Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 14

Full Alert

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Heineken?

    The episode begins with a product placement for Heineken.

    But as Frank Booth in "Blue Velvet" said,

    "Heineken? F**k that s**t! Pabst Blue Ribbon!"
  • Looks like the Cold War isn't over..

    I knew those Russians can't be trusted, I just knew it! From the beginning to the end this episode promised to be exciting. And I mean exciting compared to most filler episodes, so not really exciting at all, but still quite pleasant.

    First thing we see is Jack, followed by a close up shot of Heineken. I wonder how much SG-1 got paid for that one! Not only do we see Jack, but we actually see Jack at his home. Not in the concrete hole we call Cheyenne Mountain.

    Inside is an old guy waiting for Jack. I hate it when old men appear in TV shows als old enemies or friends and suddenly think they can do whatever they want. Glad he turned out to be a Goa'uld, doesn't leave me awake at night!

    Nonono, the real exciting bit was near the end, when General Kislev turned out to be a Goa'uld as well! Didn't see that one coming! And guess what? He wants to fire missiles at the US!

    Everyone hates the US.
  • Should have been better.

    There's a plot afoot by the Goa'uld to get the American and Russian governments to declare war on each other, and thereby destroy themselves...

    The episode starts off brilliantly, with a great exchange between O'Neill and Kinsey - who has broken into his house - in which Kinsey asked for O'Neill's help. To save the world...

    After that, the episode drifts in and out of mediocrity, following Daniel as he tries to talk sense into the Russians, and O'Neill as the country starts preparing for war.

    Meanwhile, the Prometheus is in search of the ship the Trust - now mostly implanted with Goa'ulds - are using...

    Not as good as it could have been, though not a bad way to waste an hour.
  • another trust episode...

    Kinsey meets with Jack O'Neill and offers Jack help to take down the trust. In the end, it turns out Kinsey was a goa'uld and so was a Russian general. The countries were all going on full alert and nuclear war was imminent, but everything turned out all right in the end. I really don't like the story line of the trust. It's getting old and annoying, oh, and I can't stand Kinsey. Anyways, this story was mildly interesting. Goa'uld taking over key positions in governments is kind of interesting. Overall, ok episode, pretty boreing, nothing too great nothing that terrible.
  • Tension

    So, this episode was the tension one. Nothing much happened. Daniel had change to speak russian and it was not the worst. We had Kinsey on picture again (I still do not like him). It looks like all the old pieces are picken up - Maybourne in last episode, Kinsey and Trust here. I usually do not like those on Earth situation with some exceptions. This one was one of those I did not find too amazing. It had great story and catching moments where was much tension but overall, it offered us nothing. I had higher hopes toward this episode.
  • This episode was really good but it could have really been moe informative to me. It is the fact that they had to deal with the russians, and it was not as difficult as you would have suspected.

    Jack as much as he hates Kinsey has to follow up and of course really hated the fact that he was right and they end up having to work with him, and of course he doies not like corroperating with sg1, he still wants to be in charge.
    All the preperation that went into this investigation and the whole sgc is trying to figure out what it is that the trust wants with him. It was clever how they almost let you see what was going on and how they escaped from the house without anybody being able to see them leave.
    And how in the world would they end up in russia? There was plenty of questions and answers and of course lots of surprises.
    Even tho'it wasn't my favorite it was not the worse, it was just a very busy episode. The ending was pretty good, I liked the way it ended.
  • I usually do not like when the SG1 episodes happen on Earth.

    The storyline is good ; two ennemies (the NID and Goaul'ds) are mentionned, and the full alert may comes quickly, but makes it interesting because we better understand how it all work. The Russian/American differences are a little caricatural, but not too much.

    Overall, it is a good episode, but Carter is more than a genius : it took Einstein several years to find his theories, over eight years, she has found many solutions and the humankind has made a lot of progress !

    Also, the end is not as good ; they solve the problem suddenly and the full alert is over. I think the episode would have been much better if developped longer over two episodes, while adding suspense.
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