Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 14

Full Alert

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2005 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Jack arrives at home and discovers someone has broken in – ex-Vice President Kinsey. Overcoming Jack's initial reluctance, Kinsey shows he can lead Jack to the Trust, whom he was working with. The Trust want Kinsey to set them up with a Russian general, Kiselev, and encourage the Russians to back out of the Stargate treaty. Jack accepts Kinsey's offer and have him wear a wire when he goes to meet with the Trust. The Trust pick up Kinsey and leave with the SG team in pursuit. He's taken to a house and meets with the Trust's ranking members – the SG team lose the transmission as the Trust show Kinsey something important. When they move in, everyone is gone – teleported up to the Trust's alkesh. Sam works to detect a cloaked ship, Teal'c boards the Prometheus, and Jack goes to Moscow to meet with the Russian SGC liaison, Captain Voronkova. The Russians go on alert as Daniel is picked up by the Russian military for interrogation. Chekov arrives at SGC and meets with Jack, and reveals that his superiors believe that the American administration is planning to betray them. The Russians take a blood sample from Daniel then reveal that Kiselev was the subject of an assassination attempt – by Kinsey. Further, it is clear that Kinsey is the host of a Goa'uld symbiote. Sam concludes that Kinsey and the other Trust are all hosts, and are trying to get a symbiote into Kiselev, who can then get a symbiote into President Mikhailov. Checkov demands the U.S. administration be tested based on "Kinsey's" false allegations that he's making to set the two allies against each other. Daniel is freed when the blood test proves negative and the Chinese ally with Russia. Chekov works to defuse the situation, covertly bypassing Kiselev, Jack is forced to go to DefCon 2. Daniel and Voronkova confront "Kinsey" who reveals nothing. Before Kiselev sends men for them. Daniel is forced to beam out with "Kinsey" to the Prometheus, aggravating the situation. "Kinsey" is taken to the brig but when the Trust open fire on the Prometheus from their alkesh, he escapes and beams to the alkesh after killing his guards. Sam figures out that the Trust already has access to Kiselev and he is already a Goa'uld. They go directly to Mikhailov and give him their theory that the Goa'uld are trying to trigger joint nuclear devastation so they can get the Ancient weapon at Antarctica. "Kinsey" kills the Trust pilot and escapes back to Earth. Kiselev's forces try to take the Russian missile silos and contact with Mikhailov is lost. The other Trust members find the pilot dead and try to open fire, but the Prometheus destroys them first. At the last moment, satellite surveillance shows the silos are closing back up and the Russian bombers are returning to base – the day is saved.