Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Character Development All alone on board the Prometheus, Sam must face her personal demons while trying to save the Prometheus from an impending disaster.

    Waking up, Sam, finds out that she is all alone on board the Prometheus, which is the middle of a crisis of its own. Now, Sam must face her personal demons while trying to save the Prometheus and herself from an impending disaster.
    There is something about these types of episode, where a main character is force in position of being all alone and must somehow find a way to save themselves, brings out a the character’s real face. This what happen to Major Samantha Carter in this episode, she is all alone on board this ship, she starts to experience hallucinations of that take the form of the people that are important to her life, the members of the SG-1 and her father. At first Sam rebuffs them as hallucinations, things that aren’t there, but as the episode progresses she starts to talk to them and thus brings down Sam’s own personal demons and feelings about the world that is she in at this monument. Which in turn helps her resolve her problem, which allows her to save the ship and doing so, save herself as well in the process.
    This episode is revealing episode about the personal feelings that Sam has about her life in general and how she would love to express what is in her heart, but in the tight control military world that she has opted for her life, something like this would be impossible to have happen. So with all of these restrictions that she had learned to live with are done, Sam finally has a shot to express everything that is her heart, despite the fact that she talking to herself. That while the military life that she picked for herself is tight, but it was something that she selected for herself and if she didn’t go that way, she wouldn’t experienced the things that she has. Things that the regular old person would never experience.