Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Carter is faced with her inner most feelings, on top of trying to save the promethius all alone.

    While Carter is trapped all alone she seems to be having issues with her real feelings and fears. For once in this show she seems to actually be affraid of something. you never see Sam look affraid. Sometimes you would think that she is the most brave member of the team. She does not panic, she does not show fear, she does not let anybody know what she is thinking so everything is locked up inside. But now we see all her fears. I thik it kinda makes her more believeable, considering she is a woman who is in love who is not allowed to be in love, she always tries to make everyone think that she can handle anything, which most of the time she does, but there are times when stress might raise it's ugly head, but not often. I liked this episode so much because she became a normal woman with normal fears and she played it so well. The Little girl in the show was a puzzle for me for a while, but to me that had to be a symbol of Carter when she was a little girl. I really hated the conversation with Jack, as I am a Jack/Sam shipper and it almost broke my heart when I realized that she was going to let go. But then again maybe she wasn't but she was faced with the fact that she had to do something else with her life besides sitting and pining for someone that she may never beable to have.
    This whole episode gave us a new veiw of Samantha Carter. and it let us know that there were new things to come.
    One of the best ones. I loved it.
  • great episode...

    I surprisingly love this episode! I usually hate slow episodes that have little action, but I really liked this one. Sam was trapped alone on Prometheus in a gas cloud and has to find a way out. She hurt her head and she sees things. Daniel, Teal'c, her father, and Jack all come to her. The idea was interesting. They were all in her mind and her mind created them so she could talk to herself...interesting. There were some very sweet moments between Jack and Sam. I just love those moments and it just makes me want to see them really get together. Oh well, there was a little girl named Grace that talked to Sam also. She was really cute and, surprisingly, she wasn't annoying. I really don't know why I like this episode so much. It was pretty slow and it was just about character development. I also was pretty annoyed that it seemed like something out of Star Trek...oh well. It was a great episode!
  • Pure Sam episode...

    I think there has not been such a pure char development for long. In some way this episode was so different - it was one man solo in the middle of nowhere and had not much connection to any major storyline but it was still really enjoyable. I loved the way those hallucinations appeared. Everyone had their own point, their own thing to say. I specially loved the though said when Jacob was presented. Really emotional. And not only there with Carter but also back on the SGC. It was somehow pearl, as it feels for me. Those thoughts.. that little girl.. and Carter asking - she realized why all other appeared but Grace.. why she appeared.. and I think this is to think about for all of us.
  • Relatively amusing.

    Carter is stranded out in space on the Prometheus and all the crew seems to have vanished. She suffers a head injury, and starts hallucinating her fellow team members.

    The interaction between Carter and the parts of herself manifesting themselves as the other SG 1 team members is highly amusing. The exchange between herself and O'Neill especially is very good, if a bit sad for Carter/O'Neill shippers such as myself.
    Still, it shows us a lot about Carter's inner workings, and I appreciated a lot as such. Carter often seems the most closed of the team, hiding her true feelings from herself as much as everyone else.
    It was nice to get a glimpse into her mind for a change.
  • Character Development All alone on board the Prometheus, Sam must face her personal demons while trying to save the Prometheus from an impending disaster.

    Waking up, Sam, finds out that she is all alone on board the Prometheus, which is the middle of a crisis of its own. Now, Sam must face her personal demons while trying to save the Prometheus and herself from an impending disaster.
    There is something about these types of episode, where a main character is force in position of being all alone and must somehow find a way to save themselves, brings out a the character’s real face. This what happen to Major Samantha Carter in this episode, she is all alone on board this ship, she starts to experience hallucinations of that take the form of the people that are important to her life, the members of the SG-1 and her father. At first Sam rebuffs them as hallucinations, things that aren’t there, but as the episode progresses she starts to talk to them and thus brings down Sam’s own personal demons and feelings about the world that is she in at this monument. Which in turn helps her resolve her problem, which allows her to save the ship and doing so, save herself as well in the process.
    This episode is revealing episode about the personal feelings that Sam has about her life in general and how she would love to express what is in her heart, but in the tight control military world that she has opted for her life, something like this would be impossible to have happen. So with all of these restrictions that she had learned to live with are done, Sam finally has a shot to express everything that is her heart, despite the fact that she talking to herself. That while the military life that she picked for herself is tight, but it was something that she selected for herself and if she didn’t go that way, she wouldn’t experienced the things that she has. Things that the regular old person would never experience.
  • I am a Jack/Sam shipper, so I may be a bit prejudice, but I still don’t think this is one of the best of this season.

    The idea was fun; have one of the characters be the sole remainder on the Prometheus. But I thought that her subconscious friends were a little over the top, especially Teal’c. But also I thought that Dad would never say those things out loud. Even though it is Sam’s subconscious, I still think she too would know that her Dad had his suspicions of who his daughter had feelings for. The little girl Grace was cute, but I would’ve liked to discover who she was. Was she just a random girl? Or may she have been a future child of Sam’s (I know it’s a bit out there, but it is possible)?

    I did like the subconscious Daniel and Jack. Daniel was his usual annoying self. And Jack? Well, it wasn’t so much the things he was saying (the shipper in my surfaces again), but his appearance was very casual and cool. Plus Sam kissed him (at least in her amagination): Yeeh! And finally that what has been thought for 6 ½ years. I also liked him back her up when she was trying to save her fellow crewmembers.

    The scenes in the SGC self I thought were very good; the scene between Daniel and Jack was very emotional, even though Daniel didn’t seem to get why Jack was acting the way he was. Then when they came back from the mission and especially the scene with Teal’c in the locker room, I loved that.

    And then there was the end; I loved that too; ‘Jack?’ Though I thought he could have been a bit more tactful with his reaction to her calling him by his first name, the rest of the scene was really cute.