Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 16

Last Stand (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2002 on Syfy

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  • The ending was so sad!!

    The episode wasnt all that great but it got a 9.5 just because of the ending!!I was starting to live the Elliot character and then they killed him off!!I think they should have made him come back alive later on in the series...I mean Daniel has dies like a million times yet he always comes back!But anyway,it was an awesome episode... mainly the ending... but still a great episode!!
  • Beautiful end for this story...

    One of those really make me cry episodes - as the ending - it was just so so beautiful. Ofcourse all the concept of Martouf and his host now on that young lieutenant and the decision he makes - to sacrifice himself for the others. And those words.. oh.. it was really sad.

    I also cannot say it was bad on Goa'uld ship - a lot of action, some really scary moments and those seconds when you thought - Daniel is doomed. So, it was very balanced - action, danger but also emotion.

    But this episode really leaves us in crossroads. Tokras are gone? What will become of those remaining and what, most important, will System Lords do? Anubis has no reveled that he is back and he sees Earth as danger.. but yes.. what will he do? What will other System Lords do?
  • good episode....

    This is the continuation of the previous episode. Daniel is undercover at a goa'uld system lord meeting and Jack and the others are under attack at a Tok'ra base. In the end, Daniel is discovered and leaves after he finds out there is a new goa'uld named Anubis out there, and the Tok'ra base was completely destroyed and most of the Tok'ra died. The episode was well-written but it wasn't very origonal. The Tok'ra story line was interesting and it was nice to see something bad happen to the Tok'ra. Daniel's story line, however, got dull and boreing. It was just a lot of weird-voiced people talking...a lot...Anyways, it was still a good episode.
  • This is the concluding part from the summit episode. Daniel jackson was to kill the system lords using the chemical weapon that the Trokra invented. A exlied nemesis came and destroyed the Trokra base and sowed discords among the system lords.

    This episode is really feels incomplete. It just ends abruptly with the Trokra laying under the tree and the SG1 running from the approaching Jaffa troops. It doesn't expand more on the conclusion from the summit or what ever happen to the formidable chemical weapon of the trokra. And I agree that whoever wrote the script for daniel jackson really should take into consideration that being a anthropologist he should be much more tactful in his conversation with the other servant of the enemy. I mean if you want to annihilate earth's only allies force, the trokra I do expected a better plot than to be hanging in mid air.