Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 2

Homecoming (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 13, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Why do Goa'uld motherships have wall sconces in the corridors with open flames?

    Why do Goa'uld motherships have wall sconces in the corridors, complete with open flames?

    They are an obvious fire hazard. They consume valuable oxygen.

    Clearly they would never be allowed on a vessel that travels through deep space.
  • this is one of the best 2 part season openers ever!

    This episode brings an end to joanes quin series and bring backs daniel jacskon, their both cool but we knew that this was a temporary thing, but i'll still mis joanis alote or untill we see him in the next episode.
    this episode gives you like in this tv show, action adventure and whole lote of explotions. cooool
  • It’s definitely not one of the best finales of a two-parter, but there where some things that made it a decent episode.

    The twist that Lord Yu is starting to become senile, I thought was very good. There is finally proof that the system lords are not immortal.

    The division between SG-1 was little weird; the scientists on Yu's ship, the military two on the planet and Teal'c preparing an attack fleet. What I did like where the scenes between Daniel and Jonas, they are one of the few between them and I always like them. What I also liked the mention of the dancing monkey story from the first part, they don’t do that a lot and it was fun.

    The whole story with Anubis attacking Kelowna, though it did provide a way to get Jonas away, I didn’t like so much. It seemed like they went to a lot of trouble for something that might have been so simple. But the betrayal of the Commander Hale was, even though Doug Abrahams' acting made it apparent, still a little unexpected.

    It's definitely not one of the best finales of a two-parter, but there where some things that kept it from being a bad one.
  • Jack and Sam go to Kalowna to help with Anubis. Anubis is there seaking An anceint crystal which will give him loads of power and information for powerful weapons. It is all that Anubis learned when he scanned Jonas's mind.

    Daniel is still wondering around trying ot find Jonas. Once Jack and Sam get to Kalowna they try to radio Daniel and Jonas. Daniel gets their message and explains that he is looking for Jonas that Anubis had captured him and he is trying to figure out how to find him and get him freed.
    They are looking for the crystal, Sam figures that the Kalownians did not know that the crystal would be anything of importance and decides to check the museum. They find the Crystal there but are ambushed by the jaffa.
    Meanwhile Daniel has found Jonas and they are now trying to to get off the ship before the isatope wears off. They find the rings and jonas knows that there are rings in the museum somewhere just not real sure where.They ring down to the planet and end up in the museum and are able to stop the Jaffa from taking Sam and the rest of the search team hostage.
    When they get back with the Crystal they are now double crossed. There is lots of shooting and fighting and jonas ends up getting shot trying to save daniel. Now They are even.
    jonas back home to Kalowna as a hero and an Ambassador for kalowna.
  • Good-bye, Jonas Quinn.

    So... we now find ourself is Jonas' homeworld and irony - he tried to save and help his planet from Goa'ulds and now he has brought them there. And things does not good for them. Daniel manages to find him and with some technical problems, on ship...just with right timing...

    Anyway, on the planet, Carter and O'Neill are trying to manage to save us much as possible with eight good man. And there is reason why Anubis has not left and Carter goes to get the crystal and is ambushed, saved by ringed in Daniel and Jonas and.. then again ambushed.. quite clichee..

    Anyway - Jonas does some heroic jumps, get hit and leaves.. he is replaced.. bye-bye... And to be honest... I am not sure if I like it.. He was not too developed but promised much in future. Let see, what Daniel has to offer.
  • I didn't like this one very much...

    Jack, Sam, and Teal'c go to Kalowna to save the people of that world and hopefully save Daniel and Jonas. The story line wasn't very good. I've seen it all before. A world in dire peril falling at the hands of Anubis while SG-1 tries to save them. A few members trapped on's just been done. I want to see something new. It was interesting to see the dynamics between Daniel and Jonas and it was interesting to see Daniel start to remember, but, other than that, I really didn't like this episode. This is one of the worst two-parters that I've seen.
  • Basically an homage (as if one was needed) to Star Wars

    There is more than a little reference to star wars!!!
    I was trying to work out if Lucas actually let them lift footage straight from the films.
    In addition to that mentioned above Jack wants his call sign to be "Red Leader" and the entire scene from when they hyperjump through the sheilds to when the superweapon is blown up are straight from Star Wars.
    Very amusing - I love the in jokes even when I don't get them!
  • Part two of the Season Opening. Corin Nemec takes his leave from SG-1 and the SGC and Daniel makes his true return to his place!

    My review for Homecoming is unfortunately going to be taking quite a beating. There were many flaws with the two parter in general that I neglected to mention. Let me begin. First off, the overall plot to defeat the weapon Anubis has is really irrational. For one, they plan to destroy the ‘Super Weapon’ Anubis has, but for some reason that I CANNOT explain, they don’t even try to destroy his ship. Why would you go to all of the trouble of destroying a weapon that a really powerful enemy of yours has and not even take a crack at destroying the ship at the same time?

    On to my next part of the massacre towards this two parter. When Yuu’s First Prime helped Teal’c, did it never occur to anyone that Yuu might be a little bit pissed off at his First Prime after he helped someone that Yuu specifically didn’t want him to help? From what I know of most System Lords, Yuu would probably have him stripped of his rank of First Prime for something like that.

    Now on to the last bit that annoyed me specifically in Homecoming above all else. How is it that Daniel, the man who has no memory, knows all of the codes to all of the doors on the ship? Also, not only does he have the ability to go onto the computer module and try to connect to the core of the weapon, which is in a different language of course, but also he manages to do this in record time without any difficulty. He just brushes through it, something that he couldn’t do even before he had ascended.

    Now that I’ve gotten out all of those negative thoughts from Fallen and Homecoming, let’s get on to the not so negative part of the review! Homecoming in general kept me on the edge of my seat. I feared for Daniel being caught or Jonas being killed and also was worrying for the people of Kalowna along with Jack and Sam. Being able to watch Teal’c making slow progress with the First Prime of Yuu was also a very interesting idea for the plot. I thought the set and attention to detail in editing took a great deal of skill and overall talent from the editors and directors of the show.

    As always on Stargate, the acting was top notch. But as I said in my Fallen review, for the acting to be well done is almost typical with Stargate. The show always tends to have such a skilled team of Regulars and Guest stars that acting seems to just be a normal part of the characters. I was specifically impressed with the many Guest Stars who were playing the ambassadors of Kalowna. They managed to make very two dimensional characters seem much more important and well done then they actually were. Again, Stargate always manages to pull out a good guest cast.

    Overall, I am giving this episode an 8.8 because even though there were very good details in editing and in the set, I still found it had the same problem as Fallen in rushing through the story. I know that Stargate has to do this quite a bit and that there are only 43 minutes for every episode, but every episode still needs time for the characters to grow and for the plot to settle. I again say that this should have been a three parter. It was better and more exciting than Fallen perhaps, but still it had room for improvement.