Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 18, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Shanks gets to chew the scenery

    Michael Shanks, who plays Daniel Jackson, gets what every actor hopes for, an opportunity to really chew the scenery.

    Did his tour de force work?

    I'm not entirely sure. The portrayal of the arrogant leader worked pretty well. I hated his guts.

    But the other characters inside Daniel?

    Perhaps not as well. But its was fun to watch him try.
  • Although it was well written & directed, it was also incredibly risky and could so easily have failed. It didn't.

    As part of my mourning process that SG1 is all but over I've been going back through my DVDs and watching some of my favourite episodes. Even though it is a few years old now, I felt I just had to write a review of this one.

    Firstly, Teryl Rothery was great so definite kudos to her as she so rarely got a chance to truly shine on the show.

    The risk in this episode is that it hung on Michael Shanks' ability to believably portray three very different characters and to morph between them. This is not an easy thing for an actor to do, very few would even attempt it, even fewer could pull it off with any believability. The fact that Michael Shanks made it seem almost effortless is a huge testament to his talent.

    People always seem to underestimate science fiction. It's thought of as childish, all effects and no substance, somehow less than "mainstream". Part of this impression is probably that there is a lot of bad SF out there, stuff that is horrendously cheesy. I suspect that this is because SF is so hard to actually do well. How many otherwise adequate actors could convincingly react to a computer generated threat when all they see is green screen? Stargate is one of the exceptions to this, and episodes like this really showcase the talent an actor has to have to make it work. The only downside to this episode is the lack of team banter, but, to be honest, in this case the trade off was worth it.
  • Daniel carries the consciousnesses of a dozen other people in his head and Michael Shanks shows just how great of an actor he is.

    The episode starts off fairly routine: crashed ship on an alien planet, people are in cryogenic storage, SG-1 gets knocked out by some sort of mysterious energy. The good stuff starts happening whenever Daniel is in the scene. I could watch an entire episode with him as the only actor and never get bored.

    I don't think I can sing enough praises about Michael Shanks' acting abilities. I can understand that he left the show after Season 5 because he felt he wasn't being used enough, but there's no way he can make that argument after this episode. Most people have a hard enough time playing one character convincingly, but Michael played all three of the main consciousnesses like he was born to play them. My favourite was the engineer, just because his accent was the coolest. It would have been awesome to see more of the personalities emerge but it probably would have been too overwhelming for the viewers.

    One of the most well-written episodes of the season.
  • to me this waas awesome. Micheal Shanks once again shows the fexiblity that his talents have. He is a Fantaastic Actor and he carried out each character in head with ease. this was a good story. Wierd but good. The talent on this show is fantastic.

    When Sg1 comes across a crashed ship they go to investigate. they find dozens of people in suspended animation. There is some kind of power serge and this where daniel just isn't the normal Daniel anymore. Frasier informs them that he has 12 differnt EEG's going on in hi mind. they find that the spirits of some of the ships people have been stored in daniel Jackson. This where to me this show gives Micheal shanks the chance show what he's got. He did all these charcters and each character is as individual as if there were other people playing each part. Great job.
    Doc Frasier is trying to deal with these personalities and find out what is going on and how to save Daniel.
    Maltice is the souvereign of Talthus. Has no concern for anyone's well being except his and having his own kingdom. Very rude and arrogant.
    Tyran the cheif engineer of the ship and he seems more capable of understanding of his ansd their situation.
    The only way this can be resolved is to remove the spirits from Daniel and they will die since their bodies are already dead.
    pharrin is the one to put them in daniel in desperation trying to keep them all alive, even his own son.
    This was a touching story to me it would be hard to know what to do. I think they did a good job at it.
    They were able to save Daniel and the ship with the rest of it's survivors.
  • Lots of Michael Shanks, but what of Richard Dean Anderson?

    My first impression of Lifeboat was a stand alone that, much like the previous episode Revisions, included all of the characters in equal parts. I soon found that I was terribly misinformed towards their episode. Most of it consisted of Michael Shanks playing several different characters. As it may or may not say in the summary, Daniel Jackson has the minds of several people in his body and the entire 43 minutes is basically trying to find out how this happened. What isn’t revolving around that is Michael Shanks raving madly as several different characters reveal themselves in Daniel’s body.

    This was clearly one of the episodes in Season 7 that was made to keep down the cost of the Season. It for one didn’t require a huge guest cast because of Daniel Jackson having most of the characters inside him. Also, most of the episode takes place on Earth aside for a few scenes in the ship. This didn’t trouble me at all about the episode. I thought Michael Shanks did a fine job of portraying all of these characters. Only one thing really bothered me in the entire thing. It was mostly the lack of dialogue from Richard Dean Anderson. Yes, it had a few scenes of Jack watching Daniel through the mirror, but aside from that he had almost nothing. It was just another problem with Season 7 and 8 in general because of Richard Dean Anderson’s difficult schedule.

    The episode did luckily include some scenes of Carter and Teal’c inside the ship searching for that reason this happened to Daniel and not them as well. They of course find Pharren, played by the talented James Parks. The emotion reaches an overload at the point that Pharren returns to Earth to speak to his master and then his son. This turned out to be a truly moving episode for me and the dialogue again was excellent. I thus give it a 7.9.
  • Why couldn't they save all the crew members? The Azgard (sp?) could of used their cloning technology to create new bodies (exact replicas) of all the bodies destroyed in the

    The Azgard (sp?) could of used their cloning technology to create new bodies (exact replicas) of all the bodies destroyed in the crash. Then they could of downloaded each conscius (sp?) into the clones. The fact that SG1 didn't even consider this is a bit annoying. They had just done an episode where Loki created a "Mini Jack", so you'd think that cloning would be fresh in their minds.

    Very good episode, but it could of been better had they contacted the azgard and asked them to create clones for the people who's bodies were destroyed. After all, they were alive. Only their bodies were destroyed. SG1 even saved Thor in a very similiar fashion (downloaded his consciusness from the hatak). The azgard would be hipocrits if they didn't help those people.
  • Daniel is possessed by the personalites of some of the inhabitants of a crashed ship the SG-1 is investigating.

    I thought this was an excellent episode! There wasn\'t a lot of interaction between the main characters, but that was okay.

    Michael Shanks definitely showed his acting abilities in this episode. Very believable..A very talented actor. I\'m glad Dr. Frasier\'s character had a larger speaking role in this one. Both characters worked well off each other.

    The character of Pharrin was also impressive. The actor did a great job on it. I\'m glad I decided to tape it! A definite keeper!
  • Daniel ends up carrying the personalities of twelve different people inside him.

    I loved this episode mainly because it was a great showcase for Michael Shanks' Talent. Due to the fact he was carrying all these different 'people' inside him, he got to display a wide range which worked very well in my opinion.

    The episode itself was interesting, though certainly not bereft of the odd plot-hole or two. I have seen comments on whether it would have been better if they'd contacted the Asgard and requested they clone bodies for the 'souls'.
    Personally I'm glad they didn't. They can't go running to the Asgard or one of the other advanced races every time something goes wrong, and if they didn't manage to find the ideal solution..?
    Well, that's life, isn't it?
  • After finding a ship with people who have been placed in suspended animation, Daniel ends up taking on the personalities of several people who all inhabited one body.

    The acting performance alone of Daniel Jackson (a.k.a. Michael Shanks) makes this a must see episode. It is one which I actually show my acting students as an example of how to "become" several different and distinct personalities; not a very easy task for any actor, especially one who has only three days to prepare for the role. This is a very interesting and thought-provoking episode in and of itself. It shows the choices which must be mad regarding the good of the few versus the good of the many. Makes you wonder how you would react if the situation involved sacrificing yourself, and your child, for the greater good.
  • great episode...

    Daniel is taken over by twelve other people that were uploaded into his head. In the end, of course, they figure out how to return Daniel to normal. I really like the idea of this episode. It was interesting. It was great to see Micheal Shanks play multiple personalities. He really did a great job acting. The only part that annoyed me in this episode was near the end when Daniel was talking to himself. They did the camera work like what they did in Lord of Rings with Gullum. I didn't like it. It looked really weird and it just didn't work with Daniel. Anyways, it was still a great story and great acting!
  • Super story...

    I loved this.. the idea and the way it was done, the emotions involved - love episodes like this. This episode definitely had some super acting. To play out all those different personalities and to do it so fascinating and true looking way - it was just amazing. Every person portrayed looked so real and also it was in the voice. Very real looking, I most say.

    And the ending - the trouble to get them to agree - that one person who thought he is so important.. and the sacrifice he had to take as his son was one of them. This really brought the emotions up. Beautiful episode.
  • One of the few episodes that really let Teryl Rothery shine.

    The artful interaction between Dr. Fraiser, Daniel, and Daniel's many personas was beautifully written and acted. As a Teryl Rothery fan, I was very happy to see her get a chance to stretch her acting chops. Watching her reactions as Daniel went from personality to personality, was a true pleasure.

    The only reason I gave this episode an 8 was because I don't like Michael Shanks even though he was excellent in this episode.
  • A fantastic episode; one that certainly will always be remembered.

    When I saw his performance in ‘Fallen’ I thought that that great acting was the best he could do, hell I thought it was the best anyone could have done. This episode proves I was wrong. Michael Shanks performance in this episode was amazing. Especially his portrayal of the little boy was very good. His acting made the others act on their best too. Teryl Rothery finally got some lines and she did very well. The few lines Anderson got were funny; it brought a bit light to this serious episode. But it was very touching when he requested to stay behind, even though he couldn’t talk to Daniel.

    The story itself was great also; it was very original and it caused some very interesting situations. We see Jack and Janet’s friendships with Daniel very well, you can see how much they care about him. All you see of Jack are shots of him, but his expression relays everything. And having to make the choice to kill your son: I couldn’t imagine how hard that must be.

    All in all a fantastic episode; one that certainly will always be remembered. And O’Neill’s new haircut looks really good.
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