Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 5


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 06, 2004 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Daniel is in a farmhouse being tended by Leda, recovering from his injuries. Flashback to three months earlier, when first a MALP and then SG1 arrives on the planet Kalydon through the Stargate. Three factions are fighting against each other – the Rand Protectorate, the Caledonian Federation, and a religious fundamentalist faction within the Protectorate who believes the activation of the Gate is evidence of their beliefs. Jack reluctantly lets Daniel go back to try to calm things down. The leader of the zealots, Soren, launches an attack to capture the Rand Protectorate's weaponry, and the Caledonians order a military strike. The Protectorate launch a counterstrike and bloody devastation breaks out. Daniel saves Kane and the leader puts him into Leda's charge to recover. Negotiations between SGC and Soren go nowhere and the Tauri aren't sure if Daniel is alive. They meet with Soren but achieve nothing. Daniel uses Kane's radio gear to send a coded message to SGC – Kane's forces and several SG teams will coordinate an assault so Daniel and Kane can get to the bunker where Soren is keeping the Stargate. Soren's remaining men desert him and he confronts Kane, who is forced to shoot him and make him a martyr. Daniel promises they'll return to help kane and his people rebuild.
(Copyright 2004 Steve Crow)