Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 10

Forever in a Day

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 1999 on Syfy

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  • Oppps

    Teal'c has no choice but to kill Daniels wife "Amonet" when she tries to destroy him. The remainder of the episode is about Daniels grief and his realization that Amonet was secretly sending him a message when she was attacking his mind with Goa'uld technology. That messages is about the location of her son and the importance of his survival.
  • Daniel must confront the fate of his wife...

    The most important thing about this episode, is that Daniel's search for his wife finally ends, and he gets a reason to stay on SG-1. There was only really one thing I did not like about this episode, and that's Daniel is once again kind of A jerk towards Jack. In the dream Jack is trying to help Daniel and the best Daniel can do in return is insult O'Niell's intelligence. One of the most frustrating things about Daniel's character, in my humble opinion, is that he is really obnoxious and self-righteous sometimes. At the same time this fault makes me like him even more because it makes him seem a lot more human. This is not my favorite episode by a long shot, but it is probably not one to miss.
  • It was emotional

    It was very emotional and they way it started - it was so promising and the promise what Teal'c had to make - I can only wonder how hard it was.

    But somehow, the way the message was sent to Daniel and the way it was so confusing and made the storyline jumping and for me lose some of that fantastic story.

    I adore the way Daniel's character was developed and the way he realized there might be something else than just going trough the gate to get to her wife. I never thought that this is the only thing for him to keep it going. Many revelations about his char. Great episode but... it would have been greater.
  • Sha're is finally dead!

    Daniel goes to Sha're on a planet and gets attacked by the hand device and has a series of dreams in which Sha're is trying to tell him to save her child. The episode had some really good action scenes at the beginning, but then it got boreing and a little confusing, but it was all explained at the end. Daniel goes through a series of dreams in which he quits and Sha're tells him to go and find her son. It was an ok idea, but it was pretty slow and boreing. It helped with Daniel's character development also. I'm just happy that Sha're is actually finally dead for real. Her story got so annoying and now she's gone. Ya!
  • Very emotional.

    This episode starts with a great action sequence and the reveal of Sha're. This is one of the what the hell is going on episodes that many of the people that I showed it to did not know what was happening until the very end. This episode did a good job of resolving the Sha’re arc and showing Daniel that he had to go on with his life and also forgive Teal'c. The character moments in this episode are great with the scenes in the lab, at the elevator, and Danny's apartment. The funeral was very well done and emotional. The addition of Kasuf was a nice touch and the actor did a great job again. The reveal that Daniel was still having the ribbon device used on him was a surprise to the people I showed it too. All in all a great emotional episode.
  • An improvement over the last two episodes, but not to my taste, really.

    I've seen on a few SG-1 message boards that this episode is quite hardly regarded, and in a season-by-season episode elimination game it was ranked 3rd for season 3. Personally I don't think this episode is that great, but it's not a bad episode either.

    I think my main problem with this episode is that it's not really my kind of thing. I guess I'm not a fan of these weird, dream-within-a-dream types of episodes, where the characters (or in this case just 1 character) and audience try to make sense of what's going on. I really don't like saying this being a fan of Peter Deluise's, but I don't think the episode is handled very well.

    Unfortunately, like most episodes from the first few seasons, I can't really remember my initial reactions to seeing the episodes for the first time. However I mostly remember the basic plot and information revealed in each episode, but I seem to forget a lot of the gags. So now, each time I watch one of these early episodes I seem to care more about how funny it is. This is one of my biggest problems with this episode: it wasn't really that funny. In fact, I can only remember about two or three gags, so this made the episode less enjoyable for me.

    However, the episode has its redeeming features. The opening battle sequence it so over the top it is kind of funny, plus O'Neill on that mobile gun turret thing is pretty cool. Also at times the psychedelic sequences are quite effective. This episode is also important in that it starts one of the show’s first cross-season story arcs, and whilst this arc isn’t that great it’s a hint something the show would eventually excel at. But I have to say the final scene with Daniel and Sha're is quite effective if a bit sentimental. I think it would've been better if she said "Goodbye, my Daniel", but that's just me.

    So, whilst it's not my kind of episode it has it's good aspects, but I would've preferred if there were a bit more humour.
  • The one where Sha're carks it.

    Daniel and Amonet meet in battle, with Amonet attempting to kill Daniel. Teal'c saves his life by killing Amonet - and Sha're with her/it.

    Daniel resigns from the SGC but is plagued by visions from Sha're which she tranmitted through the ribbon device. She wants him to find her son with Apophis. Daniel forgives Teal'c for killing Sha're, and is rehired with the SGC with the express purpose of finding the boy.

    I knew the only way out of this story arc was for Sha're to die, but it was still sad. After all, they couldn't continue with it forever, and I couldn't see her as the housewife who sits around patiently, appearaing occasionally. I was worried with Sha're would go Daniel's reason for being on the SGC - after all, he wasn't even interested in leaving Abydos in the begining - so I liked the way they've found him another excuse. Although what happens when he finds the kid, I don't know.

    A nice, but sad, episode. Eight and a half.
  • Amonent tries to kill Daniel Jackson, but Shau\\\'rei sends a message through the hand device that reveals a secret to Daniel Jackson and a promise he needs to fullfill.

    SG1 are called to Abydos to help free Kasuf and his people whom were taken captive by Amonent (Shau'rei). Amonent uses the Gau'ld hand device on Daniel Jackson and due to fact that the hand device is thought and emotion controlled, Shau'rei is able to send a message across to Daniel.

    When I first watched the episode, I didn't understand to why Amonent using the device kept recurring during the episode, and it was after I watched the episode several times that I understood that, it was actual the message and Shau'rei only died at the end.

    I found the episode to be extremely sad, because Shau'rei died and it seemed Daniel Jackson had no motives to continue travelling with SG1.

    At least when Teal'c shot Amonet with his staf weapon, Amonet died first leaving Shau'rei to say 'I Love You Daniel' before she died and Daniel was able to hear her say it.