Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 17

Heroes (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2004 on Syfy

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  • The president invited a film crew to go to the sgc to document the program. Nobody at the sgc was really thrilled to have them there, since they had already tried such a thing and it backfired terriblely. Jack just refuses to say anything, he not happy.

    Even tho' this was a really good episode, and I have never seen an episode that I dont like at all, it was alot slower than normal, it showed them enterviewing the members and the way the side tracked their questions as much as possible. Of course ask Sam a question and she gets very technecal. She was more cooperative than anyone.
    There was ot much action in this one it all focused on the sgc and what it was all about, I guess you could say.
    The real story behind it didn't really start until the end but we knew that the best was yet to come. So I guess that it was a great build up to the hour long climax of the show.
    It was entertaining and there was lots of humor in this one.
  • awesome episode...

    I love this episode. The more I watch it the more I love it. I actually like it better than the part two of this episode. Anyways, a film team comes to the SGC to film a documentary. No one wants them there and it's halarious to see awkward air force personell in interviews. It's halarious. Also, Jack avoids them, which is funny in itself. An SG team goes off world and encounter an ancient city of ruins but are soon attacked by jaffa. Jack jumps on the chance to go off world and the team is called to rescue. Overall, great episode. It had funny, something new, good action. I also loved seeing a close up of a different SG team and it was cool to see them talking about kids and stuff. Overall, again, a great episode and one of my favorites.
  • Great story creating...

    I really see the beauty of this two part episode now. When I was watching the first episode, after it, I was really thinking - what. Does every show always have to make that kind of episode what looks like "live" or filming what is going on. It was original one time but not when almost every serie does it. So, most of the episode is filled with those weird interviews. Specially loved the Teal'c's one - he came because Hammond said that but noone said he should talk too. To conclude, it looked alone very pointless episode with nothing to offer, but after looking the second part, the whole beauty and the purpose of the episode emerges.
  • I don’t think I’ve seen many people on TV and in the real world that are quite as annoying and persistent as Emmett Bregman. And no one as ridiculed as he is.

    For a first part of a two-parter this one is very light hearted. Most two-parters are much more actions. But I think this one is great, I absolutely loved it. The interviews, the quips between the Sg-1 team members, with Kinsey and the Sg-13 on the planet.

    The performance of Carter in front of the camera I thought was quite unrealistic. For a character that talks in front hundreds of people about physics she was way too nervous. I thought Jack and Daniel were very funny in front of the camera and acting with the camera crew. Teal’c was very funny too, but by saying nothing.

    The story of Sg-13 was cool; we learn 3 new characters in a fun way and learn to really sympathize with them. The conversations about kids were fun, until everything hit the fan of course. A fantastic episode with an amazingly good cliff-hanger.