Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 1997 on Syfy

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  • Jack the Jaffa?

    Not a bad episode but certainly should have been thought out a little more. I'm so glad they shoved this episode aside and changed the entire process of Goa'uld reproduction in later episodes.
  • Larvae Stew

    So a hibernating Goa'uld is awakened in south America and makes her way to SG-1 headquarters where she has the power to control men to her whim. She gets the entire males staff of the base under her control and mates with Daniel and gives birth to hundreds of Goa'uld in a hot tub.

    It's up to Sam and the rest of the female staff to kick Hathors butt and free the men.

    For me it was just kinda predictable and "whatever". Nothing new was learned about anyone or anything it was just a filler kinda fluff siren song episode like every other Sci FI show has.

    Get ready for temperatures to rise as the sexiest Goa'uld villian ever, Hathor, explodes on to the small screen for the first time! With the men on the base seduced by the evil Hathor it's up to the women and the unaffected Teal'c on the base led by Captain Carter to out-fight, out-seduce and out-maneuver the forces that threaten to destroy the world. More than that Hathor intends to take over the entire Milky Way galaxy. More couldn't be at stake than this. If Carter and company fail Earth loses. Game over. I Tracey K. Nameth declare "The sexy factor is way in the red zone."
  • Hathor has all the men in the SGC under a spell, so it's up to the women + the unaffected Teal'c to save the day.

    Hathor is awakened in a Mayan temple by some unfortunate explorers. She's attracted to the Stargate in some way and finds her way to Cheyenne mountain.
    She doesn't hide the fact that she's Goa'uld - but she insists that she's on the people's side and is glad that Ra was killed. Naturally, the team is a bit skeptical at first, but a few kisses of the hand, reminiscent of the Godfather, with some pink smoke coming out ... and presto, all the men in the SGC are under her spell. It doesn't help that she's incredibly beautiful as well.
    Unfortunately for her, the women in the SGC are not convinced, and soon enough we find out that she's as evil as the other Goa'ulds, even more so as she's a queen and her plan is to "make" little Goa'uld babies with Daniel (which seems to be the easiest person in the world to seduce) to invade the planet.
    But not to fear, the ladies on the base are on the job and with a little help from their unaffected Jaffa friend, they foil her plan.
    Of course someone still needs to explain to me how Hathor got from the bath tub in the locker room (which spontaneously combusted when shot at - huh?) to the stargate room, in a matter of seconds. Or how she always managed to stay dry, even when coming out of a bath tub full of water.
    But, that would be nitpicking on an entertaining episode.
  • Hathor unleashes a different kind of technology on the men of the SGC

    This was a pretty good episode, though at times it felt a little too much like the "reproductive organs" line from the pilot. Especially when the ladies were talking about how they "can't be one of the guys" in their cell. Some of those lines had me close to gagging. As much as I love Frasier these were her worst moments on the show. I must say that I loved the concept if not the execution of the episode though. A hypnotically beautiful woman who uses Goa'uld technology as well as her beauty to conquer rather than pure force. Then the ladies come to the rescue, which is also pretty cool. The concept was fairly unique so I say that is was above average.
  • Made me mad at times, but overall average.

    This one was really the first of many "weird" episodes, but was also a babe episode. After all the men of the SGC start to worship Hathor, the mother of all Goa'uld, its up to Carter to stop her. It was just painful to see Hathor come in and almost ruin everything the SGC have been doing for the past 6 months and infest Earth with symbiotes but Carter comes to the rescue(again). I have to say, the character of Samantha Carter is everything I want in a girlfriend and wow does she kick ass in this one. After the men are all hypotized, Carter rallies the women of the SGC(so funny seeing Dr. Fraiser with a gun) to save the world from Hathor. Oh yeah, O'neill gets a symbiote in this one, which at first made me think this one was going downhill but it turned out ok. Hathor was killed easily enough(conpared to other Goa'uld SG-1 take down), it was also funny to see Daniels face after Hathor is shot like 11 time by Carter. Average episode but I hate seeing a Goa'uld come that close to screwing over Earth. Average.
  • Lady's episode...

    For a while, Carter and good doctor were having their own episode where they did managed to save everyone. All the talking what they were doing when they were locked about the army and women in army - that was the pearl of this episode. Maybe it is just me, or I could not stand that Hathor. All the going to water, getting out water and fire, dry all the time. It looked - not good.

    And the idea of all getting hypnotized - I did not liked it. I understand it was needed but...

    Not my favorite storyline but it was quite good episode for us to better understanding of Goa'ulds.
  • Pretty good, revealing...

    This wasn't a bad episode. We delve deeper into the history of the Goa'uld and the Jaffa. The tomb of Hathor is unearthed and she gets all men in the base under her spell. It is up to Carter and the women (and eventually Teal'c and Jack, once a cure is found) to stop her and cure the rest of the men. She escapes. Pretty good episode that has some funny moments. Daniel and Jack are under control of a Goa'uld and don't know what they're doing. Carter gets to lead a group of women to fight Hathor in her tub of larval Goa'ulds. There is fire, dead symbiotes, and Hathor escapes. Not bad.
  • I actually liked this episode.

    Hathor is awakened by some archeologists and she makes her way to the Stargate. She uses her power to seduce men so they do her every command. She soon takes over the base and makes it a grounds to create new gou'ld (I know I spelled it wrong). A few girls, led by Carter, eventually fight Hathor and the men to regain control of the base. Eventually, Hathor leaves through the gate. O'Neill was almost made into a gafa but he was healed. Overall, it was a good episode. It was origonal and entertaining. The only really annoying thing was that their were like only five women in the whole base and the doctor was able to use a weapon well. I mean, it was petty unrealistic. Oh well, the idea was still good and well exicuted.
  • Good episode...

    This was the first episode of stargate sg1 that I ever saw. As you can imagine I had no idea what so ever what was going on. Of course I do now. This episode had a pretty good idea these archeologists discover Hathor the bride of Ra in a temple. She goes to the SGC and puts all the men under her control. So it's up to Teal'c and the women to stop her. Hathor makes Jack a Jaffa but Sam cures him with hathor's sarcoficase. They do manage to stop her but it is to bad they didn't catch her. Later...
  • What were they thinking

    This is one of the episodes that started with an interesting idea but was fumbled in the delivery. The idea that Ra imprisoned his queen on Earth was interesting but why was she put in a Mayan tomb. I loved Jack’s “Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll” line. The highlight of the episode was the performance by Dr. Fraiser and Carter. Overall this is one of the worst episodes in the season and the show.
  • The girls get a chance to save the day and kick some butt (or heads).

    After an Eqyptian sarcophogus is found beneath a Mayan temple, it is sent to the SCG, but it has already been opened. A woman shows up claiming to know that the stargate is there, she turns out to be Hathor, the goddess of fertility and a Goa'uld. She uses a superpheremone to cast a spell of sorts over the men of SGC and turns it into her personal nest. She gets the human 'code of life' from Daniel so her offspring will be compatable. The women band together to take the base back, and Teal'c of course. This wasn't the best episode ever. There were alot of inconsistancies like Hathor coming out of a bath completely dry. Maybe that's a Goa'uld thing, but I doubt it. The story had a potential to be good, but ended up being a bit cheesy for my tastes. And I like cheese.
  • Hathor wife of Ra is found to still be on Earth, and of course what else would the godess of "sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll" do but cause havoc for SG-1.

    Was an okay episode, but nothing really important happened. Basically all the guys but Teal'c fall victim to Hathor's 'female wiles', and the women of the base, which isn't very many, have to form a plan to save everyone. Favorite part was when Sam, Janet and a couple other women are locked in a holding cell together and Janet suggests that since the men are libidinous they use that to their advantage and escape, which they do. Next favorite part is when Sam ends up having to knock General Hammond out, and hit's him in the back of the head, and she says "Yep my career's over." Saving the base earned Sam and Janet an Air Force commendation medal though, which is cool, cause they thought they were going to get court martialed. But nothing else really important happened, there was a little shipping but nothing profound. All together, it was just an average episode, and not some of their best writing work.
  • Who would have thought that the goddess of "sex, drugs and rock n' roll" would turn out to be such a vixen.

    First of all, this is not my favourite plot. In fact, it is my least favourite story of the season. That being said, a lot is revealed in this episode, making it an essential watch for all SG1 fans. Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of fertility returns from a 2000 year slumber after being discovered in a sarcophagus within a Mayan temple. She infiltrates SG1 and is able to control the its male population (minus Teal'c) with pheromones. It is up to the females in the base - led by Carter - to save the men from Hathor. Like I said, this is not my favourite story-line. However, there is much that is revealed in this episode. The most important fact the audience learns is that the Goa'uld are created from a queen (similar to a queen-bee). Also, the process for creating a Jaffa and the Goa'uld pouch is revealed. Like with every episode, there is good acting, a good score, and a healthy dose of action. However, the story is a little weak and choppy.
  • The women and Teal'c have to save the day.

    Hathor is let out of her Sarcophagus and she comes to the SGC because of the Stargate. She spends her time blowing pink perfume like stuff at the men, which turns them into zombies that follow her every order.

    It's up to the women and Teal'c to kill her before she enslaves the entire world.

    With Daniels "help" she starts breeding goa'ulds and has chosen O'Neil as her first prime. Luckily, he's saved by Carter and Teal'c and is taken to the Sarcophagus where he is healed. So if only they could get to Hathor, Teal'c would have a way of getting rid of the Larvae in his belly.

    Of course, the sarcophagus is destroyed, but it makes me wonder why they didn't put in him a sarcophagus in a later episode knowing that he could be healed after all it worked for O'Neill.

    Anyways, once Hathor leaves everyone returns back to normal. Hammond says that he is going to recommend commendations for Carter and Frasier, but what about Teal'c and the other women, they helped a little too. I thought the episode was a good one even if others didn't.
  • An incredibly cheesy and silly episode, and probably the worst of the season.

    This episode seems to get worse with time. The concept is interesting: a Goa'uld queen awakens on Earth and tries to take control of Earth. However, it's just not handled very well, and is incredibly flawed.

    The woman who plays Hathor isn't very menacing or sexy, which are the two main things she should be, playing a Goa'uld posing as a sex-Goddess. Not only that, but whenever she does the flanged voice, she comes across more as a transvestite (which would also explain the flamboyant clothing, really).

    There are a few funny moments thrown in, but they are too few and far between. Hardly anything in this episode works that well, and a few questions are left unanswered, such as how Hathor makes the Goa'uld in the first place. It seems in later episodes a host isn't required, and that a symbiote can cross species boundaries without any difficulty.

    My advice: advise soon-to-be fans to avoid this episode unless they are really curious.
  • Everytime I watch this episode, it annoys me more.

    Hathor: the SG1 episode that is the bane of the feminist community. They portray what is essentially male rape and then sweep it under the carpet, periodically revisiting it when it suits the story acr, like Out of Mind/Into the Fire, the s2/3 cliffhanger which sees the return of the mythical wife of Ra.

    Hathor is a Goul'd queen, and mother of all symbiotes. This episode is actually fairly good with plot development. We find out how the Goul'd spawn, and how the jaffa pouch is created. But I REALLY HATED the way it dealt with (what I see to be) the male rape storyline. If Stargate can't tackle it in a brave, realistic manner then they shouldn't be tackling such controversial issues in the first place.

    I go into it in greater detail at my blog (well, the one I piggybacked off):

    Five out of ten. I would have given it eight for its story development, but took three off for a pet peeve.
  • The wife of Ra returns to enslave mankind.

    As the title indicates, this episode debuts the arrival of new villain Hathor, also known as the ex-wife of Ra. She makes for an interesting bad guy. She has the power to seduce men by breathing a love toxin from her mouth on them. Overall, this episode was pretty good. The story of a woman using a love potion is nothing new, but it is used in a unique way in this episode. She is also a very important person to the SG-1 crew besides just being the wife of Ra. You learn some interesting things in this episode, so it's definitely worth seeing.
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