Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 1999 on Syfy

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  • SG-1 does Face/Off

    SG-1 does Face/Off.

    It's 1999. Richard Dean Anderson and Christopher Judge reprise Nicholas Cage and John Travolta's performances in John Woo's body switch themed 1997 action/adventure film, "Face/Off."

    Their performances were not quite as masterful as Cage and Travolta's.

    But they were not bad either, and provided some pretty funny moments.

    When the SG-1 team stumbles upon the chamber of former Goa'uld enemy Ma'chello, they fall victim to his powerful body-swapping invention. Ma'chello takes on Daniel's body and the young archaeologist finds himself trapped in the body of an old and dying man. In Daniel's body, Ma'chello flees the SGC and gets a taste of life on Earth for the first time, while Daniel lies on his death bed in the hospital. In an attempt to help their friend, O'Neill and Teal'c bring the soul swapping device to the SGC, but accidental trigger it and find themselves in each other's bodies. When Ma'chello is tracked down and returned to the SGC, he reveals that the machine's process is irreversible.
  • A funny Stargate SG-1 episode...the body-switch genre tends to be hit or miss, but this was hysterical! For a Stargate novice, this is probably one of the easiest episodes to follow.

    This was such a funny episode, for all the reasons one would find a Stargate SG-1 episode funny. I'm sort of a novice to the Stargate franchise, having only staked any sort of interest in SG-1, and mostly because I love Richard Dean Anderson. As a novice, I find myself having to look up various terms used on the show and rewinding my recorded episodes while saying "Wait! What did he/she/it say?!". That being said, this was probably the one episode that I found myself hitting the back button on my recordable DVD because I was laughing and missed something!

    The body switching genre is something I'm familiar with...its one of my favorite diversion genres and I've seen quite a few movies involving it. This, however, was one of the BEST of the genre. I particularly laughed hysterical over Jack and Teal'c driving each other nuts (Teal'c's symbiote making "Jack" ill, and Jack receiving an unwelcome haircut from "Teal'c"). I was saddened watching poor Daniel dying due to Machello's wanting to play God and swapping bodies with him. The episodes moves at a steady pace, leading up to a climax that is both funny and sad all in the same 5 minutes. I didn't find it as hard to keep up with as some of the other episodes I've seen. I tend to watch episodes which focus on Jack O'Neill - he's my favorite character, and his episodes are slightly easier to follow and are usually funnier because of his cranky personality - which comes out in a big way during this episode.

    An excellent, fun episode that I would recommend to anyone, no matter how versed they are on Stargate stuff. Check your realistic nature at the door on this won't be disappointed!
  • Teal'c & O'Neill switch bodies; Daniel's body is switched with that of an elderly enemy of the Goa'uld

    It's always enjoyable to see actors switching characters. The highlight of the episode is Teal'c taking on Jack's personality. Michael Shanks (Daniel) does a great job playing the character of the alien on a strange world, enjoying life after a lifetime of fighting. I genuinely felt a sense of loss at the death of Ma'chello. Despite his thoughtless action of taking Daniel's body, he seemed like a good person - a hero in fact. After all, he does agree to give Daniel back his body after talking with him, thanking him for the "holiday". This has one of my favourite character-driven episodes up to this point.
  • Gotta love it...

    One of the key componets to have a great science fiction show is body switching. You've just gotta love it. They did a very good job with the story, in making it a believable body switching story. There wasn't any stupid explanations. It was just good. I was surprised to find at the end of the episode that it was really michael Shanks who was playing Ma'Chello. The entire episode I felt like I knew who that actor was but I couldn't quite place it. Then I saw the credit at the end and was like "duh." I thought that Chris Judge did a very good job of portraying O'Neill, he had all the mannerisms down pat. Same with RDA playing Teal'c they both did a very good job.
  • Body switching...

    This was a fun episode to watch. I really enjoyed seeing all of the character portray each other, except Carter, unfortunately. I loved the scenes with the homeless man, as well as the banter between Teal'c and Jack, but this episode seemed like a lost opportunity to me. Imagine the hilarity that would've ensued had Sam gotten mixed up in the body switching as well! Ah well, a man can dream... Anyway pretty good episode nonetheless, with some genuinely touching moments. It seems like every season of SG-1 has an episode that is more tailored for humor (ie Window of Opportunity) except season two. I consider this episode closest to the "humor" episode, mainly because of the Jack/Teal'c banter. Good episode overall, but not the best of season two.
  • This is a revealing episode..........

    This is one of the great classic episodes if stargate. Members of the team are in danger starting with Daniel who has been transported into a dying alien man's body, Jack who has contracted an infection while in Teal'c's body. The team must work to reverse the process that lead an alien to get out of the base in Daniel's body and put Teal'c and Jack back into their own bodies. This episode also shows Jack's feelings about the Gould symbiont or "junior" which he seriously hates as well as showing Col. Carter's feelings for Daniel. This episode only further develops each character and dose do much for the storyline. This is because not much is gained from this event towards fighting the Gould or making new friends (they don't understand the technology and therefore can not use it yet). All round a great episode for Stargate SG-1.
  • Switching...

    I most say, it was funny to watch - all that switching and the way they had to be someone else than they were - specially Teal'c's and O'Neill's switching. It is hard to be someone else.

    Also the story behind the switcher, that Ma'chello. That he gave his life for fighting, and the result he got - nothing. Everyone he loved were taken and lost. And I also liked when they made him understand that by taking someone else body, he is not better than Goa'uld - the irony. Becoming, turning into the ones he had fight his whole life. A lot to think about!
  • I've seen this story done better.

    This episode is the classic body swap Sci-Fi story that gives the cast a chance show their range as actors. Michael did a good job as Ma'chello so good that when I showed it to some friends they did not know it was him. There were some very funny scenes in here like the "Ya Think" line that Chris just nailed and the scenes with Ma’chello and Fred. There was a little character development for Jack when he was in Teal'c and had to Kel’norreem and see what it was like to be a Jaffa. In the end it was a decent episode that had its moments.
  • I love these episodes that Micheal Shanks plays multiple personalitites at one time. Or Just different personalities, his mind has had some folks run through it you know. Machello was an interesting character I think.

    Machello, really, I think just wanted another chance at having some sort of life. He had struggled for so long hiding from the gouald and being tortured by the gouald. He was a very clever scientist/inventer. He had spent years, hundreds I believe, making gouald killing inventions.
    Well they took him back to the sgc, and they had brought some of the inventions back with them. One of them was a body swaping devise.
    Dr. Frasier noticed daniel was acting odd. But When Sam asked him to translate some markings she did not recognize, and all he did was look at it briefly and say he had no idea he did not know what they were. Jack even notices the oddness. Daniel would never leet something go that easy and then request to go home. The markings were on a device they had brought back from the lab of machello. But machello is in the ward from some kind of heart failure.
    After Daniel leaves they start thing about the actions of Daniel, and they go back into the ward and they realize that it is daniel in the bed not machello, but daniel and so Who just left going home? Machello.
    My whole point to this is that the part of Machello was fanstically done. Micheal shanks kicked behind on this character.these guys on this show can do almost anything they have to do to make this show believeable. When Machello gets droped off in front of Daniles home he is amazed at the people and the busyness of the the streeets. He makes feinds with fred a street man. They walk around and then they go to a dinner and odder french frie and icecream sundaes.
    when they leave Daniel askes fred about the ways of getting to knwo a woman. Ans they have their conversation cops surround then and take daniel away. Daniel tells fred not to worry All good things must come to an end.
    when they get back to the sgc sam takes Machello in to meet the person's whos life he was destroying. Machello explains to her that he can't swap even if he wanted to. So Sam comes up with a plan to get everybody back into thier own bodies.
    Once Machello is back into his own body, he thanks daniel for his holiday.
  • Put simply: a body swap episode that has its good and bad points.

    The idea of switching bodies is nothing original. It's been seen in science fiction such as "Red Dwarf", and even outside the science fiction genre in such films as "Freaky Friday". What makes a new use of the story justifiable is firstly a new twist on the story, secondly the performances of the people swapping bodies, and finally a great sense of humour derived from the characters involved. This episode has almost all of these qualities.

    Thankfully, this episode has that all-important sense of humour, and of course the characters to pull it off. Arguably the glue that holds this episode together is the subplot with O'Neill and Teal'c, and it certainly provides this episode with most of its humour. Certainly another of the episodes strong points is the performance by Christopher Judge. He is absolutely brilliant; you actually believe he is O'Neill. Unfortunately, his performance outshines those of Michael Shanks and Richard Dean Anderson, whose performances, sadly, range from good to at times hard to watch.

    Another saving quality of this episode is the aforementioned twist. In this episode, it's the very clever "musical chairs" method of fixing the situation. It also allows for some great little bits of humour, and even better performances from Richard and Michael playing the other's characters.

    But my personal favourite thing about this episode is the final line. It is amazing how just one line could be so effective; it almost brings me to tears each time I watch it. Sure, one could ask with valid reason why they don't try to resuscitate Ma'chello when he finally dies, but that would ruin the effect, which is so great that I didn't really care.

    So, despite some pretty big flaws, this is an enjoyable episode. Even though it doesn't offer anything more to the Stargate story arc, this episode is worth showing to a soon-to-be SG1 fan. It offers a few laughs (mainly character derived, which one could argue as necessary for their character development), and offers a hint at what SG1 would eventually become in terms of comedy.
  • Daniel switches bodies with Ma'chello. The team must figure out a way to switch back before the the ailing Ma'chello/Daniel dies.

    I found this to be a very interesting episode. It was a nice break from the usual battles with the Goa'uld. As I put as the heading this episode was very 'Out of Character' but it was in a good way. It was interesting to see completely different personalities for some of the main characters. I especially found it hilarious to watch the switch between Teal'c and O'Neil. It was really interesting to see Teal'c relaxed and making sarcastic remarks because it is so outside his normal character.

    I think that this episode also gave some character developement for Teal'c as far as his relationship with the Goa'uld larve. It was interesting to see how a Jaffa must allow the Goa'uld to perform the healing process. It was interesting insight as far as how their "relationship" works.

    Another thing that I liked about this episode was the ending. The idea of swapping several different people so that no two people swapped twice really reminded me of some sort of brain teaser. It was nice to see Sam solve the problem without any technology.

    Overall, I don't really have any complaints about this episode. I thought that it was a nice break from the normal layout of the show yet still interesting. It was fun to see the characters switch personalities and interesting to see it all solved.
  • Ma'chello trades body's with Daniel.

    We kept missing this episode for a long time, then finally we saw it.It's about Ma'chello an old scientist. He trades body's with Docter(of archeology) Daniel Jackson. Ma'chello goes back to earth with SG-1. He leaves the base and explores earth. Meanwhile Daniel Jackson is in Ma'chello old body back on the planet. He has to convince SG-1 that he is Doctor Daniel Jackson and not Ma'chello.
    This episode was standard for the series. It was an averge show. Later, in a diffrent season, they used Ma'chello agian. It might be intresting to watch these two episodes next to each other.
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