Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2004 on Syfy

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  • I really like the new president. Finally one who stands behind the Stargate project. But it wasn’t a great episode.

    Though Ronny Cox is a great actor, every time he acts in Stargate I want to throw things at the television screen. I almost cheered for the President when he ignored the vice-president and when he defended Sam and Jack’s relationship. That’s why I think the new President is great and that’s also the reason I like the Joint Chief of Staff.

    But the President and his Joint Chief of Staff are in my opinion the only positive things of this episode. I always hate cheap excerpt episodes. And it doesn’t help that every time we see one, it seems that they want to stop the Stargate program. I thought it was a tad stupid of Woolsey to trust Kindsey so completely. Mustn’t he have felt stupid when he learned of his true intentions.

    This episode was way to close to the last 2 excerpts episode; only the one to do the convincing has changed.
  • Nothing much new here.

    This episode revolves around the new president being informed about the Stargate project after his inauguration, and now vice president kinsey's attempts to influence him into giving him control.

    There's nothing new here from the SG team, rather the episode consists of the president being briefed on past events, with some flashback clips of previous episodes thrown in here and there.

    One can only assume they wished to save money by using as much old material as possible...

    I suppose for new viewers this could work as a 'crash course in SG 1', but for established viewers the lack of new events is frustrating.

    On the other hand, I was very, very glad Kinsey didn't win the election...
  • even tho' this is a flash episode, it still very well done it gives you minute to meet the new president and to get a feel what kind of person he is and to decide about him being Kinsey's running mate.

    this episdoe really was a good one cause you get find how the president is going to be towards them and their cause.
    It was nice to find out that the president was not mean and evil like Kinsey.
    I loved his personality. very out spoken, reagular people like type person, so even he was the president he was able to look at things like a normal everyday person would.
    It was really cool that woolsy gave us a nice surprise also, he's not a total evil dude, just nieve.
    I can't believe that he was surprised at Kinsey's involvement all the trust stuff.
    All in all it was an informative episode that kinda prepares you for the coming up season and changes in the sgc.
  • New president...

    One of those totally pointless episodes where nothing happened. It was little interesting to hear all that debate but to be honest, I feel there is no reason to remind us what have happened. And to be honest, the only plus this episode was, it introduced us the new president and I think made quite good impression and it was needed for "Lost City" so we know the char for that time and have seen more of Kinsley and we would know what they will be ready to do. But if that little detail trough aside and think only about the story, it was a big waist of time.
  • Not my favorite...

    As all of you may or may not know this is a flashback episode. There is a new president and he has to be briefed on the stargate program. First he thinks it is a joke then he realises that it isn't. Vice prsident kinsey tries to convince him that the SGC needs new leadership. So he brings in Robert Woolsey to help him. All he basically does is try to put down all the members of sg1. This wasn't the best episode of the series but it wasn't the worst, I mean every show has its flashback episodes. Later...