Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 13

It's Good To Be King

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Maybourne Who Would Be King

    Hilariously enjoyable episode.

    Political refugee and former NID operative Colonel Harry Maybourne becomes king of the medieval human colony he has been exiled to.

    Isn't that just like him? The guy is like a cat. He has nine lives and always lands on his feet.
  • Hairy Harry and the Goa\'uld are scary!

    And here we go, my first Stargate episode today and it starts with the team talking about how some system lord is about to invade a feudal world, and on that feudal world lives a guy named Hairy May Born. Leading me to believe the guy is hairy and that he was born in May.

    I was secretly hoping for another episode involving the Prometheus and that sexy woman from the Prometheus Unbound episode, I was disappointed.

    So the team ends op on some kind of planet that seems to have gotten stuck in the Middle Ages, lovely. Hairy May Born turns out to actually be called Harry Maybourne, but the excitement doesn\'t stop there, he also appears to have become the king through cheating the people.

    No big surprise there, this has been done many times before. Ever seen that Star Trek: Voyager episode with two Ferengi who crashed on some planet and became king?

    Yeah well, Goa\'uld appear, and die. Not only this, but the team finds a Puddle Jumper. I love the connection with Atlantis!

    Decent episode. :)
  • great episode...

    I actually really like this episode. The story was not top notch, but it was interesting. SG-1 goes off world to retreive Maybourne and they find an ancient time travel ship while they're there. Oh, they also defeat a goa'uld. Figures, it was a little predictable. It was nice to see Jack go off world again as one of the team. I love Maybourne and he's just so funny. Finding the time travel ship was very important and led to the season 8 finale. So, this episode had an important story, good writing, good characters, and was really funny. Great episode!
  • Great to see the full team back in action!

    Wow... What could be better than an episode that brings back an absolute favourite... Harry Maybourne, and they couldn't have done it any better way. I think this is the only time in season eight where you see the original sg1 in action. This episode is funny, well written and shows just why Stargate is so great!
  • Harry Maybourne as king; that’s funny in o, so many ways. And Jack is back!

    It was really funny to see Harry Maybourne as king, and it really fits him in some ways. He’s in his element as the one and only ruler, but he doesn’t have the ability to make important decisions and he sucks in making speeches. It was touching that he’d actually grown to care for his people and that he cares enough to reveal he isn’t a seer.

    It was also really cool to see Jack of world again. And him being needed for once was a nice change. His chemistry with Harry is great; they always seem to be wanting to kill each other and they’re very convincing too. It was funny that Maybourne seemed to be doing better than Jack with his promotion. I bet he was a tiny bit jealous. It was awesome to see O’Neill back in his natural habitat. I’m not he looks awful in his BDU’s, but he’s present a lot more when he’s in the field.

    The Ancient ship is awesome. I had seen it in Atlantis, but with Jack O’Neill behind the wheel it’s just as great. The ‘relatively speaking’ comment was funny. And the fact they have a time machine now is cool to. The end of the episode was funny to; with the flowers, the wives and the salute.
  • It's good to be king...

    SG-1 discover that the planet the Tokra dropped Mayborne on is about to be invaded by the Goa'uld. They travel there, intending to rescue him, only to find that he'd rather not leave... understandable, since he has been crowned king.

    Meanwhile, the team discover a ship that belonged to the ancients, but they need O'Neill's help to make it work.

    This was a great episode, with SG-1 and O'Neill all in the same place again. There was no lack of excitement, and the interaction between O'Neil and Mayborne was great as always.

    I'd really like to see more episodes like this one, with 'the team' as they used to be. Unfortunately it'll all be going in a different direction soon...
  • So good to be offworld again

    Oh, how long time I have missed episode like this. The old good go offworld and save a little world. That was so enjoyable and this episode. First Maybourne - it was so nice to see what have happened with him and he really had settled down - he is enjoying his life as king but their time in peace is over as Goa'uld are coming. Jack tries to take Maybourne back but he refuses to leave. But things get even more interesting when ancient ship is found. Carter tries fix it, but they have not enough time. Goa'uld came.. say that everyone have to serve them and that kid of things they always say - in the last minute Carter fixes the ship and they do fulfill the prophecy - they save the that world.

    So, to sum up - really amazing episode. I adore it. All the good things were there.