Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 1

Flesh and Blood

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 14, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Well Stargate fans here we learn about the aftermath of the battle at the supergate and what happend to our favorite heroes.

    (This is my first review, I apologize for any errors I make)
    Here we go into the ending of the battle.. the ori going "nahanahnaha we kick butt!!!" Carter running out of air.. one of earth X-304s destroyed and the Lucian Alliance ships servily damaged. Now we have found out Carter is running out of air, Cameron Mitchell knocked out, Daniel thought to be destroyed on the Russian x-304, teal'c now prisoner of the Lucian Alliance. As they attempt to restore power on the Daedalus, the Lucian Alliance start thinking that it was a trap to deceive them. Since main power is barely on, the beam technology is out of order thus Carter is slowly running out of air, Mitchell devises a plan to basicly "scoop" her up with the Daedalus launch bay, plan works, Now though with the Lucian Alliance asking for the surrender of the Daedalus they are now in a new predictimant, but alas they are as powerless as a rock in water. Now we turn to Vala and Daniel, Vala gives birth to her baby which turns out to be a girl, they then take her away for "special reasons" and Vala is depressed because she cannot hold her baby. Within a few hours we find out she has been genetically engineer to grow alot faster, she is now about 7 years old. She is also given a name, named after vala's mother (I cannot spell it sorry). After Vala and her daughter have a talk Vala comes back to her quarters , in which we find Daniel. Apparently Daniel has stowed away on the ori ship using the ring technology, it also has been found out that the Russian ship was going to send a nuke through with the ring technology to one of the ori ships. While Daniel and Vala talk we find out more about the reason of vala's daughter, it was to cross the threshold so the ori could enter our universe without having the ancients interfere with their conquering plans. Now they have dropped out of hyperspace and have landed on a planet.. immediately Daniel knows where they are, they are on chulak. Now on the Daedalus, Bratac has come in and saved the day with 5 ha'tak class ships, destroying the Lucian Alliance ship. They have found out the ori have landed on chulak, for a moment they had no idea why they would go there of all places, but Sam suggest because it is where the first uprising of the Jaffa happened against the Goa'uld, thus the ori are trying to destroy the seed that threatens them. Now three ha’tak ships have droped out of hyperspace above chulak going with a plan that will hopefully destroy the ori ships, they plan to drop an explosive sphere into the ori ships using the ring technology. While they are planning that Daniel and Vala try to kidnap her kid, unfortunaly her Ori following husband stops them and in the process of arguing he shoots vala. After beaming aboard the explosive device, it doesn’t work. Bratac decides to ram the ori ship, while SG-1 tries to talk sense into him, the Daedalus drops out of hyperspace and beams them aboard. Back on the planet while the child is healing Vala, Daniel is able to stun the child and the ori following husband. In the process they are beamed aboard the Daedalus. Now they high tail it out of there before the ori can destroy them.. In hyperspace they are now talking about the Goa’uld, to when they first went through the Stargate and found themselves vastly outnumbered, outgunned, and way behind in technology. Cameron says they must come up with a new plan if they want to defeat the Ori… “A damn good plan”