Stargate SG-1

Season 6 Episode 18


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Guess, who tells the right...

    This was an adventurous episode. First I loved that it was not so black and white. What we first took for granted was later so much changed and it looked like a big ugly trap then and some, like Carter, first bought it quite deeply.

    Also, there was much excitement - that kind of run around on the forest and hunt missing aliens. Quite lovely way of spending free time before it gets dark (I still wonder. It was said it will be dark on 5 hours.. did this all took less or five hours or?)

    Anyway, quite good episode and enjoyable to watch.
  • good and different

    This episode is a must see for Jonas fans, the writers finally gave his character a decent part, where he got to be a very effective member of sg1. think it was hard for Corin Nmec to take over the role of Daniel Jackson, but his superior intelligence really saves the day here. I also like how eas an auience membr you see how Jack has a great instinct for sniffing out who to trust. The main flaw with this pisode was how o'neill was not bothered about stargazing, when all sg1 fans know he is a keen astronomer with his own elescope and he has poster of mars on his kitchen wall.
    The chaka mask seemed to be reused also, other than that it was good!
  • good episode...

    The SG-1 team stumbles across some "survivors" of a plane crash on another planet. These survivors are under constant attack from the locals and enlist the help of Carter to fix their ship. It turns out that the survivors were prisoners that took over the ship and the creatures attacking them were their captors. SG-1, eventually, takes the prisoners down and allows the captain of the ship to fly home. Anyways, it was a good episode and had an interesting story line. However, I felt like I was watching Star Trek when I watched it. Oh well, it was a good episode anyways.
  • While our heros are off world the come across a crashed ship. The learn later that it is called the seberus. The occupants are stranded and being hunted. Sg1 wants to try to help. So sam is going to try and help them get their ship running.

    The aliens that are hunting the people from the ship attack and shoot one of their members. Jonas takes her back to the sgc.
    While they are there jack and Tealc' are trying to find these aliens to get their story. Find out who they are and what they want.
    They keep interferreing with Jack and Tealc's attempt to capture these guys.
    While Jonas and the other member of the team are at the sgc Jonas gets suspicious about her, after he learns the name of Seberus is the name of a prison ship. So he baits her up and tells her of the new stuff they find.
    They leave to go back to the ship, where sam has mangaed to get the ship ready for flight. She tells the others about she has learned and they have decided they would be better off using the stargate. They take Jonas hostage and he inmforms everyone that everything is fine. they had planted the gate address of Earth and that is the one she stole.
    Delivered them right in to the hands of the sgc.
    They had found out that the aliens were the real pilot and crew of the seberus. So they got their prisoners back and were able to finish their misson. And go home.
    It was a pretty good episode. I liked it alot.
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