 10. Unoriginal and very predictable

    I am a big fan of Stargate, been watching it since the first episode, a lot has changed since the start when season cliffhangers didnt happen and everything was resolved in the last episode. Which makes this first episode such a let down, not only have we had to wait for such a long time to see the conclusion to one of the best episodes of the series but to be given such sub standard season filler, i feel a bit bitter, well not bitter just a tad let down.

    As the stargate mould seems to have gone stale, in this episode all the usual things happen, i reckon i could have guessed the outcome to a T months ago(which i did, i just hoped i was wrong).

    It is nice to see Vala as a regular cast member now, she is a good actress and adds a bit of freshness to the series but in some ways she is very similar to Jack.

    ok to the episode

    The Ori are in our galaxy now, we could'nt stop them(surprise), Saved Sam(surprise), Daniel managed to beam off onto one of the Ori ships(suprise suprise) and vala had a baby who is now a young girl,
    infact even recalling this episode is boring me.

    I love SG1 i just hate this recycled script policy they seem to use, "this is what we will do, change jack to a woman, change the name of the gould and put Ori, instead of jack we'll put Daniel on the enemy ship" "what about Sam Carter" "she can do her science thing" "no change then" "and Tealc" "we'll make him a prisoner and SG-1 can save him" "your right, we cant change too much at once".

    sorry just had to vent off some frustration

    Let down
  • I don't even know what pivotal means.

    Seriously, what was this episode supposed to be? A great season opening? Come on, it's been a few hours since I watched the whole thing, and only a few days since I finished watching season nine. This episode isn't really all that it's cracked up to be.

    Stargate SG-1 has gotten repetetive over the years, so it's great that they've introduced a new human hungry race. The Ori, kind of reminds me of Christianity. I wonder why. So really, there are no major plot developments to be seen. Which is a big disappointment, a season opening has to have a certain x factor that makes people go "Wow, I better watch the next 20 episodes!". I was unable to find it here.

    Vala's kid that's taken one too many steroids? Been done already guys. I mean, this episode is like many other Stargate episodes. It doesn't disappoint the fanbase, it appeals to the masses, but as a season opening, this average quality just does not cut it, not for me, and probably not for many others.
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    In this first season episode, earth fleet and Jaffa fleet are defeated by the Ori ships, surviving only two ships. That pushes back to the beginning where the humans were technology, military inferior and being hunt. But now they aren’t alone and the battle is more interesting. We now can see how much the Ori want to subdue the entire galaxy and their power for conquer, by attacking the Jaffa world, Ticara. Let’s wait and see how the team SG will manage to survive and defeat the Ori from this galaxy.

    Promising SG-1 10th Season

  • A good way to open the season although I must admit I enjoyed the Atlantis opener more...

    The team is back together again as they should be and I can\'t wait to see what\'s going to happen this season. Erin (probable mispell) is with the team and will probably become a member of the SG1 squad and the Ori are on the move. Even after 8 seasons with the Gu\'ould I feel that the Ori are a bigger threat and this episode doesn\'t waste time showing the shift of power in the stars with the Ori ships doing their thing. Funny dialogue and even more character development by the newest character promises one of the best seasons yet!!!
  • Nice setup for the rest of the season

    So the Or-rie are now in our galaxy and decide to attack the Jaffa home world and kill everyone to make them believe how good they are. Nice beginning with space battles and possible death of Daniel Jackson, the birth of Vala's speed growing baby-god and Master Bratak's death wish suicide attempt by ramming his mothership into the Or-rie's ship. Seems like this is going to be another in a long line of superb Stargate SG-1 seasons. Love to see the hot hot hot hot hot Amanda Tapping continue as Samantha Carter, she is so easy on the eyes. And Teal'c looks weird this season, maybe he's got a receding hair line or something but he definitely looks weird, more weird than normal.