Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 12

Jolinar's Memories (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 1999 on Syfy

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  • The Tok'ra need our help...

    Excellent episode, with the quintessential teamwork that makes SG-1 so much fun to watch. The "hell" planet was an extremely interesting set-piece and it was cool to see Sokar again. As I have mentioned before Jacob is my second favorite regular guest star, after Bra'tac and as usual his performance doesn't disappointed despite his lines being somewhat limited. The highlight of the episode was the end of the episode(last chance to avoid this spoiler), where Apophis reveals himself and begins his return to power among the system lords. As usual Jack's humor was great and easy to relate to. I love his frustration with the way the Tok'ra do business. It is also important to mention that this episode sees a very spirited performance out of Maj Carter.
  • Return of Apophis

    There is no way away from this guy and it is not so easy to kill him, looks. But that is not the main story. That is just a cliffhanger where it gets in the end. The way the story starts.. I was so happy to see Martouf again and hoped another great Tok'ra episode again but the reason of their return is quite sad and the mission they take - insane but logical - they are ready to do that.

    And the way the past of Martouf and Jolindar is brought in and that influences the storyline - I enjoyed it so much. As previous episode was very emotional, then was this too and it was great.
  • good start to a two-parter...

    The team, along with the Tok'ra that loves Jolinar (I forgot his name), goes to a planet that is basically hell and is under Sokar's control. They plan to rescue Selmac, which was taken there, by using Jolinar's memories. This part of the episode was boreing. Basically, we just saw a few of Sam's memories and it helped develop her character a bit. Unfortunately, Sam didn't remember anything useful. They get taken down to the planet and meet someone Sam remembers helped Jolinar, but it wasn't how she remembered. Anyways, it was a good start to a great two-parter. I loved the idea of a planet that resembled hell. Overall, origonal, interesting, good episode.
  • What a cliffhanger.

    This episode starts with the shocking news that Jacob is in hell. This is a great episode for so many reasons. First off it had some great humor with the hell jokes and character moments in the cargo ship. The effects are awesome and it did not surprise me to find that this was one of the most expensive episodes in the show's run. Sokar was one of my favorite Goa’uld and love the way David Palfy played him and Anubis. He made Sokar look evil and less campy then other Goa’uld. The big reveal before the cliffhanger was one of the best in the show with the return of Apophis. I was glad they brought him back because two seasons would not have been long enough for such a great enemy. Overall one of the best in the season.
  • The tok'ra come to inlist the help of sg1 to help rescue Selmac from Sokar from a place that is to look and be like Hell. The reason they come to get Sg1 is that sam carriers the memories of Jolinare and she infact escaped from this inescapable prison.

    So off to hell they go. They get to the planet by way of descent pods. Teal'c stays on the ship and hides behind the moon. Awaiting for word that they were ready to get out of there.
    They get thrown in the pit and whjen they get there they find Jacob/Selmac. He is tired and sick and just basically not doing to well. Sam is concivnced that the key to their escape is an gouald named Bynnar But in all actualality it was Bynar that Jolinar dooped into a position to let her escape. It was perfectly unententional for him to let her escape.
    nayac killed Bynar while he was in theprocess of killing sam. He then sent her back to the pit with the others.
    The actual name was Apophis. He was trying to get his power back by taking the team to Sokar.
    He questioned everyone on the team with a subhstance called blood of sokar. It would cause halusinations, and would trick the user into thinking they were somewhere else and would tell him anything he wanted to know. But it did not work, Martouf gave him a wrong destination for the Tok'ra, but Apophis found out the hard way. For Sokar had already been there and knew there were no Tok'ra on this planet.
    While he was gone The team got back to the rings and while teal'c positioned the ship in the way of the ring transport and they were able to get back on their ship and escape the capture by Apophis and Sokar at the same time. I really liked this episdoe for the special effects. The color of red was used alot, which simblized hell of course. I just really liked this one. lots of action and emotion.
  • A little too campy for my taste, but it has its moments.

    A lot of Stargate fans seem to view this episode and "The Devil You Know", which follows it, as brilliant achievements, and some would go so far as to say they're the best (or at least in the top 5) episodes of season 3. Before watching this again recently I must admit I didn't remember it being that great, and I stick by that opinion.

    My biggest problem with this episode is that it feels very campy. Hell/Natu is done so over the top, as is Sokar, but there doesn't seem to be any fun derived from them which is what I've come to love about the series. Sokar nursing a candle flame with his hands was just really silly, too silly for me. However, I must say that the visual effects in this episode are absolutely brilliant. They surpass anything seen in the series up to this point in sheer imagination and scale, whether it is the impressive outer surface of Natu, Sokar's base (with all the ships), or the planets themselves from orbit. You can certainly see why a few of the episodes leading up to this 2-parter were bottlenecks.

    There are also some pretty good gags thrown in for good measure. These include O'Neill's dislike of surprises, O'Neill's attitude when they think they're about to escape, and of course "Well, eye and ears..."

    Unfortunately I can't remember my initial reactions to this episode the first time I saw it, but looking at it now the big surprise at the end just seems really campy and silly, and seems like the sort of thing you'd see in a soap opera. Still, a lot of fans seem to appreciate it, so I guess it might just be me.

    In summary, this was yet (sadly) another disappointing episode, but one that was saved with a few really funny moments and some outstanding visual effects.
  • An amazing two-parter.

    One thing that is great about this episodes is all the references to hell. "To hell with us," and "Your father has been sent to hell." Of course Martouf did not mean to, since he is not from Earth, but it was still funny. It was also a good representation of what ppl would expect a hell to look like. Pretty coo. And seeing Jolinar for the first time was cool as well. It would have been great if Jolinar had lived and become a recurring Tok'ra, she seemed like a very good Tok'ra, poor Martouf. And it had a very good second part as well.
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