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Do Sam and Jack ever get together?

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    Ten long season's of waiting, and waiting some more, for Sam and Jack to get together,,, OMG,, beyond frustrating!!~!

    Season 8 pushed the audience into believing that would be together!! When Sam broke up with Pete, and O'Neill broke it off with that CIA girl, I knew he would retire and come back for her,,, but noooooooo!!!

    Season 10 Sam's lying in a bed, dying of a gunshot wound, and asks Cam to send her letters to Cassie and other people... Hello?! No mention of Jack...

    The last episode,,, 50 years on the ship, and no mention either??? We were totally ripped off!!!

    I wonder if MGM would give me my money back for wasting it on Season's 9 & 10 (THE CAM AND VALA SHOW)....

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    Well, they never actually show it on the show but when asked about it one of the writers said it only made since that they would get together after the episode "threads" in season eight even though they never confirmed it on the show. Also there was a deleted scene from the Stargate Atlantis Episode called Trio where Sam and Dr. Keller speak of their 'love interests' and she mentions dating a man who at the time worked in Washington but was going to retire soon, and they say it was a hint that she was actually seeing Jack now that they didn't work together any more... There was also a picture of Daniel behind her desk on at least two or three Atlantis episodes and it was from that 'fantasy' or whatever she had about marrying jack, which raised questions as to whether the wedding actually did happen... but yeah I wish they had shown a little more of it instead of just hinting. I'm a total Sam/Jack fan.

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