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JUST A REMINDER: Submissions

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    [1]Jan 24, 2007
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    With the new half-season upon at least some of us, a few reminders.

    1) Read the Submission Guidelines. I'm seeing a lot of submissions that don't look like anyone has read the guidelines, or even looked at previous entries. Since the system is a bit flaky about taking corrections I make in the editor's queue, I will almost always reject and ask you to resubmit. Save us both some time: go over the guidelines and your submissions before you submit.

    2) Spell-check and edit, for the reason above. If I can't trust your spelling, I have to wonder about your accuracy in quoting.

    3) Since rearranging episodes tends to be a pain, for now I'm going to keep them in the order currently listed. There still seems to be some "flux" in the air order. Yes, several of the big sites say the "correct" order... but they said something wrong before.

    4) Since we've been going with the American first air dates for the last 10 years, we're going to stick with that.

    5) Please do not cut-n-paste summaries and recaps from other sites. appreciates you not doing it, those other sites appreciate you not doing, and the Terms of Use everyone agreed to say to only submit your own Content. What's the point in looking like everyone else?

    6) Please try to submit only what you can verify, as applicable. Don't rely on someone else to be accurate. If you don't know personally that it's accurate, please don't submit. We'll get it in here eventually, and I'd rather be accurate.

    7) As always and per definitions, Trivia is for obscure info the viewer might not notice. Trivia is not for recapping plot points or restating "cool" stuff: that's what the recap section is for. Notes is for off-screen production info. If it refers to an actor, a director, a channel, it's production-related. Allusions are references to other TV shows, movies, songs, and cultural entertainment in general.

    Thanks everyone!
    Edited on 01/24/2007 3:27pm
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