Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 18

Heroes (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2004 on Syfy

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  • The information belongs to the public, not government officials

    Stargate SG-1 has been a tremendously entertaining TV show.

    Heroes I and Heroes II dealt with the issues of press freedom and public accountability cleverly and skillfully, first as comedy, then as tragedy.

    The really jarring note was the rah-rah flag-waving recruiting film toward the end of Part II. This was the series producers' most obvious payback for DOD "technical assistance."

    Such "technical assistance" is of course a euphemism for the military's misuse of taxpayer dollars on self-serving PR. The US Navy similarly misused taxpayer dollars during the production of "Top Gun."

    This sort of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" relationship is of course exactly why a real Stargate must not be kept a secret from those footing the bill.

    The tired cliches about "public panic" voiced by every bureaucrat and milicrat character in Hollywood SF films made since the 1950s are unmitigated nonsense.

    A nation's political and military officials withholding such information from a nation's citizens, is like a doctor withholding a patient's medical condition from a patient. The patient is the client. He is footing the bill. The information was bought and paid for, by him. The information belongs to him, not the doctor. The doctor has no right to withhold the information from him. The doctor has no right to argue that that "it's for his own good." It's simply not his call.

    By the same token, information surrounding something like the Stargate may not be withheld from a nation's citizens, who bought and paid for it. The information belongs to them, not government officials. Government officials have no right to withhold the information from the public, by arguing that "it's for their own good." It's simply not their call.

    The power struggle between NID and USAF is a red herring. They are both government entities. They both have their own narrow interests.

    The real issue is whether members of the public, who paid for the information, are getting what they paid for.
  • Yes.... someone finally dies!!!

    Personally, Dr Fraiser did my head in, her character has no depth, it was time for her to go. The other characters did not seem their normal selves, Daniel was too moody and they have been in more deadly/terrible situations and acted a lot calmer!!!! I did not think for one minute that ONeil was dead, the script was so obvious, omitting the name of the casualties at all costs. For me, this was like a recruitment advert to join the armed forces and made me realise why Richard Dean Anderson was made an honary general. As a Stargate episode more should have been made of the ruins they found however as a tribute to the armed forces and because they killed off my least favourite character, it was great episode!!!!!! Such a cheesy ending, what's her name? Janet lol
  • Point of view...

    This was amazing episode. The start was not the best, but on the middle - it was shocking how it all changed. I sadly knew who is the char who is going to die so I never bought that O'Neill is dead but I wonder what kind of effect this episode would have then. But it was stunning still - emotionally - so so powerful. The story the reporter was talking to Daniel about the war photographer and the way it hit the nail as he had recorder something very similar and after they watch Daniel's tape... it was so well done, very emotional and it made me cry. And Sam - crying on the coridor.. very well played. And ofcourse - the scene where O'Neill is hit - that camera work, the ship going over.. the silence. Very powerful.

    I have never had so long and deep feeling, very disturbing I most say, about any of Stargate episodes before. This really moved me to the bottom of my heart.
  • I thought O'Neill died I was bout to boycott the whole show! They did this so well though, I'm glad I didn't read any spoilers.

    Definately a better half to the two part episode, I so wasn't expecting something like THAT to happen. Great twist at the end, although very sad and moving. Now a little bit of a personal opinion, I agreed with the cameracrew that the people have the right to know, but certainly not in our time and he shouldn't have been so intrusive (is that the word?). Also, it was sooo cute the O'Neill / Carter moment at the end I could watch that again! It's too bad that on the DVD, they didn't have a directors series, that would have been interesting. Thankfully, it was also a show that cut the series out of bad streaks, I didn't enjoy the last couple of episodes before this that much, but I'm glad that they aired them since there was development with the O'Neill / Carter thing.
  • great episode...

    This is the conclusion to one of my favorite episodes and it was done well. The SG-1 team and other teams and Fraiser go off world to rescue another team that was attacked by the goa'ld. The documentary crew if trying there best to try to find out what's going on and such. Anyways, Jack gets hit, and Fraiser dies. I'm sad that they killed Fraiser, but I think it was good that they did. After seven seasons it's good to have a change and actually kill someone important. They gave her a good, heroic death and she had her own ceremony and everything. It was nice. I honestly wish they killed other important characters before then, but at least it's a start. Overall, good episode, good action, good story line, good emotions, was just great!
  • Despite a poorly-paced start, this episode turned into one of SG1's best - a great example of what the show is able to achieve when it tries.

    If there is one complaint that I'd have to level at SG-1 is that it always plays safe. It never wants to rock the boat, whether it's at a plot or character level.

    This episode proves that this show can be great, and when it takes a risk it can produce brilliant television.

    Part one, and the start of part two, suffered from odd pacing problems and a lack of drama. I think it was foreplay until what the writers had in store. Ending the first part on some cameramen looking annoyed, and the part two teaser on someone huffing, just felt very anti-dramatic. It felt as if they had too much for one episode, but not enough for two, and the two-parter stumbled for quite a while.

    It was when Bregman delivers his speech about how important the media is that the episode starts to show its cards. Brilliantly played by Saul Rubinek, the speech is heartfelt and believable. Rarely does a character in SG-1 get a chance to really say something so bare without pantomime or subtext.

    From then on in it ramps up. The viewers at home surely can see that Bregman is a good man, so General Hammond's negativity towards him seems odd. But I guess after having years of doubters that Hammond expected the worse, and his admission that he was wrong at the end is all the more powerful.

    It was obvious that Jack hadn't died, and that they had used words selectively to make you think that he was, but I did not see Janet's death coming. The way they dealt it to the viewers at home -- cold, external and powerless, just as with those watching the tape in the episode -- was truly amazingly done and gave SG-1's most understated yet impactful scene to date.

    I am sorry to see Janet go, but I'm so glad they had the guts to follow through and not have some magical device cure her. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and SG-1 finally portrayed this with this episode.

    The episode was then only marred by the end scene, where Bregman's report is ruined by having the US flag flying, turning it into US patriotic self-indulgence rather than what it had been up until that point: a tale about a tragic yet noble death that could apply to anyone, in any position anywhere in the world.
  • Sg1 and Dr. Frasier are sent out to assist sg11 in what turns out to be a trap for sg1. While they are there there is lots of shooting and Dr. Frasier is trying to save her patient while still in the feild. Jack O'Niell and Dr. Frasier are both shot.

    I think that this episode was one of my favorites, I can't remember any episode that was so emotional. I think I actually cried in this one and I think I cried lots. It was so good so believeable. through the whole show we knew that someone had died, and we just had to wait to find out who. Samantha was asked to deliver the uligy and was having a very hard time finding something that to her would do justice, to Dr. Janet Frasier, and was very upset that Jack was also shot down. But fortunately Teal'c was there to help her out. So she gave a great speech and instead of talking about Janet personally she listed the names of all the people that were still alive because of Janet Frasier, oh my god that was such a touching sene. It was great, it seemed so real.
    I watch this one everytime I get the chance. I loved it.
  • Sad episode...

    This episode picks up where heroes part 1 left off. The big battle between the sg teams and The jaffa. I really liked this episode and it is a tearjerker because you never want to see a main character or a supporting character die. The same thing happend in season 5 with daniel but he eventually came back. I really liked it how through the whole episode they led you to believe that O'neill was dead but of course he wasn't I mean you can't kill O'neill off that would be illegal. it was very emotional during the end when Carter was giving her speech. this is also one of the best episodes in season 7. Later...
  • A very tragic episode...

    This is probably the most tragis episode of stargate sg1 ever with the exception of season five's meridian in which daniels dies , but daniel comes back ,the death in this episode does not.Janet Frasier. i think every fan of stargate sg1 had a soft spot for the medical doctor and when they killed her off alot of people were sad some were mad even.this is not in my opinion the best epiosde of stargate sg1 or even season 7, however it does make my top ten,probabily, if i had a top was a very sad and a very well written episode.later.
  • As someone who read the spoiler for this a few years ago I knew the outcome for one character which should have ruined it, but only served to prove this is a well-crafted episode.

    When this episode was first made I was not a big fan of Stargate but did read the spoilers, just out of interest to see what was going on. As a result I was aware of the fate of one of the main characters at the end of this story. Because of this the red herrings were very apparent to me and the final outcome was only expeected. Having said this I still think this episode givees one of the best exits for a regular on a TV program has had in quite a while. The clever use of a different kind of camera to film the exit scene (without giving away too much) added to the reality of it and only served to make this event even more tearjerking and shocking. Also I think, had I not known this character was going to be the victim I would have been greatly suprised as they are not really in the rest of the story as much as someone who is leaving a series ordinarily is in the episode they get killed off only serving to make it a more heart felt exit as it just feels like another episode until this 'tragedy' happens. To be honst my only criticism is that the character in question is a favourite of mine and I am just sorry they had to go but it is a brilliant exit for a well established character.
  • Surprising.

    In this 2-part episode, the SGC is being plagued by a tv crew who are doing a documentary on the Stargate project.

    This episode's main strength I think is the dialogue. The main cast have a field day trying to thwart the tv crew's attempts at interviewing them, sometimes with highly amusing results.

    Then all hell breaks loose, and we see O'Neill getting shot while off-world trying to rescue an injured SG member.
    After everyone has arrived back, we find out someone has been killed.
    It is instantly very obvious that they're not talking about O'Neill, and the character's reluctance to attach a gender to the deceased strongly suggests that it was a female. Add to that the reaction by the SG staff, and it's very easy to figure out it must be Frasier, even though they didn't reveal this until the end of the episode.

    Frasier has never really stood out for me personally. I didn't dislike her, but I had no special love for her either. Still, I'll admit to being a little sad during the memorial service...
    Reading out the names of those people still alive because of her efforts was a very nice touch.
  • During a Goa'uld attack, one of the SGC members is killed.

    This episode is the saddest one. Dr. Janet Frasier is killed saving a man's life. She was a hero. Although she is my favorite character and was killed in this episode, this would have to be my favorite. Janet always saved people lives. When Carter is reading off the list of names of the people Janet saved, it showed how much Janet cared. If the episode showed Carter reading the whole list, it would go on forever because Janet saved so many lives. That's why I dubbed this episode "A very special episode". Also I was glad that she came back in an alternate reality but she deserved more of a story for that episode. So, this episode is a very special episode is an excellent one.
  • As far as second parts go, this is one of the best ever, on any show.

    The action scene on the planet was really, really good. It’s been a long time since there has been a good old-fashioned fight. When O’Neill got shot I almost threw up, so shocked was I. When Carter was crying I was starting to feel sick all over again. I felt even sicker when Emmett didn’t give a damn about anyone’s feelings.

    And when the name O’Neill was dropped as one of the ones who may have died, I think I must have looked white as a ghost. I kept thinking; Jack can’t be dead, he just can’t be. And even though it was genius to do it, I thought it was evil to keep us in the dark for so long. After discovering it wasn’t O’Neill who had died but Frasier, I felt guilty for being a bit relieved. The Sam/Jack hug was really loaded with feelings and it showed that even though Sam has another man in her life now, they still care a lot about eachother.

    I really hated the NID guy, who cares about money just after somebody died? Robert Picardo acted really good. I wouldn’t have been surprised if somebody had killed him. The tape and the story of Simon Wells were very emotional, very nicely done. I really felt for him, which I guess was due to the fact that he was introduced in the last part. And it was him who converted Bregman to the good side.

    Emmett Bregman’s tape was really good. I had expected it to be some Kindsey propaganda tape, but it was actually really great. It showed the activities going on at the SGC in good light. It almost made me like Emmett a little, almost.

    I can’t imagine the infirmary without dr. Frasier being there. Her memorial was beautiful, bur still. This episode was a lot of things; But first and foremost it was a classic, the one that always be remembered.
  • An excellent 2-part episode.

    This episode was excellent an I was very shocked by the death of Janet. Although she was never really shown that much she and her adoptive daughter Cassie were intresting characters and this marked the end of this both their appearences on the show. I liked how they didnt reveal who died until the end becouse it had you wondering who it was and added a sense of mystery. The bit with documentarian was intresting becouse it showed that once again there are much more powerful people in our goverment and the SGC doesnt always have to agree with them. I also thought the way the documentery is dedicated to her was intresting. So all in all I would have to say it was an intresting and very good episode.
  • really surprising

    i really wasn't expecting that, never have i thought that they would kill her, even after reading the summary on the dvd it was a shock to me.

    very powerfull acting in this episode on the parts where the characters had to confront the death of their close friend.

    the final scene was very emotional, i liked the speach that "sam" gave.

    this episode was a great move from the writers because it was very well written and it made people want to see who died, it was a brilliant idea not to reveal it right from the beginning of the episode.
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