Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 2

In the Line of Duty

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 03, 1998 on Syfy

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  • A Goa'uld takes over Carter's body. Will SGC be forced to kill her?

    This episode opens with a great sequence with SGC rescuing the people on Nassya from an attack by Death Gliders. However, while performing CPR on a dying man Carter is infected with a Goa'uld. SG1 doesn't realize the change in Carter until Cassandra (Katie Stuart) instinctively realizes that she is a Goa'uld. Don't worry though, it turns out that the Goa'uld within Carter is actually Jolinar of the Tok'Ra (a group devoted to fighting the Goa'uld oppressors). But Carter is still in grave danger, for there is a Goa'uld assassin on Earth that wants to kill Jolinar! The assassin is able to infiltrate SGC and attack Carter, leaving her and the Goa'uld on the verge of death. The assassin is captured and killed, but there seems to be no hope for Carter. Until, the Goa'uld within her gives up its own life to save hers.

    For the most part, this episode has the feel of a "filler episode". The acting isn't note-worthy, and the plot itself is a little thin. However, this is the first introduction of the Tok'Ra, and there is a lot of action and some suspense. That being said, overall all it is a good episode.

    Carter is possessed by a Goa'uld who claims to be an enemy of the System Lords. The Goa'uld, Jolinar of Malkshur, is being hunted by an assassin. My enemy's enemy is my friend. But can you trust a Goa'uld who claims this. In the Line of Duty is what I Tracey K. Nameth dub an action packed episode with many plot twists and turns! Don't be fooled events of this episode will come into play later on. And the lasting question at the end leaves us wondering. Will Carter suffer any after-effects, positive or negative, of being joined with Jolinar?
  • Samantha has a Gou'ld inside of her, but is it bad?

    Another good episode, but maybe not as quite as good as some of the other episodes. In this episode, we actually see one of the good Gou'ld. We also learn in this episode that there are a group of Gou'ld who have formed a rebellion against those Gou'ld who are bad. Overall, I really did like the episode. It mainly dealt with Samantha since that is the body the alien was in. It's interesting to learn as well that there are group of Gou'ld hunters that are hired to kill the rebels. Only time will tell if we learn more about these people, and I hope we do.
  • Pivotal for being the first mention of an important and interesting addition to the Stargate mythology: The Tok'Ra.

    Yet another episode to start off with a bang. Firstly you have such a huge attack sequence on the planet (although why is the Stargate near a body of water, where the ground could erode or get flooded?), and then we see our beloved Carter get possessed by a Goa'uld! (Which was very well shot and executed.)

    It's hard to imagine how I would've felt at the time I first saw this, considering I was about 12 or something when I got into the series, and I know all to well now what will happen. But still, I can imagine how much someone new to the show would worry about the fate of Carter, especially since for all we know the Goa'uld are all evil, and especially after what happened to Kawalsky...

    But, as all us fans know, this is the point where the Stargate mythology gets a little thicker with the introduction of the Tok'Ra. We are skeptical at first, but through Jolinar's sacrifice we realise he was being truthful the whole time, and sympathise with him. His sacrifice is more impactful when you realise that it may have been so we would see the true nature of his race, and to show us that they are worthy allies.

    One could argue that the last few scenes with Carter's emotional turmoil are either emotional or sentimental, but they still pack a punch. Also, the interrogation scenes with Jolinar, in particular the one with Teal'c when Jolinar claims to be a Tok'Ra (and Teal'c reaction), are very entertaining and effective.

    In summary, this is a 100% must see for any soon-to-be SG-1 fan, and I'm sure they'll love it (or at least like it).
  • Pivotal works

    This is one of the most important episodes in the show because of the introduction of the Tok'ra and the change in Carter after becoming a host. There were some great scenes involving Jack and his concern for Sam. The Ashrak was an interesting addition to the gou'ald's arsenal. The divice he used was one of the coolest pieces of technology in the show and the effect was awsome. Overall a good episode with great character development and good additions the mythology of the show.
  • Carter becomes possessed by a Goa'uld.

    Ok this was definately a cool episode and one of the best in season 2. Starting the episode off in a firefight is always a great way to get the viewer's attention and right away Carter gets a snake! I think this was one of the best Carter episodes in the series just bescause of how well Amanda Tapping plays in this one, wow. The entire "good Goa'uld" thing was a great twist and they bounty hunter they sent to kill Jolanar was really well played out. Its important to note that Carter is never the same after this one and that this episode referenced to countless times in the future. One of the best opening scenes with the Deathgliders and all. Overall, great.
  • Not everything is as first seen...

    It was really great episode - the Goa'uld theme again presented, but on totally new perspective - and the way those events influenced the characters. Specially loved that they had Cassandra there - she is such a sweet girl and important for Sam, and as it was her episode - so logic. And all the tension and the way Daniel acted - and the ending scene.

    But the storyline itself - the events on that hospital and then, he, the bad one, back on the complex. And Daniel realizing who he is and then - like Teal'c said - sorry dr. Jackson.

    Great episode.
  • Good

    This was a good episode. The introduction of Jolinar and the Tok'ra. This was the best way to introduce them into the series. I'm even alright with Sam being the host (she's not one of my favorites, and she gets on my nerves after too long). But this time she didn't bother me. I really liked the way the story came together: Jolinar was a Tok'ra running from an assassin. And the assassin found her and killed her, but before she died she saved Sam. What else can I say about it? The writing was as good as ever, and it was literally another great installment.
  • There are good goa'uld!!!

    Very cleverly ploted!!! For the fist half of the show I was jumping in my chir, watching Sam be taken by a Goa'uld and try to scape thru the stargate, and all I wanted was for Jack, Daniel and Teal'c to kill it...
    But then this parasite turns out to be good, and is prepared to leave Sam for another host, without killing her...
    And better, It reveals the there are more of this Tok'ra, that oposo to the Sistem Lords and only take a host that consents to been taken!!!! Soooo Nicely done!!!!
    And the best part is when the bad Goa'uld try to kill Sam and the Symbiont, and It gives It's life to save Sam!!!
    Graet Episode!!!!
  • Carter gets Goa'ulded, only it's not really a Goa'uld...

    Classic episode where we first hear of the Tok'ra. The Tok'ra will go on to be one of our more consistent allies, but for now they are only mentioned and not fleshed out. It was quite thrilling to see Carter appear to fall victim to the Goa'uld, and another key piece of information is learned when we are introduced to the Ashrak, a league of shadowy Goa'uld assassins whose primary duty seems to be to hunt down the Tok'ra. Great performance from Tapping, too she did a great job of acting "Goa'uldish" without being to over the top. All in all a well crafted adventure for the beginning of season 2.
  • On a mission, Samm get infested with a Goa'uld symbiote. Pivitol in instroducing the Tokra story line, and race.

    The only thing really important about this storyline is that SG-1 ends up finding out about a race called the Tokra, who although having symbiotes themselves, rebeled from the Goa'uld opressors long ago, and are now a rebel faction run by a council. The jist of how it happens is that when SG-1 is evacuating a world that the Goa'uld are attacking, while trying to save a man, Sam is infested with a symbiote without her knowledge or consent. When she get's back to the SGC nothing seems unusual aside from a little sore throat, and her personality appears to have changed some what.(like when she punches Jack's arm affectionaly) They soon learn that she has one in her when, when she visited Cassie, Cassie detected the symbiote inside of her, and as the symbiote takes over Sam's body, she attempts to escape Earth through the Stargate, but is stopped in her attempt.

    Later while she is in her holding cell they find out that a Hashrak, or Goa'uld assassin on a mission sent by the system lords, was sent to kill Jolinar, the Tokra inside of Sam. He nearly kills Sam, but thankfully Jack gets there in time and brings her to the infirmary. She is about to die when Jolinar gives it's life to save her. They catch and kill the Hashrak. But Sam is clearly emotionaly scarred. And it seems the only one who can get really close to her right now is Cassie. A very good episode, Amanda Tapping really showed her caliber here. This episode is and will remain one of my favorite episodes of all time.
  • For the first time we find out that all Goa'uld are not relly Goa'uld. That they all do not have to same purpose and goals. They are in fact not Goa'uld they are infact the Tok'ra. Jolinar has now taken us to the next step of the Stargate.

    This episode is really good, not as much action in this one but very vital to the stories to come. It will keep waiting and even worrying about Carter's situation. I thought it showed a real human side to Jack to see him have to struggle with what to do about his freind being taken by a Goa'uld, he hates the Goa'uld and he knows he can not let it live. When Teal'c goes to talk to Carter/Goa'uld she informs him that she is a member of a rebel group of the Goa'uld Called the Tok'ra, at that minute you can see in his eyes that there is something to this wich means now they have to figure out why he is in careter. Then find themselves looking for someone who is out to kill Carter. They have no idea who they are what they look like.
    I felt like the story was told really well. I love this show and everytime they have a new story starting it makes the beginning unforgetable.
  • The first mention of the Tok'ra are in this episode.

    Sam is possessed by what is believed to be a Goa'uld, but is really a Tok'ra. I thought this was a great way to introduce a new alien species. We didn't learn a whole lot about the Tok'ra in this episode, but they will be very important in the years to come.

    Although, from what I know now about the Tok'ra, I find it odd that Jolinar would have such an attitude problem. Maybe they think they are better than the Tauri, but she was acting more like a Goa'uld that a Tok'ra.

    Not only that, but I would of figured that Teal'c would have been able to figure out who the Goa'uld was on base. Doesn't he have the ability to tell if someone is a gould or not?!?

    Well no matter, it was still a great episode and I enjoyed watching it again!