Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 10

Forever in a Day

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 1999 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Kasuf sends a message thought the Stargate, asking for Daniel's help in Abydos; the SG team arrives and immediately starts a confrontation with some Jaffa. Kasuf tells Daniel that Amonet came and took Sha're's son from him. Daniel enters Amonet's tent and tries to find out the whereabouts of the boy, Amonet uses the hand device on him and he pleads to Sha're to stop it, but he passes out. Daniel wakes up in the SGC infirmary and refuses to believe Sha're is really dead, Jack and Teal'c take him to see her body, and Daniel blames Teal'c for it, since he was the one who shot Amonet/Sha're and killed her.

Carter tries to cheer Daniel up, but he is completely devastated by Sha're's death; he falls asleep and wakes up to find Sha're beside his bed, alive and without the Goa'uld inside her. He starts to tell her about the dream he had where she was dead, a that moment she interrupts him and says she is only there to tell him about the boy, but is pulled away before she gets a chance to say anything else. He realizes it was a dream and Sha're is really dead, so he decides to resign from the SGC, he tells Gen. Hammond that he has nothing else to do there, since he only joined the program to find Sha're and get her back, but now she is gone forever.

Teal'c asks Daniel for forgiveness, but Daniel cannot forgive what Teal'c did, even if it was to save Daniel's life. Jack and Sam help Daniel move all his stuff back to his house and they all say good bye. Daniel dreams about the moment before he blacked out and Amonet was using the hand device, he hears Sha're's voice saying "hear me Daniel". He then wakes up and Sha're is there, she tells him to forgive Teal'c keep and working in the SG program so he can keep looking for her son.

The next day they all go to Abydos for Sha're's funeral, and after the unreal is over, Kasuf urges Daniel to listen to what Sha're is saying. Sha're appears to Daniel again, telling him once more to forgive Teal'c and to find the boy because his is very important, she tells him the boy is the son of two Goa'uld hosts and therefore contains all the knowledge of the Goa'uld, but before she can tell him where, she is again pulled away.

Daniel goes to the base to talk to Carter, there he finally forgives Teal'c; he asks Sam about the hand device and if it is possible to send a thought through it, he believes Sha're was trying to send him a message through the hand device, but neglects to tell Sam what the message was about. When he arrives at his house, Jack and Kasuf are there waiting for him, Kasuf again urges Daniel to reconsider his resignation from the SG program. Daniel is transported back to Amonet's tent in Abydos and again he hears Sha're's voice through the hand device.

Daniel goes to visit Teal'c and asks him about what would happen if two Goa'uld hosts had a child, to witch Teal'c responds saying it is forbidden and punishable by death, because the child would be human, but would contain all the knowledge and secrets of the Goa'uld. After learning that what Sha're supposedly told him was true, Daniel decides to re-join the SG program and the SG1 team. They go to a new planet to explore, but suddenly Daniel runs and goes through the gate, but Sam is too late to see what address he dialed.

Daniel goes back once more to Abydos and to Amonet's tent, Sha're is there waiting for him; she tells about Amonet's plan, to take Abydos to distract everyone while she hid the baby. Sha're says she sent the boy to Keb, Daniel thinks Keb is only a myth, the mythical place where Osiris hid from Seth, but Sha're assures him Keb is a real place. After that, Teal'c enters the tent and fires at Amonet, both Daniel and Amonet fall to the ground and Teal'c says he is sorry for killing her, but Daniel says he did the right thing.