Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 13

It's Good To Be King

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2005 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Sam is briefing the team on the advances of the Goa'uld and discover the planet that Maybourne is on is being targeted by the System Lord Ares. SG-1 goes after him and are captured by a hunting party and brought before . . . King Maybourne. Using the name Arkon, Maybourne is helping the natives with technological advances and enlightened leadership. Maybourne reveals that he found a series of stones with Ancient writing that predict the future. Using the predictions, Maybourne assured his position as king. And the most recent prophecy predicts SG-1 will fight and defeat the Goa'uld. Intrigued, Daniel believes the writings show that an Ancient traveled through time to explore the planet, and the time-traveling ship may still be on the planet.

They begin a search with time running out and Teal'c finds the timeship. The ship is designed to fly through a Stargate so the team prepare to take it back. They need Jack to activate the Ancient technology and bring him through. Jack convinces Maybourne they'd better get his people to leave, then have Jack try to use his Ancient gene to activate the ship. Jack has trouble and Maybourne is reluctant to tell his people, raising the suspicions of his head hunter, Garan. She believes SG-1 is going to take Maybourne away and tries to capture them.

Daniel reveals the secret of Maybourne's powers and the team agree to go back to Maybourne to get the truth. Maybourne clears them and prepares an assembly to break the news, confessing he has a soft spot in his heart for the locals. The people don't take the news well and Harry confesses that he's no seer. Garan supports him based on Harry providing his support and technology, but that only strengths their belief in the prophecy that they should stay and fight.

SG-1 prepares to leave with the timeship but the Stargate activates and Aries' Jaffa come through, cutting them off. The Jaffa, led by Trelak, go to the village to reclaim the land while SG-1 hides among them. One of the villagers mentions the prophecy and reveals where it is written. While Sam works to try and bring the ship's engines on-line, Maybourne plays for time and the Jaffa realize the temple prophecies indicate the ship is nearby. Carter needs more time and Jack is forced to attack. Daniel and Teal'c are captured, the Jaffa find the ship, and Aries' arrival is imminent.

Sam gets the ship going and they fly over the village – in the distraction Daniel and Teal'c get free and Teal'c kills Trelak with a little help from Harry. Overhead Sam and Jack engage Aries' pyramid ships and manages to engage the weapons at the last minute, destroying it. Harry stays with the people . . . and his wives.