Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2004 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Woolsey says the events of "Entity," ep. 421 (Sam being possessed by a computer virus) took place two years ago. Given the show's assumption that one year of the show is one year for the characters, this is incorrect - "Entity" took place near the end of Season 4, and this episode near the end of Season 7 - that would be three years. Also, Woolsey correctly states the events of "Chain Reaction," ep. 415, occurred three years ago, even though that episode aired after "Entity."

  • Quotes

    • Woolsey: I also hope history one day shows that... I tried to do the right thing.
      Hayes: Whose version of history, Mr. Woolsey?

    • Kinsey: Things happen.
      Woolsey: What is that supposed to mean?
      Kinsey: It means you chose the right side, Richard. One way or another, I promise you, I'm going to win this one.

    • Woolsey: They have compromised national security and exercised extremely poor judgment in the performance of their duties.
      Hayes: You should be on my speech-writing team. Come one, cut the crap, will you?

    • Hayes: Hosted alien dignitaries. Acquired alien technology. Traveled back in time? Did they really blow up a sun?
      Maynard: As I understand it, Sir, yes they did.
      Hayes: That's gotta look awfully good on the old resume, huh?

    • Woolsey: The number of times the members of SG-1 have been compromised should have warranted at least a reconsideration of their off-world status. Transfers to less decisive positions. A couple of sick days, for god's sake!

  • Notes

    • According to Peter DeLuise on the DVD Commentary, General John P. Jumper said that the set of the White House was very close to the real thing, having, of course, visited it many times himself.

    • The "scotch" that President Hayes is drinking when he is in his office is actually iced tea, according to the DVD commentary.

    • Vice-President Kinsey's first name, Robert, is revealed in this episode.

    • The interior White House set is the same one used in X-Men 2.

    • Since it's a clip show, typically used to save money, we get a minimal number of sets and no new appearances from regulars Anderson, Judge, Shanks, and Tapping.

    • Excerpts written by: Robert C. Cooper (The Fifth Race, Maternal Instinct, Paradise Lost, Full Circle, Fallen, Enemies, Meridian, Heroes), Peter DeLuise (Entity, Evolution 2), Damian Kindler (Sight Unseen, Evolution 1 & 2), Joseph Mallozzi (Disclosure, Smoke & Mirrors), Paul Mullie (Chain Reaction, Disclosure, Smoke & Mirrors), Katharyn Powers (Smoke & Mirrors), David Rich (Upgrades), Michael Shanks (Evolution 1), Ron Wilkerson (Sight Unseen), and Brad Wright.

    • First aired in UK on February 24th 2004

    • This flashback episode is similar to the season 6 episode "Disclosure" which dealt with similar issues.

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