Stargate SG-1

Season 6 Episode 22

Full Circle

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Felt like the end

    This really had the feeling of the end of an era! Robert Cooper is easily my fave writer and he didnt disappoint, they also went hell for leather with the special effects, when the pyramid exploded it was better than in most movies. Full circle of course, Skara mde an appearance and they were back on abydos where Stargate began. It also had me crying with laughter, when jack mentioned that he has spoken to daniel a couple of times, tealc confirms he has too! Great! Loved how they revealed Anubis as an ascended Gaould that was really scary, and is face changing exploits gave me the creeps, it was jsu exactly what made the show great, once again, corin nemec played his part really well, being awkward around daniel. Really reminded me of star wars, they looked like oposing jedi in the black and beige hoods.
    a stunning finsle, loved it!!!
  • Eye of Ra! Amazing!

    I loved this episode! I thought it was a really great storyline. With Anubus and especially with Daniel coming was great!
    It had a lot of great humor too, especially with Jack and Her'ek.(sp?) I did think, however, that it lacked emotion between Daniel and the team. But, besides that, it was perfect! I also liked the scenes with Jonas and Daniel. They were really akward, but of course they would be.
    All in all it was a perfect episode that I really enjoyed, especially the end with Daniel and Anubus and with what happened on Abydos. I love this episode.
  • One of the Greatest episodes of SG-1.

    Full Circle is my favorite episode of SG-1. I think that this was the best season finale (of the ones written as a Series finale like: Revelations, this one, possibly Lost City, and Moebius). It had some great action and drama in the episode, including a fair amount of humor in it. Robert Cooper did a great job at writing this episode; in fact this was his best script he’s written of SG-1. Martin Wood also did a great job at directing Full Circle; it was one of his best directed episodes. I thought the scene where the pyramid blew up was freaking awesome, I thought if the pyramid was CG it would’ve not looked as well as the model pyramid.
  • This was an awesome episode. I think these guys do an awesome job on the finales. This one was one of the best.

    I cannot believe that Daniel believed Anubis when he said that he would not hurt the people of Abydos for the eye of Ra. After all this would make him even more powerful than before so why would he leave these people alone?
    it was very well written and they did keep the humorous side in it too. But knowing that the Abydonians would be killed it made you wonder what was coming next, of course they were not sure oif there was going to be a season 7 or not. So I guess it was a good save on that part.
    These guys are fantastic writers. They know wht they are doing, and they did it very well in this one.
    When oma stopped Daniel I was not to sure what to think cause even when Daniel was not on there he was on there, you know? I liked the way it all ended. great show!
  • A full circle from beginning to the end

    I remember I saw one interview where some producer said - season 6 will be last and when think on that, this episode really took the story back where it started six year ago - Abydos. A very symbolic and great choice.

    All the planet, the familiar places, all the mystery and again - firefight on the pyramid. It was great story written and how it started to look more and more sad. First, when Skaara was hit... then team surrounded and Daniel taking his actions against Anubis... and how it all ended - everything there was on Abydos once is gone. And even after death of Sha're, it started to feel like there is no change to get any of those people who forced team to go off world first in hope to save them.. but they did get Skaara back and it looked for a while it is going to be that way.. there is still happy ending for Apydos storyline but that is over now.. they are all gone now.. only sand remains..

    Very emotional episode. That for sure!
  • great episode...

    Daniel enlists the help of SG-1 to find the eye of Ra before Anubis gets it. SG-1 travels to Abydos to find the eye of Ra but Anubis comes and attacks while they are looking for it. Daniel makes a pact with Anubis saying he will give Anubis the eye if he leaves Abydos alone. The eye is given to Anubis, but he still destroys Abydos. Scarra and all of the Abydonians ascend and Daniel is most likely being punished or something. Anyways, it was a good episode. It's nice to see Daniel again and it was really nice to see him finally try to use his powers to stop Anubis, though he fails. Anyways, there were some nice gun battles and some good action. The story was top-notch and was executed well.
  • one of the most tragic episodes...

    well this episode was originnaly written as a series finale as the crew of stargate sg1 gdidn't think they were coming back for a seventh season but they did,oviously. this episode saw the Abydoians the first race of people encountered on another planet way back in the movie,this saw them be killed by Anubis,who made a deal with Daniel , that if he gave him the Eye of Ra that he would not touch the people of Abydos ever again. however you know Anibis, and he was planning on killing all of Abydos , when Daniel tryed to stop him, Oma stopped him and Anubis destroyed all of Abydos.later.