Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2005 on Syfy

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  • This episode was ok but I think that they could have explored the whole RepliCarter storyline a bit better.

    I understand Why Sam wanted to believe that the RepliCarter was good: she was made to her image so Sam wanted to believe that she was just like her. The repliCarter had her memories, her thoughts and maybe even her feeling so in Sam’s mind there was a hope that she was going to be good. Also I think that Sam always felt guilty for what she did to Fifth and therefore she felt responsible for the RepliCarter’s existence.
    The thing I don’t fully understand is why Teal’c didn’t see throw the replicator’s lies. I think that maybe he wanted to protect Sam or something.
    One other thing I noticed in this episode was the absence of Michael Shanks. He only appeared as Daniel Jackson for brief moments and also made a “cameo” as Thor’s voice.
    I think that the writers should have made someone more suspicious of the replicator’s intentions. Jack (as always) warned everyone that this was a replicator and could not be trusted but nevertheless allowed the replicator to go to the Alpha site. Why? And why did they let her look at the plans of the weapon? Did no one think that she could do what she did? That is the part of the episode that I think could be better.
    All and all I liked this episode. Earth has now a new and ingenious enemy. Sam felt guilty for her actions and blames herself for what happen. In conclusion all I can say is that this was a good but not great.

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