Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Karmic payback

    Carter: But the fact is, she learned betrayal from Fifth. And he learned it from me.

    Carter, the sharpest tack in the box, knows karmic payback when she sees it.

    As sophisticated SF readers know, and as the Stargate series writers would be the first to admit, stories about alien worlds are really stories our own human society.

    Something to think about when formulating our own foreign and military policy, especially after 9/11 and the out of control War on Terror.
  • This episode was ok but I think that they could have explored the whole RepliCarter storyline a bit better.

    I understand Why Sam wanted to believe that the RepliCarter was good: she was made to her image so Sam wanted to believe that she was just like her. The repliCarter had her memories, her thoughts and maybe even her feeling so in Sam’s mind there was a hope that she was going to be good. Also I think that Sam always felt guilty for what she did to Fifth and therefore she felt responsible for the RepliCarter’s existence.
    The thing I don’t fully understand is why Teal’c didn’t see throw the replicator’s lies. I think that maybe he wanted to protect Sam or something.
    One other thing I noticed in this episode was the absence of Michael Shanks. He only appeared as Daniel Jackson for brief moments and also made a “cameo” as Thor’s voice.
    I think that the writers should have made someone more suspicious of the replicator’s intentions. Jack (as always) warned everyone that this was a replicator and could not be trusted but nevertheless allowed the replicator to go to the Alpha site. Why? And why did they let her look at the plans of the weapon? Did no one think that she could do what she did? That is the part of the episode that I think could be better.
    All and all I liked this episode. Earth has now a new and ingenious enemy. Sam felt guilty for her actions and blames herself for what happen. In conclusion all I can say is that this was a good but not great.

  • worst episode of stargate ever

    now generally i wont rant or rave about anything at all and am quite open minded, but this particular episode of stargate sg1 was utterly rubbish.they took sam carter who always comes across as the smartest and most logical person on the team and made her look like an utter utter retard with no brains whatsoever.hell the dumbest person in the world with no logic at all could have seen how the replicator was using her. the writers really need to work on that alot.

    due to this reason i have had to score this episode 0.1 out of 10
  • two Carters....

    The replicator Carter contacts earth and asks them to kill her. However, she actually wants to find a way to counter the disrupter and she does so, killing Fifth on the way. Anyways, it was an important episode to have because it makes the replicators into a real threat to the galaxy and puts Carter in charge of them. There was some humor in the episode, but not a lot. I thought the episode was pretty dull and boreing. It was also predictable. Oh well, it was an interesting idea but it was just a very boreing way to bring it about.
  • Amazing

    Wow, I most say. It was... quite nasty storyline and somehow.. I do not know. I adore the idea.. so so much.. that Carter sees her replicated version and trust her, takes her as she is her.. and that trust is ofcourse betrayed and she just cannot help to blame her - now the replicators know how their only weapon work and they are immune to it. And all because Carter wanted that her replicator could help them. It was a trap from the beginning and ... even if we knew it, it looked like it has all done with fifth but no - she was going on her own plot. Now Daniel (in that alternate vision) is not only one trying to take over the world. She has done it too.

    I really liked to story, the question, ethical dilemmas it rise, all that conspiracy and the question of trust. It was all worth it. Somehow, I feel, the script did not had the full potential all was there something else lacking but it did not had the sense of completeness.
  • Good Carter, Bad Carter

    ... a very interesting episode, one i was not expecting. I knew that the replicator Carter would be trouble from the first time i saw her being made but gotta admit it i didn't expect such a twist. I think it's safe to say that Samantha Carter is a brilliant mind, whenever she sets her mind to accomplish something it gets done one way or another. Now imagine the replicator Carter that betrays it's creator, betrays even the real Carter after first gaining her trust...the implications are enormous. She/It is an absolute ultimate intelligence that not only is immune to anything we've seen but also has the predictable intelligence of Samantha Carter. This replicator at the moment is unstoppable.
  • Replicarter makes contact...

    The human Replicator Fifth had made in Carter's image makes contact with the SGC, persumably wanting to be free from Fifth.
    Carter meets her at the Alpha site, and they work together to adapt the weapon they have that worked on the Replicators before. But Carter is betrayed, and Replicarter makes herself and the other Replicators immune to the weapon - after first destroying Fifth.

    The episode had an interesting premise, and was very well performed by Amanda Tapping (in both roles), but it was still missing something. It was nowhere near as exciting or amusing as what I'd come to expect from this show.
  • Messing with my head, bad Stargate SG-1!

    Silly and messy is what this episode is. Confusing, too. First time in a while that I've seen an SG-1 episode that actually required me to think a little.

    So they get an outdated SG-1 signal. Probably another one of those "time is messed up" episode which we haven't seen in a while. But 'lo and behold, it's Carter. Shocker.

    So it's a replicator. Didn't need any furhter explanation to discover that, no, I used my brains. (My brawn, amazing as it is, was of no use.)

    So, yes, I am keeping this short because I am ashamed to say that I was wrong on this one. Throughout the entire episode I believed that Carter #2 was working with Fifth, even when Fifth was destroyed.

    But as you no doubt know, her ego got the best of her (it?) and she decided to rule the Replicators by herself.

    How original.
  • It’s not one of their greatest, but it’s certainly not a bad episode.

    I thought O’Neill’s ‘If only’ comment was hilarious. Especially with Sam’s reaction and his cough following it. I did think that Carter was a bit gullible in proposing they talk to her first; I mean she’s a replicator, of course that’s going to go wrong.

    Amanda Tapping’s acting was really good. They really seemed like two separate personalities. But the best scene in my opinion wasn’t one of the ones with two Carters, but the one where repliCarter is ordered by Fifth to kill O’Neill and she hesitates. That was an amazing scene and if she hadn’t known it wasn’t real, I don’t think she could’ve done it.

    Two things I did think could’ve been better. One thing was Tapping’s haircut. I thought it was a bit weird they had the same haircut, but also realize that if the Carters had different ones they’d have to do Tapping’s hair repeatedly. The second thing I missed was O’Neill. Apart from his first comment he had little to say. I thought that Jack with two Carters could’ve made for some fun situations and quips and thought it was a waste he had to stay behind on Earth.

    It was above average episode. With a pretty emotional and revealing last conversations between Sam and Sam. And real Sam blaming herself for everything at the end was very realistic. I guess O’Neill could put her mind to ease aqt least a tiny little bit, since he has been on the receiving end of the speech plenty of times.