Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 1

Into the Fire (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 25, 1999 on Syfy

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  • Better

    This is a fitting and better part 2 to the season finale sans flash backs, thank god. as the epilogue to the season finale we finally get to see Hathor in her glory, cold, seductive, power mad and fun, fun, fun, fun as a villainess. Can Hammond and Teal'c stage a rescue and save the rest of the SG-1 team?
  • This is one of my least favourite episodes even though it's a two parter season opener

    Much as I enjoyed the Hathor story line I don't think that the writers were on the ball with this episode. Daniel's haircut didn't throw me enough to notice that his character was torally acting out of character for the entire episode. I mean Hathor raped him and he barely blinks an eye, and then she puts a Goa'uld into his best friend and he dosen't even voice an objection.
    I also found the entire creation of an SGC look a like to be silly.
    But honestly - given the Hathor and Daniel history - this episode was vastly mis written and one of the worst double episodes ever because of it.
    Writers - pay attention.
  • Hathor is taken on by the SGC, much better than part one.

    This episode is a great deal more entertaining than the first part of this two-parter. The character interactions are solid and of course there were some thrilling battles between the SG teams and Hathor's jaffa. Of course, it was also great to see Hathor again, I always thought she made a splendid bad girl, always referring to herself as "we". Since there no clips from previous episodes here it was by default more entertaining, but on top of that I think there was an above-par performance on the part of all cast members including General Hammond. It was fun seeing Hammond go off-world again and I loved seeing Teal'c "thread the needle", really cool effects there. Definitely a good way to start season 3.
  • Quite good...

    It was quite good episode.. I am not sure if the perfect season start but still - much better than last season ending, so it was enjoyable. All the action, motion, all those obstacles on their way and ofcourse - O'Neill and Goa'uld who has possessed him. Luckily not too much as the To'kra is always on right place.

    I most almost say, I did enjoyed Teal'c's and Hammond's storyline even more than they main one. I do not like Teal'c char too much but the way he realized that the death of Apophis has not taken they way he thought. And the way Hammond goes there to seek Teal'c's help to save his men from another planet... Interesting storylines.
  • pretty good episode...

    This is the conclusion of the really crappy episode "Out of Mind" and it was pretty good. Honestly, I was expecting more. I read the summary and it sounded like it was going to be amazing, but it was just pretty good. Jack is implanted with a gou'ld and several SG teams attempt to save SG-1 whiel Teal'c goes to Chulack and gains support against Apophis's son. In the end, Hammond saves everyone and that's about it. The whole idea of Hammond going off world and saving the SG teams was really farfetched. It was almost stupid. Other than that, it was a good episode with good action and was a pretty good conclusion to a bad start.
  • Better but not great.

    This episode was a little better then the season finale but was still a little weak. I loved the rescue mission scene that all the team members would gladly risk their lives to save SG-1. I really like those Staff Towers they had at the gate I wish we would have used them again. Teal'cs speak was one of the best parts of the episode and was seed of the Jaffa Rebellion. I was glad they killed Hathor and that Jack got to do it himself. The Needlethreader was a cool ship that I wish they would have shown it again. This episode had much better action then the previous one and the finale sequence was good. The best part was the reaction of Hammond and DSD did a wonderful job as usual.
  • Well we all knew that they would have to do something with hathor since she did get away. That has to be resolved and I think that they did an excellent job with her untimely demise. I loved this 2 parter. I think it turned out great.

    When it picked up with Jack being selected to be the newest of hosts I think that it just started the ball running right off the bat. When the Tokra shot at Jack when he grabbed a hold of the symbiote you knew that she was going to be caught soon. But I liked the Storyline. I thought it had something new it, Hammond off world. I loved when he and Teal'c were "threading the needle" the look on his when they took was real. And funny.
    When Sam pulled Jack out ot the tank That is the best part to me. She was trying to kill Sam and Jack jumps up behind her, grabs her and says, " We would just like for you to just go away" then he throws her down into the the tank and ding donk the witch is dead. Excellent I loved it.
    To me I feel like they did an excellent job at tieing up the story and did it with a good bit of action and a good story.
  • A big improvement on "Out of Mind", but it still has its flaws.

    As I mentioned in my review of "Out of Mind", other than the rare exception the second of a 2-parter always outdoes the first, and usually by a lot. "Into the Fire" is no exception, but considering its predecessor it's not really that much of an achievement.

    One main reason this outdoes "Out of Mind" is its greater amount of humour, mostly (almost completely) derived from O'Neill. He does have some great one-liners in here and they make the episode so much more enjoyable. My personal favourite is when he's out in the open walking toward the Stargate, knowing the bad guys think he's a Goa'uld; it's classic Stargate all the way. Perhaps another reason this episode excels is that this is the last we ever see of Hathor, who's killed with style by O'Neill (and it's a slow death as well, which only makes it more deserving). It's also great to see Bra'Tac and Major Davis, so they add some more to the episode, as does a fine little battle sequence at the end.

    However, the episode has a campy feeling about it, which lessens the enjoyment. Another major flaw I found was Teal'c big speech on Chulak. It wasn't too well executed in terms or writing or delivery (sorry Brad and Chris), and so didn't have the impact it should have. Hammond showing up at the end was a bit of a bonus though. I suppose the episode's biggest flaw is that it requires one to see two of my least favourite episodes.

    So after weighing out all the good and bad points, this episode accurately gets a classification of "Average", but this is average in terms of SG-1, which is nothing to be ashamed of at all.
  • The return of Hathor.

    I found this episode to be quite average as far as Stargate episodes go. It didn't help that it followed a story arc from an episode I really didn't like, hathor. And I was kinda hoping someone as villianous as she was would stick around a little longer.

    Hathor chooses Jack to be the host for her newly-aquired adult symbiote, it being the only way she's going to get the information she wants out of the SGC. A Tok'ra steps in to help, and Hammond sends most of the available SGC out to rescue them. They run into some upgraded technology which they have to work around, and of course, people die.

    Hathor carks it in the end (or at least, we think she does, in the same way we assume Apophis carks it later on) and the SGC get home safely to fight another day.

    As I said, a fairly average episode which followed on for a storyline I hated. Seven.
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