Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 3

Fragile Balance

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 20, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Well, that was definitely one way to get around RDA's tight scheulde that year...

    Thankfully the writers decided against having mini-Jack stop aging, mentally and emotionally, at the age his body stopped at. Jack O'Neill as a teenager is something best left unexplored.
    I loved the way the characters reacted to their CO being a pimple-faced kid. And the interactions between Amanda, Christopher, Michael, and Michael Welch were amazing. The comic timing was impeccible and the dramatic wasn't overwrought, which it ran the risk of being.
    Other than the creepiness at the end where mini-Jack is checking out the high school girls (Jack's closer to fifty than fifteen; I don't care how old his body looks) this was, overall, a great episode.
  • Really cute...

    I most say - this was really refreshing and one of those good take tension of and had a good laught episodes and I adore them. They really add so much color and I am sure we could not take all those too serious episodes on row. There is need for that kind of good humor this episode has.

    I most say, they had done perfect choice while picking that actor for little Jack - he really looked like him and managed well acting and being like him. That could have been the problem if that had not done believable enough.

    I really think it was very well succeeded episode.
  • A great Season 7 episode. These are the kinds of stories that keep the comic relief always going in Stargate SG-1.

    When I saw the teaser for Fragile Balance, I was just watching it in awe. I wondered how this could possibly not be the funny episode that they do every year (the actual funny episode for Season 7 was Avenger 2.0). As I watched the episode, I began to realize that even though it starts off with a light humor that makes us laugh and just be amused by the Jack O'Neill character, the whole episode becomes darker and darker as it moves on. The light humor at the beginning amazingly turns into a sort of dark and intense episode later. Of course, like most Stargate, it regresses back to the light humor of the beginning of the episode at the very end.

    The thing that stands out the most of everything for this episode is of course not only the Young O’Neill character, but also the actor playing him. Michael Welch did an incredible job as Young O’Neill. The reality of it is an actor who was 15 years old at the time of this being filmed, managed to mimic the idiosyncrasies of Richard Dean Anderson. If I didn’t know better, I would think that Richard Dean Anderson WAS Michael Welch playing O’Neill only in a younger body. I know I may be overstating it a bit, but really. To actually correctly mimic Richard Dean Anderson like that requires such talent and at a young age too I would think that it was almost impossible.

    Now that I’ve finished basking over the actor, let’s move on to the plot. Of course, as I find with all episodes of any TV series, there were a few things that bothered me about this plot. Let me begin with the obvious one. How would Loki possibly know that one week after he had put the clone on Earth, that they would happen to be in the same bed as the time that they were taken from Earth. That is the least of the plot holes in the story. When Young Jack is taken from Jack’s house and Original Jack is put back, Original Jack doesn’t have any memory of what Young Jack did over the week. Now this would make sense. But the thing that doesn’t is that if Loki or some other Asgard abducted all of these people over the time, wouldn’t any other people around them find it odd that they’ve forgotten everything that happened to them in the week that they were abducted for. For instance, if the clone had some kind of operation within that week, that Loki wasn’t aware of, when the original was put back, the original wouldn’t have had the operation even if the clone had. I think SOME people at least would have found this the least bit odd.

    All right, now away from all of the plot holes etc, lets move on to the actual evaluation of the story. I know that this episode revolved around Jack, but it seemed that the other members of the SG-1 team barely had ANY significance. If perhaps there had been a little bit more going on than just Jack being a clone and such and some of the other characters were used a bit more, then I would have considered a higher mark. Overall, I give this episode a 7.2 because even though it wasn’t a horrible episode, I’ve seen much better.
  • Brilliant

    This is one of "SG-1"'s all-time greats. Personally, it's my second favourite episode, second only to the brilliant "Window of Opportunity". This episode was supposed to made back in Season Four and I'm glad it wasn't because I doubt it could have been as good as this. The main reason, I think, that this episode is so good is Michael Welch. The whole episode depended on whether or not he could pull off a convincing imitation of Richard Dean Anderson. He not only does a good imitation but he practically makes the role his own, at least as much as he could. When you watch him, you are totally convinced that he is the "same" Jack O'Neill who had been with "SG-1" since the very beginning. Although RDA only appears in the last few minutes of this episode, it's hardly noticeable because of Welch's performance. He's a great actor and was brilliant in "Star Trek: Insurrection", "Joan of Arcadia" and "Frasier." I was pissed that he wasn't in Season Eight and I *will* be if he's not in Season Nine. He was one of the show's best guest stars and best characters for a long time. One of very few bad things about this episode is that Amanda Tapping got too much to do while Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge got too little.
  • One of my favorite episodes, definitely one of the best of the season.

    One of my favorite episodes, definitely one of the best of the season.

    To quote Carter, the young O’Neill is kinda cute. He does create some very funny situations; him convincing them that he is he, him functioning in the SGC and of course SG-1 searching his house. And I didn’t even know they made SGC uniforms in his size.

    Micheal Welch acts great as the young O’Neill. His characteristics, the way he talks and moves, it’s all exactly Jack O’Neill. Even his frustrations match, frustrations that are very realistic. I thought it was a great scene when Young O’Neill thought he was going die and discovered he was a clone.

    I loved the point were grown O’Neill came back. Him having scenes with young O’Neil was great, fantastic even. The scenes on the ship and when he leaves for high school were great. Though I don’t think it’ll even happen, I hope they’ll bring young O’Neill back one day.
  • An episode with all the qualities you could hope of.

    I have been watching all the first six seasons for the last couple of months, and this one is one of my true favourites. And it would be, with one angry little Jack O´Neill, meeting his old self and the Asgard that cloned him. Funny as hell! I mean, this is why I love this show: The humour - the self irony and O´Neills sarcasms and dry jokes keeping the show fresh and self aware. The story itself may not be that original as the best of them, but it´s easy to follow (you must admit some episodes are far out there with a lot of technical talk) with a lot of focus.

    But mainly i love this episode because of the humour coming from Jack´s situation. I mean, hearing the voice of Richard D. A. through the voice of this teenager is hilarious when you know the character and what he would say.

    Both thumbs up!
  • Only on Stargate can someone wake up younger than they were when they went to bed and nobody tried to have them committed and is believed, finally anyway. this episode was so funny I liked it. The young Jack had Jack's mannerisms down to a "t".

    It was just so funny Jack (young Jack anyway) is in a holding cell or room and anyway Carter shows up wondering why Hammond had sent for her. She gets there and there is this teenager who swares he is Jack O'Niell. She informs him how much trouble he could get into for impersonating and Officer of the Air force. In which he replies he can't get into trouble cause he is Jack. when Daniel comes in Jack tells him to tell them who he really is, sure ok, who are you? Jack yells at Daniel and he says it sounds like Jack, the loud and grating part anyway.
    Frasier concludes that the DNA test confirms with reasonable amount of error that this is indeed Jack. So now they have to figure out how he got this and how to get him back to his old self.
    Later frasier discovers that his genetic makeup is breaking down and that young Jack is dieing.
    Jack has no wish to be frozen until they can find a cure for it as Jacob suggested. So he escapes to a nice little out of the way fishing hole.
    Of course sg1 finds him and talks him into going back and helping them find Jack. the original.
    So the devise a plan to get to the real Jack. they figured that the asgard that has him will return him and switch the duplicates out. The find Lokie and summons Thor. when thor gets there he takes Lokie into custody and fixes the young Jack, who by the way decides that he would like to go back to school and maybe even try to learn something, as he put it, embrace the school experience.
    It was a funny episode.
  • A funny take on an abduction story

    Imagine being Jack O'Neill and your a teenager again. Thats exactly what happens to O'Neill. After having been busted going in to the SGC with Jack's ID card, Hammond calls Carter in to find out whats happening. She walks in to the room and finds a teenage boy claiming to be Jack O'Neill. At first they are not amused and think this is a practical joke despite the kids almost perfect mannerisms and facial expressions of Jacks. Daniel and Teal'c walk in and behave in the same manner as Carter until he starts revealing them things that only a SGC member would know. After some research and poking around and young Jacks flashback of an Asgard in his room they finally realize hes been abducted and apparently reduced to a teenager. Now the real question is why? This kid was a perfect cast as a younger O'Neill . He had his facial expressions and mannerisms down pat. While not very exciting,the writing was decent and funny by the whole cast. It was not the most significant episode and had no development for the series. As far as character development goes, Jack probably had the only character development in the story not to mention a non-existent sub-plot. It only focused on Jacks younger self trying to get normal again and maybe score a sixer. Could've used a bit more story to it to make it more exciting and flow smoother. But it was an interesting and humurous take on alien abductions. Very refreshing to see a original take on it. Usually when sci-fi shows do alien abduction stories they make them so serious and dramatic. I liked this light-hearted take on it. The whole crew always thinks its a joke when they introduce young Jack as the Colonel. This was most evident when he starts schooling them on the 302 death glider. Was very amusing watching them having to get used to taking orders from a 15 year old. It was also very funny especially in the scene when young Jack gets kicked out of a liquor store by the owner trying to get him to sell him some beer. Then bumps in to an old friend of his and decides to chum up to him by pretending to be his own nephew to get him to buy him a six pack. Definitely a series classic. Just wish they could take other sci-fi cliches and make them more light-hearted.
  • Cute episode

    Jack is transformed into a teen, or is he? I know that TV shows have a lot less money than movies do, and they try to allocate it so some episodes have more money than others. This is a less money episode! Sometimes, if I am short on time, I fast forward the episode and I don't miss a thing. Anyway, the most amusing part of the episode was at the end when the tone of the episode changes and it feels like an episode of "Jack the Gould Slayer" complete with a trendy song (that I ended up buying on anyway)
  • interesting...

    Jack goes to sleep and wakes up to find himself as a teenager. Crazy! The idea of the story was pretty goofy. The writers just played on all of the alien abduction stories and had fun. It was pretty funny to see Jack as a kid, but the poor kid was a clone. It reminded me of an episode way back when a robot created robots that were SG-1 and placed their memories in the bodies. The story was pretty funny and there were a lot of funny moments in the episode. I love how mini Jack went to high school in the end...funny. Anyways, overall, ok, funny episode.
  • Little Jack....

    Well as many of you know O\'neill is changed into a 15 year old version of himself. It turns out that the asguard have something to do with it. This was a funny episode one of the better of season 7. I gave this episode a 8.8 out of ten because It only had richard dean anderson in it for like 5 minutes and he is the bets part of the show. I say that I still like season 9 and 10 but they are different without O\'neill. They find out that the asguard Loki did it and that he is a clone and dying. they end up fixing it and little O\'neill wants to go to high school. I wish that they had at least mentioned him in later seasons a mean what happend to him? Later...
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