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Confusion about episode 920: Camelot

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    [1]Dec 28, 2011
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    I am confused about the space battle at the end of the episode where a fleet of Jappa, Asgard, Earth and Lucian Alliance ships are defeated rather easily by the Ori ships.

    At the end of the series the Earth ships get equipped with Asgard weapons and then proceed to cut through Ori ships like butter.

    Why weren't the Asgard ships in the fleet which were obviously using that same tech not destroying Ori ships left, right and centre?

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    Because those Ori ships were that powerful against all those ships. By the time they got to the series finale, the Asgard finally created weapons powerful enough to cut thru the Ori Shields and the Odyssey has a ZPM which made the shields much more powerful. The Asgard due to their genetic problems decided to kill themselves than to let their tech fall into the wrong hands.

    As for the reality, it could've been a rush job since the show was canceled and they needed something major to give the finale a bigger impact. Either way, nothing 'confusing' at all b/w season 9 and 10's finales.
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